Unbroken book short summary

unbroken book short summary

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Unlike so many works of scholarship, it has an important point to make. It displays an impressive command of a remarkably broad range of traditions and deploys careful and compelling arguments to support its central claims. This is a fascinating and innovative book."-P. Click here for review by robert Wicks, University of Auckland. Click here for review by john Allen Tucker, east Carolina University. Senate counsel, professional researchand Fiscal Analysis, g-17 State capitol5 rev. Martin Luther King. Paul, mn (651) 296-4791Fax: (651) 296-7747Tom BotternDirector. Senate, state of Minnesota,.

unbroken book short summary

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Of particular interest to this reader were the treatments of writing jainism and neo-vedanta, as well as an original and intriguing interpretation of nietzsche. This book is a model for how the comparative philosophy of religion might proceed-clearly written, well-argued, well-researched, and, as another reviewer has said, "with a distinct, original, philosophically and religiously important thesis." This book is highly recommended for anyone who takes the ideas of comparative. "The central thesis of Spiritual Titanism: Indian, Chinese, and Western Perspectives is that certain traditions advocate ideals that require human beings to take on divine attributes and prerogatives. Gier argues that such ideals are not only impractical-its hard to be a god-but dangerous-it is harmful to try or pretend to be one. Gier explains why certain traditions have produced such visions. He also explores several traditions that have managed to avoid the error of spiritual titanism while offering difficult, though realistic and laudable spiritual ideals. This work does a masterful job analyzing and comparing a diverse range of traditions against the standard of a humane life.

One might wish that gier went further in exploring why the radical disconnect sometimes seems to obtain between the conceptual titanism of a tradition and its practical non-Titanism, and vice versa, but this also points to one of this book's virtues-it leaves the reader wanting. (This reader would certainly like to see a sequel, applying the concept of Spiritual Titanism to the analysis of even more traditions, or expanding further upon the analyses given here.). Gier's overall goal, apart from enhancing our understanding of Indian, Chinese, and Western philosophy, is to point out the potential dangers of Spiritual Titanism, as well as to articulate a "constructive postmodern" response, based on elements of the thought of Alfred North Whitehead, buddhism, daoism. (The reader, by the way, should check out other works in the series of which this book is a part-suny press's Series in Constructive postmodern Thought. If you are interested in a philosophy in terms of which we can all envision a better world, as well as one that is capable of constructively and substantively engaging with a variety of religious and philosophical systems cross-culturally, then you would do well. The most impressive thing of all about this book is the fact that it covers an enormous range in terms of traditions and cultures, but also manages to sustain a substantive philosophical argument throughout. Specialists may quibble over details, as such a wide-ranging study necessarily depends upon secondary literature, and one may not agree in every respect with every one of gier's analyses. But this book never fails to provoke thought, and rewards repeated readings as well-a rare quality for an academic volume.

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unbroken book short summary

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Review s "The act of cross-cultural comparison, particularly in religious studies, is an art that once flourished but is now routinely challenged from a whole host of technical and specialist fronts. Giers text, essentially a comprehensive essay of normative comparative philosophy, is especially refreshing in such a world, as it effectively brings together an impressive range of scholarship (Western philosophy and theology, comparative mythology, jaina, hindu, buddhist, daoist, and Confucian studies) to create a truly comparative. Giers category of "Titanism which functions as an ethical critique of some Indian schools from the standpoint of a constructive postmodern. Standpoint, enables him to accomplish this synthetic and normative feat, and to do it in a way that does not collapse the very real differences between these traditions into a simplistic perennialism or universalism. This is one of the few books that I have read that actually makes sense of what a postmodern perspective is and how it might function. This is no mean accomplishment." Jeffrey.


Kripal, rice University, author of the award winning. Kalis Child: The mystical and the Erotic in the life and teachings of Ramakrishna (University of Chicago Press). "In this original comparative analysis of Indian, Chinese, and Western thought, nicholas. Gier introduces the concept of 'Spiritual Titanism a notion that he essay finds manifested in a variety of forms across cultures, and with varying implications for religious practice and philosophical reflection. 'Spiritual Titanism' is, as the back cover of the book explains, "an extreme form of humanism in which human beings take on divine attributes and prerogatives." As an interpretive tool, this concept is useful, for it allows gier to bring out affinities between prima facie. Spiritual Titanism is an ideological stance of which gier is critical; but lest one worry that he is using this concept for polemical purposes, merely to attack or deconstruct the philosophies that he examines, one finds that he is really quite careful to point out. This is in contrast, of course, with technological titanism, the destructive effects of which are tragically evident throughout our world.

In these views yogis claim powers and knowledge that in the west are only attributed to god. Answers to spiritual Titanism begin with the hindu goddess religion, but the most constructive responses are found in Zen Buddhism and Confucianism. Longer abstract of book, this book is an essay in comparative philosophy using the concept of Titanism to critique certain trends in both Eastern and Western philosophy. These philosophies are also radically dualistic and liberation involves a complete transcendence of the body, society, and nature. The author identifies five types of spiritual Titanism: (1) Asura titanism in which the asuras (demons, antigods, or Titans) constantly battle the hindu gods; (2) Brahmin Titanism, in which the priests take over the divine power of the sacrifice; (3) Gnostic Titanism, in which humans.

In addition to this typology, the author offers a heuristic based on nietzsche's Three metamorphoses of camel (premodern lion-Titan (modern and child-overman (postmodern). The book proposes that Zen monks and Chinese sages represent the child stage, which constitutes a constructive postmodern solution to the problems of Indian Titanism. Reaction to Indian spiritual atomism came in the form of Hindu goddess worship and the tantric traditions. Both of these practices brought humans back to their bodies and nature. Other constructive responses to titanism are found in Buddhism (especially zen confucianism, and daoism. The author finds that both Buddhism and Confucianism anticipate a constructive postmodern response to modernist notions of self and world found in the jaina-sankhya-yoga philosophies. This is seen most explicitly in their rejection of substances of any kind, a commitment to a social and relational view of the self, and a revalorization of nature. The confucian sage, always expansive and integrative, is contrasted with the opposite tendencies in some Indian saints.

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Click on title to read the article version of Chapter Six ". The yogi and the goddess. click on title to read the article version of Chapter Nine ". On the deification of Confucius. short summary of book, this book is an essay in for comparative philosophy using the concept of Titanism to critique certain trends in both Eastern and Western philosophy. Titanism is an extreme form of humanism in which human beings take on divine attributes and prerogatives. The most explicit forms of spiritual Titanism are summary found in the jaina, sankhya, and Yoga traditions.

unbroken book short summary

Anything not pertaining specifically to the content of a post will be removed (including comments about ads). Short summary of book, the jaina colossus at Sh ravanabelgola in Karnataka state, southwest India, the majestic aloofness of the perfected, balanced, absolutely self-contained figure of the jaina saint becomes emphasized in its triumphant isolation. The image of the released one seems to be neither animate nor inanimate, but pervaded by a strange and timeless calm. It is human in shape and feature, yet as inhuman as an icicle;. The saint stands supernally motionless, absolutely unconcerned about the worshipping, jubilant crowds that throng around his feet. heinrich Zimmer, Philosophies of India. State University of New York buy Press, 2000.

is well written and well researched which creates an entertaining and believable account of one of the greatest stories in wwii. Note from Katie: I really dont read a lot of books anymore, but I recently started this one when we were driving back from the beach. It captured my attention immediately, and I couldnt put it down. I felt like i was actually there. I havent yet finished it, but if there is one book you read this year, this is the one: to purchase this book, you purchase the ebook or an actual copy here (affiliate link comment policy: All we ask is that you be kind. We welcome differing opinions, but any comments containing personal attacks, sarcasm, etc. Will be removed immediately. Keyboard warriors arent welcome all comments are moderated and may take time to be approved.

I believe this is as far as most previews go in explaining what happens in the book, and I dont want to be too specific and give away any big turn of events. In general, Unbroken tells some of the story of one of the most interesting people that book I have ever learned about. There story is so amazing at times that it seems that it must be fiction. It fits the description of being so surprising or incredible that someone could not even make the story. Some of the events seem like they would have had such a small chance of happening still happened, like when I ran into my brother-in-law in the Charlotte airport just by chance. Other sequence of events seem shocking simply because to some degree you have wonder if someone could have that much bad luck in a row. Unbroken is a story of how louis stayed unbroken despite the unending and daunting challenges his faced.

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Check the url for typos or visit the site's home page at: m, and use the navigation to find what you are looking for. Unbroken is a fascinating telling of many interesting moments in the life of louis Silvie zamperini as told by laura hillenbrand, who also authored. There are many fascinating little stories weaved together in a fascinating narrative of an interesting person during an interesting time. Without giving away crucial parts to the book, i am going to share why i immensely enjoyed this book and would recommend that you read it or listen to the audio book. Louis grew up as a rebellious child in southern California until he channeled his energy into becoming an excellent competitive runner. In 1941, after watching the way the p-38 flew over him, he decided to join the Army air Corps. He had some amazing experiences before his plane crashed into the pacific Ocean and he was forced to survive with for weeks.

Unbroken book short summary
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  5. Sf 1133 counsel summary. Short, summary, of, book. The most explicit forms of spiritual Titanism are found in the jaina, sankhya, and Yoga traditions.

  6. This is a, short, summary of Relevance lost in a question and answer format.the book appear to be at the end of chapter 6? (see the Chapter 6 summary ). Dust tracks on the road is the story of zora neale hurston american writer how does this book compare to other autobiographies of famous americans take a look at these.5 outdoor rugged footwear i 5 casual footwear i 6 dress formal footwear i 6 footwear. Unbroken is a story of how louis stayed unbroken despite the unending and daunting challenges his faced. Home » Recent Posts ». Book, review: Unbroken by laura hillenbrand.

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