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witty writers

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witty writers

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Weve got you covered. The entries from the positive trait Thesaurus book have been integrated into our online library. One Stop For Writers. Now you can search and cross-reference between all our thesaurus collections quickly and easily. Interested in viewing a free sample? Register at One Stop and see all that this intuitive library for writers has to offer.

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witty writers

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Twists on the Traditional Wit: I love a clever joke that I dont see coming. This is often difficult to bring about in writing without the pace or the dialogue dragging. Try bringing a longer range joke into the storyline so it comes about organically, centering on a witty character! Targeted irony is difficult to master without causing offense, because it often entails the person its directed toward to laugh business at themselves because of a belief or action they dont really give much thought. Comedians pull this off all the time, but the audience is expecting to be targeted. Show the witty use of irony within a story, and have it work, but in a setting where those targeted dont see it coming. Wittiness is something that most people enjoy and appreciate.

Put your character in a situation where another character must be won over to this type of humor. Build a worthy protagonist with a mix of unique strengths that will help peer him overcome obstacles and achieve meaningful goals. This sample, along with the rest of the character trait entries, has been expanded into book form. . Together, the bestselling negative trait thesaurus: a writers guide to character flaws and positive trait thesaurus: a writers guide to character attributes contain over 200 traits for you to choose from when creating memorable, compelling characters. Each entry contains possible causes for the trait, as well as positive and negative aspects, traits in supporting characters that may cause conflict, and associated behaviors, attitudes, thoughts, and emotions. For more information on this bestselling book and where it can be found, please visit our bookstore. Love working online and having your favorite description resources in one place?

And she doesnt shy away from writing about crazy ladies. Theres a crazy ladies: i and a crazy ladies: ii, both of which, are not about crazy in the sense of mental illness, but in the jarring fashion of two women who stepped into the spotlight with a provocative idea of what womanhood, what being. In her essays of criticism, Ephron isnt afraid to be frank, to shut it down when needed. This is how she describes a certain Martha mitchell, the wife of a presidential campaign manager who had earned a crazy lady reputation in Washington,. C.: But Martha mitchell is neither busy nor crazy nor happy. There is not much call for yesterdays celebrities.

There is probably a lesson in all this, something about crazy ladies, or crying wolf, or maybe something about Richard Nixon but I dont know what. To some extent Martha mitchell got what she deserved. Say it like it is, sister. Definition : a strong intellectual capacity marked by clever humor. Characters in Literature: Professor McGonagall (Harry potter) ;. Watson sherlock holmes (same elizabeth Bennett (Pride and Prejudice common Portrayals: Comedians, sitcom actors, talk show hosts, political satirists, college professors, court Jesters. Clichés to avoid: overly intellectual wit that becomes a private joke because it requires doctorate level of understanding to get.

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She has shaped. We dont give witty literature enough credit. Along the way, while were huffing and puffing with laughter, we get a father's sense of a larger message. Ephron pokes fun at the awkwardness of growing up looking like a boy because she didnt have big breasts, but she also highlights the obsession that we as a society have with womens bodies and the reduction of a womans value to two mounds. That was the 1970s. It can be argued that not much has changed. Ephron boldly talks shop on a range of other womens issues, from the industry of feminine-hygiene sprays (Dealing with the, uh, Problem) to the cutthroat media industry and the way women attain top positions (A Star is Born).

witty writers

That was the killer. Necking I could deal with. Intercourse i could deal with. But it had never crossed my mind that a man was going to touch my breasts, that breasts had something to do with all that, petting, my god, they never mentioned petting in texas my little sex manual about the fertilization of the ovum. Ephron describes her jealousy of her best friend when she grows breasts, capturing the agony of comparison in simple, short phrases: my jaw drops, and suddenly i am crying, crying hysterically, cant catch my breath sobbing. My best friend has betrayed. She has gone ahead without me and done.

And one of my favorite essays happens to be about breasts. You may know it already: Nora Ephrons a few Words About Breasts, a book in which the writer used her funny wits to illustrate the worlds ironies in hilariously clever accounts about womens issues. Its the first essay in an anthology of Ephrons writing: Crazy salad, some Things About Women. When I first read a few Words About Breasts, i couldnt believe someone had the nerve to write about such an intimate issue. I had never before read such a profound and yet funny explanation of breasts and their connection to a womans identity. . But there was Ephron, chugging forward into tit territory. She longed to be a girl, she wrote, and nothing would do that for her except breasts. Only problem was, she didnt have any, at least not for a long time during her childhood.

July 2012 —holly is proud to announce her latest writing project, the. For almost five years, holly has maintained her own blog, pick my brain, and has since created, the bitter Lemon, her blog on relationships. She also maintains two additional blogs business under a pen name. She has been a member of la boxing for more than a year, and recently became a certified personal trainer. She is looking forward to utilizing the blog as a showroom for members, trainers, and tips on health wellness. They say that laughter is the best medicine; that laughter is the cure for grief. And on the worst of days, when everything that could possibly get in your way and keep you down, somehow does, and you cant wait to order some carb-loaded Thai food delivered straight to your doorstep, snuggle into the womb of your blankets and flip. And save yourself the binge hangover. Comedy comes in many flavors: goofball (30 Rock self-deprecation (louie awkward deadpans (The Office).

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A hoosier at heart, holly is an editor living and working in barbing louisiana. After graduating from louisiana State University, she went to work as the web Editor for her Alma mater, where she currently works. She also writes for house home magazine and Dig magazine, on a freelance basis. She enjoys reading, keeping up with her many blogs, and teaching her lsu leisure Class: Blogging for Beginners. August 2012 —holly's upcoming lsu leisure Class, Blogging for Beginners, made its print debut in the Union's newspaper: "Whether it's business, crafts, cooking or family fun, holly Phillips will help you tap into your passions and will guide you in creating your own blog that. This class covers the blogging world from every angle, including choosing the right web host, writing and publishing entries, promoting your blog, maintaining the site and more!". The class will be held on tuesday evenings, beginning August. Get the inside scoop from Holly herself, here. Registration opened July 20; click here to sign up!

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  4. She has shaped. We dont give witty literature enough credit. Along the way, while were. Phillips, hoosier writer living in the south, web writer, editor. She also writes for house home magazine and Dig magazine, on a freelance basis.

  5. The world of poems, lyrics, excerpts and mysteries lie at your fingertips. I write to fight. Thursday, august 21, 2014. And not trying to write on my tablet either. However, if I did not do these things, how would I learn? You may know it already: Nora Ephrons a few Words About Breasts, a book in which the writer used her.

  6. Everything is okay to reblog unless stated otherwise. All new, you the readers can now see your own works on words on The witty Writer! For more information see the tab "contact information". Fantastic short stories from witty writers. I am the creator of the enchanting world of Narnia. The antagonist of the adventurous life of Percy jackson.

  7. Home of The bookshelf Muse. I love witty characters! I just wish I could write them. A blog for Freelance Writers and Small Business Owners that Provides Helpful Tips, discussions, and Humor. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, i dont wanna.

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