Textile internship report

textile internship report

Internship Report - assignment point

Frequency    : Whenever required. Procedure  : bs 5811(36000 rear) astm d 3512. Performance std  : Grade 4; Grade 3(For each fabric). In case of non-conformity: re-singeing followed by resin finish. Fabric inspection: It is the responsibility of both the textile supplier and garment manufacturer to inspect all textiles to ensure their compliance with the buyer standard. Textile which are being exported to another country for use in the assembly of a finished product are required to be inspected by the buyers designed inspection service prior to shipment.

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Frequency : every order. Procedure : According to youth customers requirements. In case of non-conformity: to increase tensile strength re- mercerize (increase of 5-10) and re-finish. Tear strength: M/C used : Element tearing Tester. Manufacture : Messmer Instruments Ltd. Frequency : every order (only for 100 cotton light fabric). Procedure : According to customers requirements. In case of non-conformity: to increase tearing strength re-mercerize re-finish. Pilling Resistance: M/C used : ici pilling box. Manufacturer : James.

S.M.: Reduce width mechanically. S.M: Increase width mechanically width Test: Machine used : measuring tape. Frequency : every order after every finishing process. Procedure : Manual measurement by remote tape. Overall width : Total width. Useable width : Width without selvedge. : 1502 cm or specified by the customer. In case of non-conformity: re-finish. Tensile strength: M/C used : Alphateus Tensile tester.

textile internship report

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He ensure the quality gps parameter such as free business of hole or spot, reed mark, repeat size, width of fabric etc. Test procedure fabric weight (G.S.m the procedure for fabric weight test of finished fabric: M/C used:. Frequency: every order. Procedure: 3 samples pieces are cut with. Find their average. Gram per square meter (GSM) average wt*100 Ounce per square meter (oz/yd2)G.S.M.*0.0296 -performance std: According to buyers given std. In case of non-conformity: to increase.

Grey yarn test report: Date: count: 60/1 comb Lot no: 6060c/10 Property cone :1 Cone:2 Cone:3 Cone:4 Tenacity (CN/Tex). cv of tenacity. Elongation. cv of Elongation. Max value.16. Quality assurance system quality assurance procedure may be divided into two major parts: On line quality control. Off line quality control. On Line quality control: On line quality control is done at different stages, such as : Winding: Soft or hard package. Warping: Color pattern, width of repeat, section repeat. Sizing:  pick up, size paste quality check weaving: Dropper check, loose warp check, reed mark, wrong denting etc. Off Line quality control: Sample collection: One meter sample of every order is collected by online inspector. . every sample is clearly identified with a sticker. Qc department checks the fabric in the loom and at that time the loom remains stops.

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textile internship report

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Types of Warping: Direct Warping: for solid dyed grey production. Sectional Warping: for yarn dyed grey production. Types of Warping Brand Name country of Origin no of M/C Creel Capacity Speed Direct Warping kawamoto japan m/min beninger (zc-r-1800) Switzerland m/min Sectional Warping beninger supertronic-2200 Switzerland m/min Machine Specification: count wise Creel Tension in beninger: count(Ne) tension(CN) Sectional Warping Calculation: Warp Width Ends/Section. Machine Specification: Brand Name country of origin no of size bath beam Creel Capacity beninger zell Switzerland 1 20 beninger zell Switzerland 2 20 kawamoto japan 1 16 Chemical Used for sizing: Adhesive material: modified starch, parents synthetic chemicals. Kollotex 5, avetex. Acrylic sizing Agent:. Lubricants Softener: Solwax -50, mutton Tallow.

Size recipe for Grey yarn: H2O 400L Starch 50 kg pva (SPR) 32 kg Acrylic (Trisize) 15 kg soul Wax 5 kg size recipe for dyed Yarn: H2O 490L Starch 50 kg pva (SPR) 25 kg Acrylic (Trisize) 12 kg soul Wax 5. M/C no total Ends Construction Refrectrometer pick Up moisture speed Warp Tension n size tension n strech /.5. 1.0 Chart for different parameters used in sizing for different construction: weaving: Definition: The process of interlacement of two sets of yarn named warp weft by the means of weaving machine or loom to produce woven fabric is called weaving. Machine Specification: Model Shedding device weft insertion capacity no of loom Maximum rpm country of origin toyoda, jat 600RS190 Negative cam shedding Japan toyoda, jat 600RS190 Negative cam shedding Japan toyoda, jat 600RS190 Electronic Dobby japan toyoda, jat 600RS190 Electronic Dobby japan toyoda, jat 610RS190. Grey yarn test report : Date :10-06-10 count:40/1, cotton Lot no:08/10 Property cone :1 Cone:2 Cone:3 Cone:4 Tenacity (CN/Tex). cv of tenacity. Elongation. cv of Elongation. Max value.51. Grey yarn test report: Date: count: 20/1 card Lot no: 08/10 Property cone :1 Cone:2 Cone:3 Cone:4 Tenacity (CN/Tex). cv of tenacity. Elongation. cv of Elongation. Max value.56. Grey yarn test report: Date: count: 30/1, card Lot no: 20/10 Property cone :1 Cone:2 Cone:3 Cone:4 Tenacity (CN/Tex). cv of tenacity. Elongation. cv of Elongation. Max value.80.

Chart for Bextex Ltd.:. Chart of Beximco textile Ltd. (Fabric Preparation Products: Yarn Products: count ranging from 6 120 Fiber cotton ( super combed, combed, carded) cvc 60 cotton, 40 polyester tc 65 polyester-35 cotton; 100 polyester both regular and sewing thread lyocell, tencel, modal, rayon, viscose etc. Fabric products: Solid dyed Poplins Twills Dobbies Oxfords seersuckers Canvas Ribstops in 100 Combed Cotton cvc and cvs/tc stretch Satten Yarn dyed Ginghams Stripes Fil-a-fils/End-on-ends Chambrays seersuckers Pinpoint Oxfords Dobbies Plaids in 100 Combed Cotton cvc and cvs/tc stretch Satten Finishing Wrinkle Free easy care. C penny long Street Rocha wear van heusen Zara Arizona h m levis Tom tailor Next Antigua woven fabric looms:.

Of looms installed: 299. Of looms actually operated: 299 Output capacity (Lm. Installed capacity: 40,800,000 Lm Actual production: 34,966,037 Lm winding: Definition: winding is a process of wounding of yarn to form yarn packages. Types of winding: there are two types of winding- soft Winding Hard Winding. Machine Specification: Types of Winding Brand Name country of origin no of M/C Speed Soft Winding fadis winder Switzerland 2 650m/min harish  Winder Switzerland 1 650m/min rjk  Winder India 2 650m/min Hard Winding Textool Winder Switzerland 10 650m/min rjk  Winder India 2 650m/min harish  Winder. Chemical Used: Paraffin wax (rarely used). Warping: Definition: to convert supply yarn package or reprocessed cone into a sheet of yarn comprising of predetermined number, length and tension.

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Use Innovation speed gps as prime drivers, gender rather than cotton cheap labor. Dominate these markets in high quality: Mens, womens, Children dresses. Shirts ( formal casual ) Blouses (formal casual skirts, jackets. Jeans casual non denim bottoms. Lay out of btl: organizational charts:. Organization chart overall Mgr. Acting In charge bdl factory Org.

textile internship report

Management team: ø syed naved Husain, Chief Executive officer. Ø sardar Ahmed Khan, Chief Operating Officer. Ø ajay pratap Singh, Chief Financial Officer. Company secretary:. Asad Ullah, fcs mission : bex tex ltd. Is a full service vendor with strong vertically integrated production facilities as well as creative analytical capabilities which clearly set us apart from most other south Asian vendors. Each of their activities must benefit and add value to the common wealth of our Society. We firmly believe that, in the final analysis we are Accountable to each of the constituents with whom we interact; namely: our Employees, our valued Customers, our suppliers, our business associates, our Shareholders and our fellow Citizens. Vision: Gain market leadership in high value added apparel in usa europe.

taka, paid up capital     : 1,882.50 Million taka factory Equipment     : Different types of weaving, Knitting, dyeing, cutting, sewing, finishing and Generator machines Supplied by mostly germany, italy,. S.A., japan, taiwan etc. Number of Shareholders   : 37,929 Number of woven loom installed  : 293 Number of spindled installed  : 119,520 Number of Denim loom installed  : 56 Number of circular knit machine installed: 30 Production Capacity     : 28 Million lm number of employees  : 5181 Web. Org Ow ners of the mill: ø rahman Chairman. Ø salman f rahman Vice Chairman. Ø iddiqur Rahman Director.

Corporate hq 17 Dhanmondi R/a, road. Dhaka -1205, bangladesh, phone:, 7701165, e-mail: web Site: t, sponsors : World Bank, m arubeni. Sonali bank, local office- motejheel C/a, reviews dhaka-1000. ChamberBuilding, 122-124, motijheel C/a, dhaka-1000. State bank of India, 24-25, dilkusha C/a, dhaka. Standard Chatard Bank, 18-20, motijheel C/a, dhaka-1000. Bex tex profile, factory : Sarabo, kashimpur, gazipur.

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Introduction: Beximco textiles Ltd. (the company) was incorporated in Bangladesh as a public Limited Company with limited liability on commenced commercial operation in 1995 and also went into the public issue of shares and debentures in the same year. The shares of the company are listed in the Dhaka and Chittagong Stock Exchanges of Bangladesh. Is the most modern composite mill in the region. Has an installed capacity of 299 high-speed air-jet looms in its weaving section and a high-tech dyeing and finishing section with a capacity of 100,000 yards of finished fabric per day. This company is located at with the beximcoIndustrial Park. Strong business ethics, excellences in business, creating a productive work environment, continuous improvement through sound corporate governance and dynamic employee engagement have been at the function of the organization to become the leading composite factory in Bangladesh. General Information about the factory: factory name: beximco textiles limited, location: Beximco Industrial Park, chokroborty, (5 km north from depz ). Address : Operational hq, beximco textiles Limited, beximcoIndustrial Park, sarabo, kashimpur, gazipur.

Textile internship report
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Statue of Liberty (1870-86 history, architecture and Construction of New York's Most Famous Landmark. Assisted the warehouse delivery collectors in the unloading of goods using a pallet Jack and forklift.

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  1. National textile university faisalabad. (Department of Garment Manufacturing). For mat of Internship Report. The title page of the report. The Indian Spinning Industry is an integral part of the Indian Text ile Industry.

  2. I recently have done my internship in Padma textile, in which I got training from each of its department. The internship basically revolved around the product. Introduction: Beximco textiles Ltd. (the company) was incorporated in Bangla desh as a public Limited Company with limited liability on bsp;. Internship Report Sultan Ali bsc. Textile Engineering Session National t extile University faisalabad This report includes the throughout learning.

  3. A complete internship report about knit garments industry. I think this report will be helpful for a textile student to make a internship Report. Textile industry internship report - download as Word Doc (.doc pdf file (.pdf text File (.txt) or read online. Aditya birla nuvo-jaya shree textiles Bachelor of Fashi on Technology (2014-2018) Internees: Industry mentor: meezan Alam. Evince textiles Ltd is doing business for years and so far they are able to satisf y their customers. But in the new era of business the dimension of customers.

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