Persuasive statements

persuasive statements

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Here, apparently, the authorities took advantage of a certain deficit of the Orthodox aesthetic in soviet times, when the Orthodox religion had an aura of lost history, of something that had been crushed and damaged by the soviet totalitarian regime, and was thus an opposition. The authorities decided to appropriate this historical effect of loss and present a new political project to restore russias lost spiritual values, a project that has little to do with a genuine concern for the preservation of Russian Orthodoxys history and culture. It was also fairly logical that the russian Orthodox Church, given its long mystical ties to power, emerged as the projects principal exponent in the media. It was decided that, unlike in the soviet era, when the church opposed, above all, the brutality of the authorities toward history itself, the russian Orthodox Church should now confront all pernicious manifestations of contemporary mass culture with its concept of diversity and tolerance. Implementing this thoroughly interesting political project has required considerable quantities of professional lighting and video equipment, air time on national television for hours-long live broadcasts, and numerous background shoots for morally and ethically edifying news stories, where the patriarchs well-constructed speeches would in fact. Moreover, the filming must be continuous; the necessary images must be burned into the memory and constantly updated; they must create the impression of something natural, constant, and compulsory.

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Instead, i want to voice some thoughts about what has happened. That Christ the savior Cathedral had become a significant symbol in the political strategy of the authorities was clear to many thinking people when Vladimir Putins former kgb colleague kirill Gundyayev took over as leader of the russian Orthodox Church. After this happened, Christ the savior Cathedral began to be openly used as a flashy backdrop for the politics of the security forces, which are the main source of political power in Russia. Why did Putin feel the need to exploit the Orthodox religion and its aesthetic? After all, he could have employed his own, far more secular tools of power—for example, the state-controlled corporations, or his menacing police system, or his obedient judicial system. It may be that the harsh, failed policies of Putins government, the incident time with the submarine kursk, the bombings of civilians in broad daylight, and other unpleasant moments in his political career forced him to ponder the fact that it was high time to resign;. Apparently, it was then that he felt the need for more persuasive, transcendent guarantees of his long tenure at the pinnacle of power. It was then that it became necessary to make use of the aesthetic of the Orthodox religion, which is historically associated with the heyday of Imperial Russia, where power came not from earthly manifestations such as democratic elections and civil society, but from God Himself. How did Putin succeed in this? After all, we still have a secular state, and any intersection of the religious and political spheres should be dealt with severely by our vigilant and critically minded society.

And crossing themselves until they were apprehended by security guards. If found guilty, they face three years in prison. In a country that was willing to sic its secular court on a religious cause, pussy riot are true revolutionaries. Nonetheless, it was not until they delivered these closing statements that their supporters—and opponents—heard what these three brave women stand for. Although they are being crushed in the jaws of the system—and know it!—their courage and steadfast sincerity are sufficient cause for (impossible) hope. If not for the russian state, then at least for the russian people. —bela Shayevich, business yekaterina samutsevich, in the closing statement, the defendant is expected to repent, express regret for her deeds, or enumerate attenuating circumstances. In my case, as in the case of my colleagues in the group, this is completely unnecessary.

persuasive statements

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I am aware that you have some kind of repayment plans and owl loan modifications where i dont have to pay late fees and my credit is also not effected etc. I have also enclosed the bank statements of last three months, spreadsheets of my monthly expenses etc for your reference. Looking forward to your reply and thanking you in anticipation. On August 8th, the three members of Russian feminist punk band Pussy riot delivered their closing statements at the moscow Khamovniki district court. Charged with hooliganism motivated by religious hatred, maria alyokhina, yekaterina samutsevich, and Nadezhda tolokonnikova were first arrested on March 3, a day before the controversial re-election of Vladimir Putin. Meanwhile, they had committed their crime on February 21, when five members of Pussy riot staged a guerrilla performance on the altar of the cathedral of Christ the savior in Moscow. For less than a minute, the women danced, singing Our Lady, chase putin Out!

Your Name, address, bank name, loan number: Date: to whomsoever it may concern. I am writing this to inform you about my financial hardship. I have lost my job and i am trying to get another job. But as you know in this period of recession getting a job is not easy, it is become very difficult for me to pay the bills. I have a good payment history and have never been late on my payments. I would like to pay everything i owe and plan to make payments regularly once i get a job. I expect this situation to be temporary and expect you to provide a plan that would allow me to make minimal payment or no payment for next few months.

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persuasive statements

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Is the concept of freedom of press hindered by the paparazzi? Are grades necessary in keeping the students on track with the learning? Necessity of homework Is capital punishment the best option for dangerous criminals? Necessity of becoming a community volunteer Vegetarian or non-vegetarian which is your choice? Dos and donts of texting while driving Illegally downloading music/ringtones Pro-choice. Anti-abortion Assisted automobile suicide euthanasia (Ending the life intentionally to relieve oneself of pain and sufferings) Prayer in school Human cloning Alcohol abuse eating disorders healthcare policy Use of illegal steroids and unethical behaviour of athletes in sports events Junk food and Obesity Enforced aids testing. Installing safety lights in parking lots Lose your weight to change the lifestyle Is lying essential to maintain good relationships?

Should the minors who commit serious crimes be charged as adults? Treating pets like members of the family necessity of intensive security screenings for those who travel in airplanes Should the uniforms be made mandatory for teachers? Should priests be allowed to marry? Isnt unfair not to allow women in wrestling and football? Strictly prohibiting bigamy eating organic Necessity of making paternity leave compulsory Increasing the drivers license obtainment age.

Should examinations be replaced with other forms of assessment? Should hiv positive workers have to tell their employers of their status? Is studying martial good for health and mind? Lessons you can learn about life from competitive sports. Exploitation of people through reality shows. Essentiality of community service for teenagers.

Which are the qualities which makes you a hero? Importance of growing things in a garden. Danger or harm inherent in violent video games. The impact a lyrics in a song on our lives. The positive factor in travelling and studying abroad. Journal writing is therapeutic, necessity of spending time with grand parents. Which one is better? Can religion and science go hand in hand? Do magazines targeting the teenagers send a wrong message?

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Should government censor lyrics of songs that are violent or expletive? Does television have a negative influence on society? Should the state be fully privatized? Is it morally acceptable to experiment on animals to develop products and medicines that benefit human beings? Should we be trying to prevent species from becoming extinct? Should the present international ban on trading elephant presentation ivory be lifted? Should the international ban on the hunting of whales be lifted? Should we ban the keeping of animals in zoos? Should we ban the keeping of animals in circuses?

persuasive statements

to wear a school uniform? Are beauty contests harmful? Should Physical Education in schools be compulsory? Should parents be held morally and legally responsible for the actions of their children? Is physical force a justifiable method of punishing children? Should negative advertising in political campaigns be banned? Should governments censor material on the world Wide web?

List of Persuasive speech presentation Topics, the case for organ donation, the need for recycling. Why death penalty should be abolished. Need for gun control, dangers of taking illegal steroids, avoiding drinking or drunk driving. Why we should abolish school uniform. Global Warming - what we can do about. Why we should wear seat belts in cars. Why should you become a blood donor.

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Persuasive speech topics enable the london students to research and become aware of contemporary sensitive issues. Given below, is the list of persuasive speech topic ideas. All of us have participated in speech and debate competitions as children in school. It was always considered an intellectual activity, wherein bright minds vied to prove their points and earned acclaim as well as reward. It is seen that the topics for speech and debate contests should be persuasive, giving children a chance to research on the sensitive and burning issues of the contemporary world. This increases their understanding about the topic and also makes them aware of its pros and cons. Moreover, children are considered to be the future of any nation, which makes it highly necessary for them to be sensitized on such topics. There are plenty of such topics which infer persuasive speech. Scroll further for some interesting, thought-provoking topics.

Persuasive statements
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All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. The flower that i admire a lot is Sun flower and hibiscus. Rewari is a city and a municipal council.

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  3. Beware the distracting pop-ups! The diary of anne frank an encyclopedic resource with persuasive essay writing help links, further reading list, and external links to anne frank house and more.

  4. Quality legal representation by professionals with diverse experience and a track record that spans the world. Examples of personal statements for med school. How to conclude a proposal. Transitional sentences in essays. Persuasive speech topics enable the students to research and become aware of the contemporary sensitive issues. Given below is the list of persuasive speech topic ideas.

  5. There are many other, far more persuasive, techniques besides more information to motivate change. Myth: i know what I saw. Apparently, it was then that he felt the need for more persuasive, transcendent guarantees of his long tenure at the pinnacle of power. I have also enclosed the bank statements of last three months, spreadsheets of my monthly expenses etc for your reference. Concentrate on these five basic rules only, and youll find yourself writing pretty persuasive copy. By making your statements more specific you can stop gobbledygook from sneaking into your content.

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