Essay on inflation and deflation

essay on inflation and deflation

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essay on inflation and deflation

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essay on inflation and deflation

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There is a number of advantages to maintaining a dirty float. Allowing the currency to fluctuate within a controllable range reduces the number of foreign reserves the central bank must hold, which frees up financial resources and permits the central bank to speculate on the future value of the currency to a degree by issuing bonds. This is a form of hedging, because the bonds lock in a future value, in the sense that the amount of a bond issue represents a known release of either the local or foreign currency in the future when the bonds reach their maturity. This is similar to the forms of hedging and speculation that private investors can engage in by treating currency as a commodity, including options contracts, forward contracts, currency swaps, and futures contracts. In the private sector, currency hedging and speculation are particularly useful for companies whose trade involves a large amount of foreign currency.

For example, the trader in Examplestan may wish to purchase an option to swap a certain number of clams for us dollars at a fixed rate lower than the present exchange rate, say.10 clams to the dollar, if he suspects that when he completes. If when the time comes, the actual exchange rate.12 clams to the dollar, he exercises the option and lowers his purchase cost.1 not a lot, but for companies whose transactions are in the millions of dollars (or clams the difference can. Naturally, foreign currency exchange rates is far more complex theme than what is described in this brief article, but to help understand its intricacies, just remember the basic point that the value of a currency is determined by its amount in a financial system compared.

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The Philippines, which currently has the best-performing stocks in the world, is a good example. The high inflow of foreign money into the local stock market represents high demand for the Philippine peso the investors are trading their dollars, euros, yen, and other currencies for equity, valued in pesos, in Philippine companies. Thus the value of the peso is growing, meaning that fewer pesos can be exchanged for one unit of a foreign currency. This is good for the economy in one respect because it makes imports cheaper, but it increases the cost of exports and tends to dampen demand for local labor and goods. Dirty Floats and Currency hedges, in order dates to find a happy medium between imposing strict control over the currency value and allowing it to seek an efficient value through market effects, most governments practice what is called a managed float, sometimes also referred. Instead of setting a fixed exchange rate for its currency, the central bank will set a target range. Rather than fix the currency at 5 clams 1, the central bank of Examplestan might instead choose to let the value of the clam fluctuate, so long as it does not fall outside a range.50.50 clams per dollar.

essay on inflation and deflation

If a merchant in Examplestan imports 20 worth of goods from the us, he pays 100 clams. At the same time, he imports 20 worth of goods from Europe, whose euro is equal.20; therefore, he only receives.67 worth of goods for his 100 clams. That means to earn back his 100 clams from selling the goods, he has to inflate the price.65, because the goods he bought from Europe are only worth.35 clams. The relative value of the clam is also affected by price inflation or essay deflation in the us; the actual amount of goods received for the equivalent of 20 will differ as inflation increases or decreases, which causes inflation or deflation of the clam. The opposite end of the spectrum from a fixed exchange rate is a floating exchange rate, in which market forces determine the value of the currency. The currency in a floating exchange rate system is treated as a commodity, and its value is determined by supply and demand. There is no country that uses a fully floating exchange rate scheme, but some of the effects of what it can do to a local currency can be seen in emerging markets where large inflows of foreign investment money have driven the value of the.

is always relative to something else, whether some commodity (gold has historically served as a reference) or other currencies. A fixed exchange rate also called a peg is a value that is determined by a governments central bank, which must engage in the market trade of its currency for the reference currency in order to maintain the peg value. The main requirement for a fixed exchange rate scheme is that the central bank holds a large reserve of the reference currency. In a scheme in which the currency is pegged to a single reference currency, maintaining the peg is relatively straightforward. The value of the local currency is a simple function of the amount of the reference currency in the financial system, and changes in the currency value are reflected as price inflation or deflation; in order to exercise control over the local currency, the central. Read more: Money makes the world go around. A single currency peg is impractical because the value of the reference currency always fluctuates. Lets say that an example country well call it Examplestan sets the value of its currency, the clam, at 5 clams to one us dollar.

Friends and readers, On July presentation 5, 2014, i changed the ghastly name of my website. And you have landed in the new era. Thank you so much for making the trip with. . So what the heck happened. I have transferred most of the content, going back to 2011, to my new site, wolf street, which is where you have arrived. . Heres why this change had to happen. . I hope you enjoy my new site and find it useful in your interpretation of our crazy financial and economic times. Read about the ways government and investors can manage and speculate on the value of their currencies. Currency exchange rates have become a global issue in the past year, particularly for developing economies which are generally performing better than the economies of the us, europe, and Japan the three sources of the reference currencies that essentially determine the value of the rest.

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Essay on inflation and deflation
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  1. Home inflation deflation, reflation and, inflation. Essentially, the fed is experimenting on what drives inflation : the money supply or the output gap, and is betting on the economic contraction would keep inflation low. Opec may have gifted us QE4, but it gave us another present at the same time: deflation in overdrive. More inflation /growth or deflation /contraction. When the starting point is very low inflation, rosengren said, an unexpected weakening of the economy could lead to outright deflation a fall in the overall level of prices that leads people to postpone expenditures. The long period of mild deflation that Japan faced was also a period of slow economic growth.

  2. All content on this website, including dictionary, thesaurus, literature, geography, and other reference data is for informational purposes only. Your email address or nickname: (300 new this week) Currency Exchange rates, management, and, speculation. If the economy fails to recover soon, it is conceivable that this very low inflation could turn into outright deflation. In short, deflation is at least potentially a great liberating force. Far from being simple, the equation for deflation is as complex as that of dna.start thinking about the most fundamentally important question of the day: is inflation, or deflation, in our future?

  3. Inflation or, deflation : Watching for Warning Signs. Though consumers have loosened their purse strings in recent months, deflationistas argue that if another financial crisis were to reduce credit availability, or if high ongoing unemployment once again begins to weigh on consumers willingness and ability to spend. Curing, deflation, by Printing Money. Threatens you more Than, inflation. What is deflation and how can it be prevented?

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