Lexisnexis report dispute

lexisnexis report dispute

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What should you look for in checking your clue report? Of course, look for any claims that you didnt file. You can also review the specific information about each claim for accuracy, in particular: Social Security numbers. An incorrect number could mean someone elses claims history is in your report; Policy numbers. Check them against your original policy or your most recent bill; Dates of claim. Since claims only remain on the report for seven years, an incorrect date could mean that the claim is listed for too long; Amounts of claim. Be sure that these amounts agree with any payments you received.

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Whether it agrees or not, the book company will send you a letter explaining its findings within five days after the investigation is concluded. Many insurers offer a claim-free discount. Just 5 off means 40 in savings on an average annual premium of 804. Setting the record straight, if youre not satisfied with the results of the investigation, you can submit your side of the story. LexisNexis will add your statement to any future clue reports that include the disputed claim. Even if the claims information in your clue report isnt wrong, you may decide the report doesnt tell the whole story. You can add comments to any entry in your clue report to explain the circumstances of a claim. For example, perhaps you made a claim for damage to your roof after a limb from your neighbors tree broke off in a storm. Since then the neighbor has cut down the tree and youve repaired the roof. You could attach a comment to the claim history indicating that this problem wont reoccur. Look out for these common errors.

(The general toll-free number.) you cant submit a dispute statement online. A-plus, operator of another claims-history database, follows a similar dispute procedure. Youll need to provide the following information to dispute a claim: The clue reference number, which appears near the top of the report; The name of the insurance company; The date salon of the loss; A brief explanation of the facts as you see them. Once lexisNexis gets your dispute statement, it will investigate the claim and contact your insurance company, if necessary. The investigation can take up to 30 days, according to a lexisNexis spokesperson. The insurance company then has time to respond, which can take several months. If LexisNexis investigation supports your assertions, it will make changes in your clue file.

lexisnexis report dispute

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Clue insurance report, which details the claims history of a person or property, can cost you. Worse, you may not even know theres a mistake paper until you get turned down for homeowners insurance or see a huge jump in your premium. Insurance companies use the claims history stored in the clue database — clue is short for Comprehensive loss Underwriting Exchange — as a principal factor in deciding if they will insure your home and how much resume that insurance will cost. So correcting a mistake or misstatement may bring you a direct financial savings. Unfortunately, the burden of proof is on you. How to dispute report information, if you decide to contest information about a claim, your first step is to contact LexisNexis, the owner of clue. You can either call the phone number listed on your clue report or write. Box 105292, Atlanta.

LexisNexis provides detailed instructions on how to request those reports online, by mail or by phone. A lexisNexis login is required to get the reports online. Consumers who have issues with resolving any dispute with an insurance company can call tdi's complaint line at or use their online complaint form. Watch Robert Arnold's tutorial of how to request a clue report and correct errors. Copyright 2015. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. Errors or misleading information in your.

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lexisnexis report dispute

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Take adam Gottlieb's complaint, for example. Gottlieb was involved in a minor fender-bender in the past year, resulting in around 500 belonging of damage. However, his insurance company somehow had record that the vehicle had been totaled and sent him a letter wanting to know why he was still carrying insurance. "To them, the vehicle is totaled, but to me it's obviously still very drivable gottlieb said while standing in front of the vehicle in question. He said the insurance company wanted to raise his premium by about 200 every six months as a result of the mix-up. He ended up switching insurance carriers. Neither Gottlieb nor Jones had ever heard of clue reports prior to these issues.

Both have yet to receive a copy of their reports. However, tdi got in touch with Gottlieb's insurance company and received information back that the error and clue report had been corrected. Jones was able to receive a letter of experience from her insurance company to show that she was not involved in the accident in Mississippi before purchasing a new policy. LexisNexis said errors can be corrected if they are brought to the company's attention, and information is verified through insurance companies. By law, consumers are entitled to a free copy of their clue reports for both auto and property insurance.

When Jones called State farm's claims department, she discovered the accident should have actually been on the record of another Gwen Jones, whose address was in Dallas. "She lives in Dallas; I live in Angleton. We have the same birth date, the same name but our middle initial is different said Jones. The mistake, it turned out, was on a report from a database used by the insurance industry to determine claims history called the comprehensive loss Underwriting Exchange. The database contains information on more than 300 million consumers and provides up to seven years of automobile loss history, according to lexisNexis the company that maintains. All that data helps auto and property insurance companies determine a customer's prior claim history within minutes.

A spokesperson for LexisNexis told Channel 2 Investigates via email that errors in reports are infrequent, and it only receives about five disputes per 10,000 customers. But according to the consumer group. Privacy rights Clearinghouse, the existence of clue reports are unknown to many consumers, and errors are only discovered when someone is either turned down for insurance or asked to pay a much higher premium. The texas Department of Insurance has received 99 complaints from consumers concerned about errors and inaccuracies on clue reports in the past two years, according to records requested by Channel 2 Investigates. A common complaint to tdi is that clue shows a driver incorrectly at fault. Other complaints show claims not being properly closed, resulting in a consumer not being able to get insurance on a property, and one complaint even details the presence of a claim for a changed tire. "A consumer will have had some sort of adverse decision from an insurance policy. They find the premium was higher than they thought it would be, they ask, 'why?' and they say, 'well, we checked your clue and we see a certain number of claims or frequency of claims said Jerry hagins, a spokesperson for tdi.

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Atlanta, ga, order by Phone, call Toll Free). Houston - in late April, Gwendolyn Jones paper starting shopping for a better rate on her auto insurance. When the first company she called came back with a higher premium than expected, jones knew something was wrong. "They said, 'you have about an accident.' i said, 'where?' They said, 'mississippi. You have a cadillac.' i said, 'i've never owned a cadillac jones said. Jones is a lifelong resident of Angleton and said she'd never even been to mississippi. State farm had the accident listed with Jones' driver's license number, but she hadn't been insured with State farm in decades.

lexisnexis report dispute

Personal Property loss history, inquiry history, and information resume on how to dispute the claims in your report. Select from the following available reports and click "Order Now". Personal Property report. Auto report Both Reports. Order by mail, please follow these steps: Download the form: Order Form, if you do not have adobe Acrobat reader installed on your pc, download a free version now. Complete the requested information on the form. Mail the form to this address: LexisNexis Consumer Center,.

can be used. The fact act entitles a consumer to obtain one free copy of his/her consumer file from certain consumer reporting agencies during each 12-month period. LexisNexis Risk solutions maintains information on insurance claims histories and has designed an easy process for consumers to request their free file disclosure. Personal Property report provides a seven year history of losses associated with an individual and his/her personal property. The following data will be identified for each loss: date of loss, loss type, and amount paid along with general information such as policy number, claim number and insurance company name. Auto report provides a seven year history of automobile insurance losses associated with an individual. Note: If you have not filed a claim against your auto or property insurance policy in the last 7 years, you will likely receive a clear report. Auto report, description: Report includes your. Auto loss history, inquiry history, and information on how to dispute the claims in your report. Personal Property report, description: Report includes your.

We have a multi-layered approach that includes security systems intended to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of sensitive information about consumers. We use industry-standard access control software and methods. Our information and system security professionals strive to maintain reasonable data security measures. We recognize that the trust of our customers, business partners, and the public at large is critical to our continued success. Please contact us at customer support. Full File disclosure reports, access your personal information that LexisNexis Risk solutions maintains in our files. Fact paper act Disclosure reports, the following reports are available: Insurance report - contains information provided via our. Report for auto and property records.

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LexisNexis Risk solutions is a leader in providing essential information that helps customers across industries and government predict, assess and manage risk. Combining cutting-edge technology, unique data and advanced scoring analytics, we provide products and services that address evolving needs in the risk sector. LexisNexis products are used by law enforcement officials, non-profit organizations, businesses, and government agencies parts for a host of important and socially beneficial purposes. For example, lexisNexis' suite of identity confirmation and antifraud services provide tremendous benefits to consumers because these tools make it more challenging for fraudsters to use stolen identities to defraud companies and financial institutions. Law enforcement officials also use lexisNexis products and services to locate witnesses and investigate crimes; our products and services have been instrumental in helping to recover hundreds of abducted children. Much of the data held by lexisNexis has been collected from public record and publicly-available data sources. We also use proprietary data and information from third-party data sources in compiling our information products. LexisNexis is committed to the responsible use of sensitive consumer information.

Lexisnexis report dispute
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  4. Information included within the lexis Nexis reports is both public and non-public. This can be real estate title records. This all started with my dispute on a bk in my file, resulting in a few letter. Obtained from LexisNexis, which is not a consumer report agency.

  5. A lexisNexis login is required to get the reports online. Consumer s who have issues with resolving any dispute with an insurance company can. An error in your clue insurance report can increase your homeowners. Nexis gets your dispute statement, it will investigate the claim and contact. LexisNexis Consumer Access Program.

  6. Have questions about your LexisNexis Risk solutions file or want to dispute information in your file? Contact us by mail. Those of you that have tried to dispute a public records item (bankruptcy, judegme nt, tax lien, etc.) on your credit reports are likely all. How can I dispute loss history information on. On your report, please either write to us at LexisNexis Risk solutions, llc.

  7. If you have received your file from LexisNexis Risk solutions, Inc. ( lnrs ) and find it contains incorrect or incomplete information, you have the right to file. Personal Property report provides a seven year history of losses. Inquiry history, and information on how to dispute the claims in your report. Frequently Asked questions how to dispute Information In your Report security Freeze information. Full File disclosure reports.

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