Sales monitoring and inventory system thesis

sales monitoring and inventory system thesis

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Review of Related Study foreign Studies According to pecson, maria cristina and Julieta. The researched paper entitled Monitoring and Billing System for Cyber Dot Com of Michigan University found out that it saves them a lot of paper works just making a transaction report for that day and the firm itself will no longer worry about the possible. Computerized information systems and other management information systems (MIS) are a way for organizations to try to increase their efficiency and handle the competitive markets. To design a computerized information system to suite an organization can be a challenge, with all the layers and dimensions an organization can have. This thesis has tried to study small organizations and find factors that could help the designer of a computerized information system for a small organization. The factors are from the organizational culture and structure of the organization. To find these factors the Organizational theory is used.

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Ut nowadays ordering system are used by small scale business like wireless Ordering System in davao. The vary fast and efficient systems for fine dine restaurants those restaurants that want much faster order taking of their customers, resulting to fast food preparation in the kitchen, and much faster food dispatch, resulting to a happy customers who dine in to your restaurants. According to serrano, tristan (2003 he stated that when you first order a prescription from a pharmacy, the pharmacist enters your personal data, include insurance information, into a computer. All prescription that you order from the pharmacy is essay tracked in your computer record. Using the computer makes it easy to bill insurance companies and renew prescriptions. The charges for the medicine are entered from a upc label. According to Espina, ingrid (1999) of Myjoy stated that they took a step into the digital age trend with the new online ordering system to increase customer access. Most of these customers are connected to the internet while others like to stay at home. Espina also revealed that they would be coming out with special online only promotion soon that will range from free iced tea to discount on new products. Myjoy has also launched two new products: my soup, soup with chicken meat and vegetables and my hot Ribs, baby back ribs with sweet and spicy sauce.

Some of the popular airlines that use the various reservations systems are gps the British Airways, virgin Atlantic Airlines, singapore airlines, cathay pacific, and Qantas, and many others. All of the airlines are founded in different years, following different routes, having unique organizational structure, models, and yet covers the system that gained them popularity. According to Shearer; American City business journal Inc. 2001) paying bills the traditional way is time consuming and cost the company a lot of money, he said that companies are now realizing the true cost of billing their customers. As the company softens and credit tighten up, companies are paying greater attention to the state (book is a far from money in the bank). In addition, collecting these money inexpensive, too-accountants, bookkeepers, and other folk all added to be paid. Local Literature According to rivas Eugene (2000) she noted that ordering system in the Philippines is usually used in big companies like greenwich, pizza hut, maxs Restaurant etc.

sales monitoring and inventory system thesis

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Together within is the need for an established management information system and technology to help improve the dissemination of information in the organization thus the school system is not new to this management information challenge. According to borromeo (1993 change is inevitable if schools are to be dynamic and responsive to societal demands. Introducing and implementing change, however is not easy and straight forward and is always one of the most difficult tasks list that manager must undertake. Failures can be minimized if the introduction of the change process is managed effectively. In the arena of global competition, organizations in all over the world are competing with the most comprehensive and advanced technological feature. The most common example of innovation is in the area of information technology and communication. Various industries are using the technologies and the advancements of software and internet to maintain and monitor their business transactions. In the application of the informative systems, the airline industry is the most common users of the system. The purpose of the application of system is to easily manage and organize all the reservations and bookings of the clients and gain the competitive advantage.

It is a formal system wherein the processes of gathering, integrating, comparing, analyzing and dispensing information whether internal and external were coursed through a machine us simply call computers. It is the life giving blood of the organization. To become successful we need information technology that will help us improve and change processes of learning. The shift to design, research and simulation becomes central to acquisition of knowledge according to kallick and Wlson (2001). In school this shifts challenge our learners and teachers in their teaching and learning style. Over the years, people learn to work together and tend to support what they create. Today, management employs the use of organizational dynamics and human beings to achieve success.

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sales monitoring and inventory system thesis

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It is a complete solution starting from taking orders from clients in producing, bills, bookings and closing bills with different payment options. User interface is carefully optimized for high speed entering of client orders and preventing mistakes from users. For managers to help in managerial decision-making, the system represents rich set of reports that shows whole picture about restaurant operations and life cycles: menus consumption, busiest tables, most active employees, payment methods, and automatic tax calculations. Instant Billing is an add-in product for Instant" Professional. Instant Billing is a billing tool for quickly generating recurring invoices (bills). Instant Billing attaches to your paragraph existing customer data from Instant" Professional. You can then create billing records for your customers and then simply run a batch billing process that will automatically generate the invoices that are due.

You can add finance charges for past due balances and late fees for late payments. You can choose to e-mail or print your invoice for each customer. What makes management information systems relevant? This present day trend makes people within the organization move in a direction where the goals are meant to be realized. According to Wright (1996) Management Information Systems is a system that provides variety of information that reveals the quality performance of the organization.

The proponents anticipate that this study will serves as the foundation for advance growth and improvement. Chapter ii review of Related Literature and Study This part of the paper deals on the related literatures and studies that are relevant in the study. Conceptual Framework a conceptual framework is used in research to outline possible courses of action or to present a preferred approach to an idea or thought. To show what will be the benefit of the proposed system and what will happen if they use. Inputprocessoutput billing information Reservation information Ordering information less time consumed in every transaction -better performance -accurate report Management Information System for Villa del Prado figure.

1 ipo diagram of the Proposed System Since there are problems arise in using manual billing, reservation and ordering system, it could be helpful to build a computerized billing, reservation and ordering system. As a result the time can be used in more productive activities. The accuracy of the current system will also be improved. The records will also be organized and secured the proposed system. Review of Related Literature foreign Literature. Sri Annai restaurant Billing System is a new generation of restaurant management software for Windows.

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Files of the guest can be easily retrieved. Specifically, the study will certainly be beneficial to the following. Specifically the owner will be benefited using computer-based system because it will help him in updating the records faster and golf easier. It will give them an accurate result and ease the difficulty of calculating in a small amount of time with a minimum effort. Less time will be consumed on computing bills. They will enjoy the fast service of Villa del Prado and accurate results will satisfy them. This proposed system will give the proponents the necessary skills, expertise and competency, which they can use in the future to make them more competitive and successful. This study will serve as a pattern and orientation entry for the researchers, which they can use to develop their skills and knowledge regarding the system.

sales monitoring and inventory system thesis

Once reservation number was entered the corresponding description and price will appear, then the sub total automatically showed. Reservation system includes rooms settings, it is essay for adding and recording of availability of rooms, tables or cottage and the corresponding price. The difference of payment on day tour and overnight is also recorded. In the room, reservation includes room number, member list and customer reservation. Customer Information is adding for a new customer. In ordering system, contains the price list of available foods and beverage in the menu that the customer can order. In addition, this study used Visual Basics. 0 to create the operation of the entire system and Microsoft Access for creating a database. Significance of the Study This study will benefit the system user in reserving the room and billing the guest.

in their business transaction by developing a computerized management information system that will automate their business. Specific Objectives of the Study. To organize the billing and reservation process. To produce accurate output. To enforce the security of the system Scope and Delimitation This study focuses in implementing a computerized billing, ordering and reservation system for Villa del Prado. The proposed system is limited only to management Information System for Villa del Prado. Billing system includes the reservation number, description and price.

The resort offers the ultimate atmosphere for meetings, trainings and workshops, conferences, family reunions, debut, kiddie parties and weddings. It is known to be the most beautiful resort based in Brgy. Bignay 1, sariaya, quezon. The resort has transactions such as Reservations, billing and Orders. Reservation Transaction is responsible to record the reservation for the customers. Billing Transaction is in charge to compute the customers bill, it also compute the packages they use. Orders transactions is for the canteen of the resort, it will count the bill of the customers that they eat or order. Statement of the problem main Problem The main problem of the study is the manual billing, reservation, and ordering system of Villa del Prado. Currently villa del Prado is having trouble in records keeping and the billing process, in general, that occur in their write transaction.

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Chapter i introduction This chapter presents the background of the study, statement of the problem, objectives, scope and delimitation and significance of the study. Background of the study In this generation, the most commonly used electronic equipment is the computer. Computer can be categorized as one of the needs of the people today. Wherever we go, whatever we do we always use computer to accomplish our task and activities. Almost all the establishments, institutions, organizations and company proposal depend on the capability of the computer. Villa del Prado pool and beach Resort, situated in the exclusive southern Tagalog Region of quezon Province, the owner of the resort. Prado and it is started last 1997.

Sales monitoring and inventory system thesis
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Home / Essays / Ordering and Inventory system It facilities efficient and effective updating and monitoring of sales. The system is equipped with pbs professional licenses for more than 1 PFlop cluster, licenses for a large number of concurrent users.

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  3. In the thesis, the model and prototype of a monitoring agent for clouds (or other virtual environment) interoperable with the sam. The most scientifically accurate lightning information system, monitoring all lightning activity across the continental. sharing, access and inventory ; tools: benchmarking, communities of practice What we don't know we know Emphasis on uncovering hidden. Supply inventory system. Skill Competence and, mapping Application 150.

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