Rmit professional writing and editing

rmit professional writing and editing

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47 With the continued delivery of a range of Associate and bachelor's degree programs to complement its vocational education courses, nmit indicated in 2013 that it is moving toward Polytechnic University status. 48 In August 2013 nmit and la trobe University announced the establishment of Melbourne polytechnic based at Prahan Campus. 47 49 Collingwood Technical School edit The antecedents of Melbourne polytechnic date back to a trade skills crisis in Victoria in the initial years of the twentieth century resulting in the passing of the 1910 Education Act no 2301 in the victorian Parliament. This act allowed the establishment of technical schools. Collingwood Campus of nmit collingwood Technical School was established in July 1912 at 35 Johnston street. The bluestone buildings were originally built during the gold rush period in 1853 as the collingwood Town Hall and court house.

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A further name change to northern Melbourne Institute of tafe occurred in 1996, with the nmit acronym adopted in 1999. Training centres at Eden Park and Yan yean were developed. In 2002 a campus was opened in Ararat on the site of the Aradale mental Hospital, and a new training centre at Yarra Glen in the yarra valley region. In 2004 the parkville campus closed and a new campus opened at fairfield on the site of the fairfield Infectious Diseases Hospital. In 2005 nmit upgraded its telephone system from a fujitsu telephone branched exchange to a full internet telephony network at a cost of about A5 million. To enhance its negotiating power and technical support base for implementing a voice over song Internet Protocol (voip) system, nmit lead a consortium of regional tafes ( Gordon Institute of tafe from geelong, bendigo great regional Institute of tafe, goulburn ovens Institute of tafe and Wodonga Institute. 44 The first Higher Education graduates from nmit bachelor's degree programs were awarded their bachelor's degrees in Applied Aquaculture, viticulture and Winemaking and Equine Studies at the 2009 nmit graduation Ceremony. 45 In the wake of the shakeup in government funding to tafe victoria in 2012, nmit is negotiating sale of its Greensborough campus and purchase of Swinburne University 's Prahran campus in 2013. 46 In the agreement signed with Swinburne University on, nmit will develop the campus as a precinct for creative arts. Nmit plans an initial 60 courses to be run from the campus from 2014. The national Institute of Circus Arts and Gymnastics Australia will remain as tenants on the site.

The new organisation was called Northern Metropolitan College of tafe. Initial campuses were fuller at Preston, collingwood and Parkville with the Institute developing new campuses at heidelberg, Greensborough and Epping. Other organisations have sometimes taken the nmit acronym to mean Northern Metropolitan Institute of Technology, however this has never been an official title. 42 43 The Epping Campus was developed and built in 1992. At the time the Institute were planning delivery of part-time, night-time horticulture programs. The victorian government, as part of a policy direction, stipulated courses needed to be also delivered in agriculture. From that point nmit developed the resources to become the pre-eminent agricultural training organisation in Victoria by 2005. 8 Northern Melbourne Institute of tafe edit nmit logo from 1999 to 2014.

rmit professional writing and editing

AD016 - associate degree in Professional Writing and Editing

36 Master of Creative industries The master of Creative industries curriculum model is based upon three thematic streams. These are (1) Entrepreneurship and Commercialisation (2 Applied Creative research and (3) Creative practice and Interdisciplinarity. 37 Official Test Centres / Authorised Test Centres edit melbourne polytechnic has two official test centres. Graduation Colours about edit At the yearly graduation ceremony graduates (Diploma and above) are presented their qualification in academic dress. The melbourne polytechnic board approved the following colours to represent the different fields of study (colour samples are approximate 38 Academic Colour field of study sample ruby Applied Art including Visual Arts, vocational Pathways Cherry building including Design, Drafting and Interior Fittings Ultramarine business including. 39 Students graduated in 2009 from nmit programs at the following partner universities and colleges: Dalian jiaotong University, hangzhou vocational and Technology college, insurance Professional College, ien-start Institute minjiang University, jiyuan Vocational College, luoyang University, nanchang Hangkong University, ocean University of China, shandong Economic University. 38 In 2014, 2,617 students graduated from offshore partner institutes in China, hong Kong and Korea. 40 In 2015, offshore graduates numbered 2,293. 41 History edit Academic staff of Northern Melbourne Institute of tafe (nmit) on the stage at the 2009 Graduation Ceremony, with ceo brian MacDonald speaking The direct antecedents of Melbourne polytechnic are northern Melbourne Institute of tafe, and further back in time Preston College.


32 Bachelor of Music Industry The three year Bachelor of Music Industry degree was launched in 2011, with aria award-winning musician Greg Arnold as the first academic program head. The degree attracts a mixture of mature age and students straight from school. Students are able to select a major to specialise in including songwriting, sound production or music management. 33 Associate degree of Veterinary nursing In 2015 Melbourne polytechnic launched an associate degree of Veterinary nursing based at the Epping campus, with new state of the art Veterinary training facilities. 34 While veterinary nursing degrees have been offered for about 14 years in Great Britain, this is the first of its type to be presented in Australia. 35 myerscough College in the uk advised upon and reviewed the degree program materials for the course. An agreement with the lort Smith Animal Hospital in North Melbourne provides clinical placements and an end of course internship program for students.

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rmit professional writing and editing

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The course is based at Melbourne resume polytechnic's 300 hectares (741 acres) thoroughbred stud, northern Lodge, north of moving Melbourne, which has sold its yearlings for up to 125,000 as part of its commercial activities. 27 Northern Lodge was established in 1993 comprising 70 hectares (173 acres)plus an adjoining 270 hectares (667 acres) property on a long term-lease for the stud farm, training track and a vineyard. 28 Bachelor of Engineering Technology (civil) civil Engineering bachelor and associate degree course program delivered from 2014. 29 Bachelor of Hospitality management The bachelor of Hospitality management commenced in 2008. 30 The course integrates hospitality management and business management, and utilises Melbourne polytechnics specialist hospitality industry facilities and resources in conjunction with Hospitality certificate and Diploma level courses.

31 Bachelor of Information Technology The bachelor of Information Technology commenced enrolments in 2012. 25 Bachelor of Music The 3 year bachelor's degree include studies in jazz, classical, pop/rock, and world music and is structured around four strands : music tools and language; music practice; applying music technology and music and culture; and creativity and the music business. 15 The course is taught by accomplished musicians and music educators: Eugene ball and Adrian Sherriff. It joins the other music industry courses at the certificate, diploma and Advanced Diploma levels that have been offered by melbourne polytechnic since 1986 in sound production, music business, and music performance. Melbourne polytechnic has also introduced online courses in Songwriting, Arranging and Copyright for musicians which are units in its National Music Training Package.

22 Bachelor of Agriculture and Technology - viticulture and Winemaking Melbourne polytechnic has been running wine training at its Epping campus since 1993 and in the yarra valley since 1994. 23 The bachelor of Viticulture and Winemaking degree commenced in February 2006 using the marketing label of Australian College of Wine, established by nmit in 2001 to enable state-of-the-art training in viticulture, winemaking and hospitality. This label was discontinued in favour of the northern Estates label, launched in 2010. In 2014 this degree became the bachelor of Agriculture and Technology, delivered by melbourne polytechnic, but accredited by la trobe University. 22 Bachelor of Agriculture and Technology - agronomy, bachelor of Agriculture and Technology - agribusiness The former Bachelor of Agriculture and Land Management degree was reformulated in 2014 as the bachelor of Agriculture and Technology, delivered by melbourne polytechnic, but accredited by la trobe University.

It has majors in Agronomy and Agribusiness. 22 Bachelor of built Environment A new degree in architecture launched in the second semester of 2015. 24 Bachelor of Business The bachelor of Business commenced enrolments in 2012. 25 Bachelor of Education (Early years), bachelor of Early years Studies In 2011 the Institute offered 2 Bachelor's degrees in early childhood education: a 4-year Bachelor of Education (Early years) degree, a 3-year Bachelor of Early years Studies, and a 2-year associate degree in Early. They are the first training courses run by a tafe institute in Victoria that has achieved registration with the victorian Institute of teaching. 26 Bachelor of Equine Studies The degree in Equine studies has been hailed as the first course of its kind in Australia and a forerunner in higher education needed to professionalise the equine industry. Previous courses were only available at the certificate or Diploma level at a variety of regional tafes.

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14 Melbourne polytechnic has since added undergraduate degree courses in Viticulture and Winemaking (2006 Equine Studies (2006 australian Popular Music (2007 15 Hospitality management (2008 Illustration (2008 Accounting (2011 and two in Early years Education (2011). 16 In 2012 new bachelor's degrees are being launched in Business, Information Technology, and Music Industry. 17 Associate degrees are also offered in Accounting, Agriculture and Technology, business, early years Studies, Equine Studies, Illustration, Information Technology, international Business, and International Business Management, music, music Industry, writing and Publishing, and Tertiary Studies. The 2014 Annual report states that two new master's degree courses have been accredited by the tertiary Education quality and Standards Agency (teqsa) for delivery: in Creative industries, and Practising and Professional Accounting. 18 Bachelor of Accounting Bachelor and associate degree program in Accounting started in 2011, with a particular focus on a sustainability and environmental management. 19 Bachelor of Agriculture and Technology - aquaculture The bachelor of Aquaculture at Melbourne polytechnic was the first full-time course in applied aquaculture and aquatic environmental management at the bachelor's degree level to be offered by a victorian tafe institute. 14 Aquaculture research has included captive breeding entry of Murray cod and biodiesel from microalgae as part of this degree program. 20 21 In 2014 this degree became the bachelor of Agriculture and Technology, delivered by melbourne polytechnic, but accredited by la trobe University.

rmit professional writing and editing

Visual Arts Includes courses on beauty, creative product development, fashion design, graphic design, hairdressing, illustration, jewellery manufacture, painting, photography, writing and editing, visual merchandising. Associate degree of Illustration Associate degree of Music Associate degree of Music Industry Associate degree of Writing and Publishing Bachelor of Illustration Bachelor of Music Bachelor of Music Industry master of Creative online arts Business, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Business and Hospitality (including Work Education) Includes courses. Associate degree of Accounting Associate degree of Business Associate degree of Hospitality management Associate degree of Information Technology bachelor of Accounting Bachelor of Business Bachelor of Hospitality management Bachelor of Information Technology courses edit Graduands and Academic staff of Melbourne polytechnic at the 2015 Graduation. Courses in ielts - international English Language testing system - are constantly being run from Preston and Collingwood campuses to enhance the English skills of students from non-English speaking backgrounds, particularly international students. Certificate and diploma courses edit As a major vocational education provider in Melbourne melbourne polytechnic offers a large variety of Certificate, diploma and Advanced Diploma courses across all Faculties and teaching departments with many of the courses open for international students to enrol. Degree courses edit In 2002 the victorian Education Minister, lynne kosky, announced that tafes would be able to offer bachelor's degrees in specialised vocational areas not catered for by universities. 13 Legislation was passed in 2003 and nmit became the first Victorian tafe to offer an undergraduate degree in 2004: The bachelor of Applied Aquaculture course with the first students enrolling at the start of 2005.

11 Many of the bachelor's degree courses have associate degrees embedded within them for an interim qualification and exit point after 2 years study. 12 Faculty vet teaching Departments Higher Education foundation and Prepraratory Studies Vocational Pathways Includes Auslan, science, young Adult Migrant Education courses (yamec vcal foundation Studies Includes General education for adults (cgea amep programs in spoken and written English. Food, Plant and Animal Includes arboriculture, agriculture, civil construction, conservation and land management, farriery, floristry, horse breeding, horticulture, landscaping, meat processing, veterinary nursing, warehousing. Associate degree of Veterinary nursing Bachelor of Veterinary nursing Bachelor of Agriculture and Technology - agronomy bachelor of Agriculture and Technology - aquaculture bachelor of Agriculture and Technology - agribusiness Bachelor of Agriculture and Technology - viticulture and Winemaking Bachelor of Agriculture and Technology Engineering. Building and Construction Includes courses in bricklaying, carpentry, wall and floor tiling, wall and ceiling lining (plastering plumbing, painting and decorating, waterproofing. Design Includes courses on building design, civil engineering drafting and design, building surveying and construction, interior design, joinery, shopfitting, stairbuilding, cabinet making and furniture making. Sustainable design and Construction Associate degree of Engineering Technology (civil) Bachelor of Engineering Technology (civil) Bachelor of the built Environment health and Education Includes courses on aged care, aromatherapy, community services work, disability, early childhood education, fitness, massage, pathology, sport development. Diploma of Tertiary Studies - higher Education Associate degree of Early years Studies Bachelor of Early years Studies Bachelor of Education (Early years) Creative arts Performing Arts Includes courses on community dance, costuming, digital media and interactive games, internet film production, live production, music, screen.

In 2013, there were 511 Full Time Equivalent (FTE) teaching staff and 348.5 (FTE) support staff employed by melbourne polytechnic delivering over 500 courses. 3, there were 50,203 total enrolments as at november 2014 including 6,284 off-shore students at overseas partner institutions. 4, melbourne polytechnic is the largest provider of primary industry training in Victoria and one of the largest in Australia offering a presentation diverse range of courses from practical short-courses to a bachelor of Equine Studies and Bachelor of Agriculture and Technology focusing on Viticulture, agronomy. 7 8, contents, management and organisation structure edit, melbourne polytechnic is managed by a board of nine directors appointed by the victorian State government with the Chief Executive officer appointed by the board. Recent Chief Executive officer (CEO) appointments have included Brian MacDonald (19 9, dr Andrew Giddy (March 2012 to march 2014. Ron gauci (March 20) 10 and Rob wood (from may 2015 - september 2017). 2 On, frances Coppolillo was appointed as Chief Executive officer. Currently, the ceo has five direct reports comprising Shared Services and Operations (including people and Culture, facilities and Assets, ict services, and Academic Registry functions Enterprise development and Strategy (including business development, corporate planning and marketing Programs (including learning support and the teaching faculties governance. 11 Faculties edit melbourne polytechnic is structured with four faculties each containing a number of Vocational education and training (VET) teaching Departments and Higher Education (Master, bachelor and associate degrees and higher education diploma) programs.

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Melbourne polytechnic, formerly nmit, is a, tafe and higher education institute located predominantly in the northern suburbs. Melbourne, but also in the south with a campus at Prahran, victoria, australia. It has six functioning campuses located. Preston, collingwood, epping, fairfield, heidelberg, prahran, greensborough, training sites at Broadmeadows, and country training facilities. Eden Park, yan yean and, revelation ararat. In October 2014, nmit decided to reposition itself in the tertiary education market under the melbourne polytechnic brand, appointing Publicis Mojo to coordinate the change. The change was facilitated by a 19 million grant from the victorian government. 5 6, a wide selection of study options in vocational education are offered from short courses, pre-apprenticeships, apprenticeships and traineeships through to certificates, diplomas, advanced diplomas, and onto higher education, tertiary degrees under the.

Rmit professional writing and editing
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  7. Hong Kong private English tutor and English teachers for hire at Native english Tutor Wonderland for English tutoring, English learning and English speaking. Melbourne polytechnic, formerly nmit, is a tafe and higher education institute located predominantly in the northern suburbs of Melbourne, but also in the south with a campus at Prahran, victoria, has six functioning campuses located at Preston, collingwood, Epping, fairfield, heidelberg, Prahran, Greensborough, training sites. Font Resize: - reset home; About the ndco program; Where to find. Inner and Northern Melbourne region. Educational Technology and Education Conferences for June to december 2018, Edition. Prepared by Clayton.

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