Most influential biographies

most influential biographies

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He started his career in the motor industry where his familys Volkswagen Audi dealership won the diamond Pin Award (the highest Volkswagen Award given to dealerships worldwide). He subsequently entered the hotel industry and then the exhibition industry where he built up eibtm (European and Incentive, business Travel and meetings Exhibition which was sold to reed Exhibitions in 1997. In addition, Bloom built up the leading sales and promotion exhibition, Incentive world (London which was also sold to reed Exhibitions in 2000. Whilst founding and developing what have become the leading trade shows in the global meetings and incentive travel sector, Bloom also became heavily involved in numerous industry associations and has been recognised in a variety of ways. His recognitions include being inducted into the cic (Convention Industry council) Hall of leaders (1991 being awarded uk personality of the year by meetings incentive travel Magazine (1993 recipient of the icca (International Congress and Conventions Association) Presidents Award (1997) and being inducted into the. In addition in 2017 alone, he received the jmic (Joint meetings Industry council) Unity Award, the mpi (Meeting Professionals International) Industry leader Award and the icca moises Shuster Award.

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F (26 September 2008). "book review - one hundred emory influential Muslim personalities". Archived from the original on Retrieved b "The muslim 100, The lives, Thoughts and Achievements of the most Influential Muslims in History. By muhammad Mojlum Khan". access-date requires url ( help ) "The muslim 100: The lives, Thoughts and Achievements of the most Influential Muslims in History". Retrieved "The muslim 100: The lives, Thoughts and Achievements of the most Influential Muslims in History". Retrieved External links edit retrieved from " ". Ray bloom, Chairman, imex group, updated november 2017, ray bloom is the chairman and founder of the imex group, which organises worldwide exhibitions for the incentive travel, meetings and events industry in Europe and the usa. Imex in Frankfurt takes place at your Messe Frankfurt, germany, every spring; while imex america takes place at the las Vegas Sands Expo each autumn. Ray bloom has been a successful entrepreneur for many years.

601679 Labourer, student of knowledge, teacher and governor Banu daws of southern Arabia abu hurairah was a sahabi (companion of Muhammad). He was devoted and dedicated to preserving Hadith. With an enquiring mind he learned, mastered and memorised Islamic teachings, Islamic practises, muhammad's sayings and deeds under his guidance. According to historian and traditionist Abd al-Rahman ibn Ali ibn Abu'l-Faraj ibn al-Jawzi, abu hurairah narrated 5,374 ahadith in total. Critical reception edit "It is rare to see a publication which includes personalities from both Shia and Sunni schools of thought and which is so much needed in today's turbulent world. This book, i believe will. Enrich our understanding of not only the historical but father's the contemporary history of the muslim." — ahmed. Versi, chief editor of The muslim News. 3 4 5 see also edit references edit a b c d Elshayyal,.

most influential biographies

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9 Hussein ibn Ali sayyid ush-Shuhada (Chief of the martyrs). 625680 Soldier Banu hashim of Quraysh Hussein was muammad's second grandson through Fatimah. He participated in many battles of Islam. He disagreed with yazid ibn muawiyah as ruler of the Islamic state and refused to recognise yazid as caliph. His refusal to pledge allegiance to yazid led to the battle of Karbala, where hussein and his followers were attacked and martyred. His fight against injustice, brutality and oppression is commemorated by muslims on the day of Ashura, which is a day of mourning for Shia muslims. 10 Abu hurairah Abu hurairah (Father of Kittens).

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most influential biographies

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She was an expert in krampus Fiqh (jurisprudence tafsir (Qur'anic scholarship) and Hadith (prophetic tradition). She memorised over 2,000 ahadith of Muhammad and taught males and females. 7 Khadija bint Khuwaylid Khadija al-Kubra (Khadija the Great). 50121 Businesswoman Banu quraysh Khadija was muammad's first wife, and the only wife who bore him children, they were married for 25 years until her death. She was the first person to embrace Islam, muhammad's greatest supporter and his foremost benefactor. She spent her wealth and dedicated her energy for the cause of Islam.

Her reputation, status in Mecca and commercial influence meant the makkan oligarchy did not compromise the safety and security of Muhammad. 8 Khalid ibn al-Walid saifullah (Sword of God). 584642 Soldier, military commander and general, war strategist and military tactician Banu makhzum of Quraysh Khalid was a sahabi (companion of Muhammad). He helped humble two of historys greatest empires. He led 3,000 Muslims to victory over a 50,000 byzantine army in the battle of Yarmouk. He led an under strength Muslim army to victory over the persian Army in the conquest of Persia. He also played a pivotal time role in ending the subversive activities of the claimants of prophethood ( Musaylimah, tulayha and Sajah who caused mischief in Arabia.

Leading Sufi tariqas such as Naqshbandi trace their spiritual affiliation back to muhammad through him. 5 Uthman ibn Affan Dhun-Nurain (Possessor of Two lights). 576656 Cloth merchant, philanthropist and scribe banu Umayyah of Quraysh Uthman was twice the son-in-law of Muhammad. He spent money for the cause of Islam. He was elected as the third Caliph of the muslim Empire (644656). He reformed and strengthened administrative base, and political structure of the Islamic dominion.

He led military campaigns including the muslim army conquering territories including Cyprus, persia and Armenia. He also defended Alexandria against byzantine Emperor Constantine 's attack. He codified and standardised the qur'an. His attempts to appease Abdullah ibn Saba' and his followers led to his assassination. 6 Aishah bint Abu bakr Ummul mu'minin (Mother of the believers). 555610 Expert in Shariah (Islamic law teacher and public-speaker Banu taym of Quraysh Aishah was the second, the youngest and only maiden of Muhammad's wives, and regarded as his favourite wife. She contributed to the development of Islamic thought and culture especially in relation to muhammad's personal and private life.

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As first Caliph (656661) he worked with different groups to maintain Islamic unity and solidarity, and avoided wars in the Islamic state. 4 Abu bakr al-Siddiq Al-Siddiq (The Truthful One). 573634 Merchant, philanthropist, leader, statesman and spiritual guide banu taym of business Quraysh Abu bakr was a close friend and father-in-law of Muhammad. He used his wealth and properties for the cause of Islam. He led the first Hajj on behalf of Muhammad and he was the only person authorised to lead Salah (prayers) while muhammad was alive. He succeeded Muhammad and became the first Caliph of Islam (632634). He ruled with a democratic administration with a stance against political rebellion and social unrest. He compiled the qur'an in the form of one book.

most influential biographies

He was appointed by Abu bakr as the second Caliph (leader) of the rashidun Caliphate. Reforms during his era as Caliph (634644) include developing an Islamic democracy, established a rule of law, and ensured equality proposal of freedom and freedom of expression. He also devised the Islamic calendar. He transformed the Islamic state into a powerful empire consisting of the whole of Arabia during the conquests in; Syria, armenia and Egypt, and significant parts of Persia and the byzantine Empire. 3 Ali ibn Abu talib Asadullah (Lion of God). 573634 Warrior/fighter/athlete, legal jurist/judge, consult and orator Banu hashim of Quraysh Ali was the cousin and son-in-law of Muhammad. He contributed to the development of Islam and is considered to be the pioneer of Tassawuf (Islamic mysticism). He was appointed the fourth Caliph of Islam by the sahaba (companions of Muhammad) and is considered the first Imam of Shia islam.

legislator, military leader, humanitarian and philanthropist. In trying to propagate Islam, he and his followers were persecuted by other Meccans. The muslims then migrated to medina, where he established the constitution of Medina, with 300 ill-equipped and unprepared Muslims they defeated 1,000 well-equipped Meccans at the battle of Badr, and later signed the peace Treaty of Hudaybiyyah. He eventually led the muslims back to mecca before his Farewell Pilgrimage and death. He turned Medina into a civil society, united the Arabian tribes and transformed the Arabian Peninsula into a centre of learning, culture, commerce and civilisation. He is arguably the most influential person in history, as 1,400 years after his death, his message and teaching continues to influence mankind. He is regarded.62 billion Muslims as a prophet of God and the last messenger. 2 Umar ibn al-Khattab Al-Faruq (The differentiator of Right and Wrong). 581644 Market trader, Islamic jurist, democratic ruler Banu Adi of Quraysh Umar was the father-in-law of Muhammad.

2, content edit, the yardage author's selection is representative of all periods from the advent of Islam to modern times, those who belong to a vast area and whose contributions have covered all fields of human knowledge. 1, the 100 most influential Muslims include 20 personalities from modern times. The 100 names include; Abū anīfa, al-Ghazali, ibn Arabi, muhammad Ali jinnah, mustafa kemal Atatürk, sir, muhammad Iqbal, abul A'la maududi, and, malcolm. Among the 100, the author listed only four females, aishah bint Abu bakr, khadīja bint Khuwaylid, fatimah and. 1, the book ends with a chronological list of the main events in Islamic history, a select bibliography and two indices, one of names and places and the other of ideas and concepts. It is easy to read and the author avoided using technical language or unnecessary jargon words. The muslim 100 is aimed primarily at students and lay readers. 1 Rank name nickname time Frame Occupation Tribe Influence 1 Muhammad main article: Names and Titles of Muhammad.

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From wikipedia, the free shredder encyclopedia, jump to navigation, jump to search. The muslim 100: The lives, Thoughts and Achievements of the most Influential Muslims in History is a 2008 book, written. Muhammad Mojlum Khan and published by, kube publishing, listing the biographies of the 100 most influential Muslims in history. Contents, overview edit, the muslim 100 is an attempt to explore Islamic history through the lives, thoughts and achievements of a selection of the most influential Muslims. The book is an anthology of biographies of 100 influential Muslim personalities whom the author has selected according to their influence on Muslims throughout 15 centuries of Islam. 1, influence is based on their contributions and achievements, which was the main criterion for selection and inclusion in the book. Khan measured the influence of a person by examining their lives and thoughts, and then assessed the nature of their contribution by evaluating what they actually did and what was special or extraordinary about their deeds, actions and accomplishments. In so doing, he claims to be able to determine whether their contributions and achievements had made them national, regional or international figures, and that he could evaluate the intellectual, social, political, economic or cultural importance, value and impact of their contributions and achievements over. By exploring the ideas, thoughts and achievements of the lives of 100 most influential Muslim rulers and conquerors, religious scholars and philosophers, writers and literary figures, scientists and explorers, military generals and freedom fighters, reformers and educationalists, this book goes through Islamic thought, history, culture.

Most influential biographies
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  3. give an overview of the history of women screenwriters in each country, as well as individual biographies of its most influential.

  4. Issuu is a digital publishing platform that makes it simple to publish magazines, catalogs, newspapers, books, and more online. Architect Alexander Bodon, a prominent protégé of the bauhaus, was his most influential professor. Humanity"s by some of the worlds most influential leaders, poets, scientists, philosophers and other global citizens. the 12 Biggest Breakthroughs in Medicine, the 12 Most Influential Scientific Discoveries of All Time, the most Influential. and lived to became one of the most influential people in England and, perhaps, one of the most influential people of the 17th century. Providing biographies of its most influential figures, it also surveys insignia, uniforms and equipment to provide a portrait of the.

  5. Biographies history experts like jeannette walls and. Blog home, most, read, most, commented, most, recommended is a celebration of some of the influential and inspiring women who have read More. of the most influential landscape architects of the latter twentieth century, lawrence halprin brought nature into urban spaces. successful meetings 25 Most Influential people in the meetings Industry june 2012. The 50 Most Influential Britons of the past 100 years English biography true stories Collected biographies Collected biographies. the 500 Most Influential Muslims — 2009, a book that lists and provides short biographies of outstanding Muslims from the fields.

  6. Think of some of the most influential people in the past centuries. Chelsea house, biographies, online is a one-stop online resource for all the biography needs of middle and high school students. by muhammad Mojlum Khan and published by kube publishing, listing the biographies of the 100 most influential, muslims in history. Here is SuperScholars list of the 20 most influential living women intellectuals. Discover the best, biographies history books and audiobooks.

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