Veterans day essay winners

veterans day essay winners

What does veterans day mean to me essay winners

The bad news is that there are many veterans who would like to access va health care but, for one reason or another, are unable to. In my view, we should expand va health care eligibility and allow those veterans who want and need va health care to have access. . we must also understand that the provision of dental care is a basic component of any comprehensive health care system. . The va must move forward to provide dental care to Americas veterans. November 11, veterans day, is the special day of the year that we honor our nations heroes. Our commitment to veterans, however, must extend to every day of the year. . Together, in a bipartisan way, we must do all that we can to ensure that all veterans in this country get the quality health care and other benefits which they deserve).

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va secretary Eric Shinseki has stated that by the end of girl 2015, all benefits will be processed within 125 days with a 98 percent accuracy rate. Our committee will work with the secretary to make sure that ambitious goal is reached. For too many years, one of our great national disgraces has been the large number of veterans sleeping out on the streets. Between 20 the va has reduced the population of homeless veterans by 17 percent. . That progress must continue. . to this end, bipartisan legislation has just passed the senate which will continue our efforts to end homelessness in the veterans community. In these hard economic times we have got to do everything we can to make certain that when veterans come back from war they are able to find jobs and regain their place in their communities. The committee is now working on legislation which will partner unemployed veterans with employers in the private sector and provide additional opportunities for our youngest generation of veterans who experience resume the highest rates of unemployment. All veterans particularly those with severe disabilities from their military service deserve the very best care this country has to offer. . The good news is that todays va provides high-quality, cost-effective health care to over 6 million veterans annually. .

As chairman of the senate committee on Veterans Affairs, i am proud of the work that Congress has done in recent years to improve and expand the services and benefits available to our veterans. . Much has been accomplished. . More needs to be done. The post-9/11 gi educational Bill has been a very successful step forward in providing educational opportunities to veterans and their families. . The bureaucratic snags that prevent all apple eligible veterans from fully participating in the program must be removed. The recently implemented Caregivers Program gives much needed support to those family members who are caring for the disabled veterans, with additional services and benefits available to families of Afghanistan and Iraq veterans. . Those services and benefits must be expanded to all veterans, veterans who have been receiving care from dedicated family members for years, sometimes decades. The va has, in the last five years, made good progress in transforming the benefits system from paper to an electronic records system. . Nonetheless, the current backlog remains unacceptable. .

veterans day essay winners

Veterans, day, essay, contest, winner

The mini simple truth is that no human being returns from war unchanged. . For every American lost in battle, many more are wounded. . And for every wound we can see, there are many more we cannot see invisible wounds and lives radically disrupted. . Many hundreds of thousands of veterans have been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain injury. These wounds affect not just the veterans themselves but their wives, husbands, children and parents. We must dedicate ourselves to finding cutting-edge treatments for these injuries just as we have for those injuries we can see. Since world War ii, more than 500,000 Americans have lost their lives in war. . Millions more have received disability ratings from. . As a nation, we have a moral obligation to provide for the wounded, and ensure that all veterans receive every benefit they have earned and deserve. .

Over 60 submissions were received. "These essays provide a glimpse into the minds of our officials and the challenges they face, said Canada soccers head of Refereeing Tiger liu. "Their enthusiasm shows the passion that our officials have for the game as well as their desire to improve, both on and off the pitch.". By:  Sen. in 1865 barely a month before the end of the civil War President Lincoln uttered the words which would solidify our nations commitment to those who have served and have become the motto of the department of Veterans Affairs. . Lincoln committed our nation to care for him who shall have borne the battle and for his widow, and his orphan. As we honor our nations veterans today, we must realize the important debt we owe them, a debt we can never truly repay. . Further, we must not forget that the true cost of war goes far beyond dollars and cents. . It is more than the cost of guns, tanks and planes and the number of zeros added to the federal deficit. .

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veterans day essay winners

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The paper does not have to be written for a specific history class, but each entry must be accompanied by a letter of nomination written by a history department faculty member. All papers must be double-spaced and typed, with reference notes and bibliography. There are no restrictions regarding length or subject matter. Submission guidelines, the deadline dissertation for submitting papers for the departments Best Essay contest for graduate and undergraduate papers is the first Friday in April. The winners will be announced in early may, and the awards will be presented at the Phi Alpha Theta spring picnic (usually the last Saturday before study day). Papers should be submitted to the Chair of the development Committee.

Please contact the history department at for more information regarding paper submission. Canada soccer is proud to announce. Muhammad Al-Digeil, nb, and, harris Rasheed, on, as the winners of the national Officials day essay contest. They will each receive an Umbro refereeing Prize pack, valued at 400. The contest, titled, why do you enjoy being an Official, was launched on 16 April to celebrate national Officials day, an initiative started. Sports Officials Canada to increase the awareness of officiating in sport and promote respect of officials. In order to enter the contest participants were asked to outline why they referee and the joy it gives them.

She encouraged students and those on hand to look through the veneer of those around you and simply say thank you. It is in part by their service that we retain our position on the international stage and enjoy the luxuries that come along with being an American, Osmon said. The American way of life. About Osmon, osmon is a graduate of Bates College in Lewiston, me, and holds both masters and doctorate degrees from baylor University in physical therapy. She has a total of 17 years of military service and currently serves with the 452nd Combat Support Group. Snelling as chief physical therapist.

She is also employed by the meeker and Wright Special Education cooperative as a physical therapist, and serves as an adjunct professor at Dunwoody Institute in its physical therapy assistant program. In addition to all these roles, she also serves on the delano School board. The veterans day program also included the presentation of Patriot Pen essay winners, and the presentation of the walter Grotz essay scholarship. The winning essays will be published in next weeks newspaper. Each year one undergraduate and one graduate paper will be designated best essays in this departmental competition. The authors of the winning papers will each be awarded 250 and have their names engraved on a plaque in the department office. Eligibility, to be eligible, a person must have been enrolled at Missouri State for at least one semester in the last two years.

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Osmon concluded her remarks with a personal story about a training mission in georgia called Operation Golden Medic, father's which resulted in the best thank you she could have ever received at that moment. Many stories of bravery and heroics are being told today, but not every veterans story is a battle story, she said. Osmon said veterans are marked by these experiences, and this is why recognition is appreciated. It is why this day means so much. It is because we have seen. We have sacrificed, she said. We may not want to talk about it, but it did happen. We did see it, we did experience, it, and we did it for you.

veterans day essay winners

He said its awkward talking about his experiences with family and friends, and said part of him wants to talk about it, yet he feels they will never quite grasp what he experienced, so he chooses most of the time not to talk about. Certain memories haunt him, Osmon said, adding that it wasnt the traumatic essay injuries he saw or men dying on the operating table, but instead, it was when he stood in a double line of soldiers who formed the corridor linking the hospital to the medevac. The double column of soldiers would salute as the flag-draped coffin passed from the hospital morgue to the air transport to take them home. He said he stood at attention saluting, watching the coffins pass, thinking of the family members that have just lost a father, mother, brother. Osmon said she could see how the experience marked him. He went from all smiles and talk of the new baby to having a faraway look as he described the memory of those who went home under a draped flag, she said. Osmon said each veteran has their own stories and memories. It marks them and they carry it with them for the rest of their lives, she said.

one must make a number of sacrifices. Service in the military means time away from family, birthdays missed, and holidays celebrated abroad. It means young men and women scoring touchdowns or performing plays and not finding their parents in the audience, she added. Serving in the military consistently challenges you to do things outside your normal/typical experience, and you carry this with you for the rest of your life. Art, osmon used art to paint a picture for those in attendance, telling a story of a soldier who had returned from Afghanistan in June. She described him as happy-go-lucky, and said he is the nicest guy one will ever meet and is expecting his first child with his wife any day. Osmon said the man is an average guy who loves football and the vikings, and he works as a radiologist technician. The soldier said its been hard for him to adjust to being back home.

The meaning has evolved to be a day to honor the veterans of America collectively and as individuals. Veterans day differs from Memorial day, she said. Veterans day is celebrated to thank living veterans and members of the military for their service; in contrast, memorial day honors those who have served and died. Osmon said the numbers vary by the millions, but said it is most commonly reported there are.9 million veterans in the United States military. Of those, osmon said:.5 million are pdf women;.3 million are from World War II;.7 million are from Korean War;.6 million are from vietnam;.5 million are from Gulf Wars;.6 million are from peacetime only; 78,000 served in three wars; and.5. Sociology, osmon said the first image that comes to mind in this day of conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq is one of the infantry soldier holding an M16, engaged in battle. Veterans are everywhere, osmon said, and explained that veterans are much more diverse than that. Veterans may have served a variety of roles in their military service, she said, and there are many places one will find veterans where you least expect them. So, what makes them special?

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By ryan gueningsman, managing Editor, when considering what to talk about and in what format to present her thoughts on Veterans day, major Patricia osmon of Delano realized since she will be at school speaking to students who are missing class, she might as well. Since you are missing out on some class time today, and since i am a school board member, i would like to visit some of those subjects you might be missing out on, Osmon said, starting with history, a subject she said she struggled with. History, osmon said President woodrow Wilson proclaimed the first Armistice year day nov. 11, 1918, to remember the signing of the Armistice that ended World War. Formally, the war did not end until later with the signing of the Treaty of Versailles. In 1938, that nov. 11 became a legal holiday, osmon said. In 1854, congress amended the name, changing it to veterans day.

Veterans day essay winners
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  5. Veterans, day essay contest read their entries. The sacrifices of our courageous veterans helped build this great nation, and their. Keynote speaker and the winners of our What is a veteran? Poster and essay contests will be recognized. Missouri State history department student Opportunities and Services best.

  6. Veterans, day program also included the presentation of Patriot Pen essay winners, and the presentation of the walter Grotz essay scholarship. State of the Union, essay, contest, winners. These wounds affect not just the veterans themselves but their wives, husbands, children and parents. Young and Chamberlain led the pack of 20 Breaking Barriers national essay winners. Roberto Clemente Award day. After the parade, everyone gathered in the school gymnasium to hear the winners.

  7. Veterans, day, essay, winners, announced. Va staff members judged and determined winning essays in the junior and senior high divisions. Veterans, day, essay, contest, winners. 6th Grade - jacob Holt. 7th Grade - tommy sommer. 8th Grade - stephanie shang.

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