Interpretive analysis essay

interpretive analysis essay

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As such, there is nothing for us to base the poem on, no independent account that will tell us whether or not we can see a given text as being "objectively" true. Poem as trace, poem as evidence. American poetry review 22:2 (March-April 1993. The word politics presents more serious difficulties, particularly in the literary culture of the United States, where the word is most often applied pejoratively, and where politics is regarded as a contaminant of serious literary work. Our poets, most especially, are relegated to the hermetic sphere of lyric expressivity and linguistic art, where they are expected to remain unsullied by historical, political, and social forces. I speak to you today as a rather contaminated poet, but my understanding of the political is in accord with Hannah Arendt's: "To be political, to live in a polis means that everything is decided through words and persuasion and not through force and violence. In Greek self-understanding) to force people by violence, to command rather than persuade, were pre-political ways to deal with people characteristic of life outside the polis. finally, we are discussing the writer with a politics—and of this I can only say that it would be difficult for me to imagine a writer or intellectual who would profess to be without one.

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Let us call this space "the social." As North Americans we have been internship fortunate: wars for us (provided we are not combatants) are fought elsewhere, in other countries. The cities bombed are other peoples cities. The houses destroyed are other peoples houses. We are also fortunate in that we do not live under martial law; there are nominal restrictions on state censorship; our review citizens are not sent into exile. We are legally and juridically free to choose our associates, and to determine our communal lives. But perhaps we should not consider our social lives as merely the products of our choice: the social is a place of resistance and struggle, where books are published, poems read, and protest disseminated. It is the sphere in which claims against the political order are made in the name of justice. By situating poetry in this social space, we can avoid some of our residual prejudices. A poem that calls us from the other side of a situation of extremity cannot be judged by simplistic notions of "accuracy" or "truth to life." It will have to be judged, as Ludwig Wittgenstein said of confession, by its consequences, not by our ability. In fact, the poem might be our only evidence that an event has occurred: it exists for us as the sole trace of an occurrence.

5-30 W "The power of Horses" by Elizabeth cook-lynn pp : 201-209 sq for "The power of Horses" and "American Horse" "American Horse" by louise Erdrich pp : 31-44 "a moving day" by susan nuñes pp : 130-137 write sq final Examination Preparation readings in Assigned. Poetry of witness presents the reader with an interesting interpretive problem. We are accustomed to rather easy categories: we distinguish between "personal" and "political" poems the former calling to mind lyrics of love and emotional loss, the latter indicating a public partisanship that is considered divisive, even when necessary. The distinction between the personal and the political gives the political realm too much and too little scope; at the same time, it renders the personal too important and not important enough. If we give up the dimension of the personal, we risk relinquishing one of the most powerful sites of resistance. The celebration of the personal, however, can indicate a myopia, an inability to see how larger structures of the economy and the state circumscribe, if not determine, the fragile realm of the individual. We need a third term, one that can describe the space between the state and the supposedly safe havens of the personal.

interpretive analysis essay

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The notation, sq, refers to assigned Study questions available on-line. . This is a tentative reading schedule. . It is your responsibility to attend class and to keep track of any changes in the schedule. Please check this syllabus regularly, i will frequently update with additional links and supporting information on texts and authors. Date assignment week one 5-14 M course Introduction Discuss web dubois, "The concept of Race h : 1 sq dubois Virtual University dubois biography souls biography of Black folks Baraka website baraka lunch poems 5-15 tu zoo story by Edward Albee h : 15-40 sq for Albee. Week two 5-21 M Finish Kindred by Octavia butler "The fight" through "Epilogue 108-264 Watch Smithsonian on Executive order Tu "Tears of Autumn" by yoshiko uchida pp : 202-209 sq-for this story, come to class prepared to discuss the meaning of the story's final sentence. "seventeen Syllables" by hisaye yamamoto summary pp : 8-19 sq hiroshige Print Hiroshige Irises Hiroshige rapids Interviews with Mary Tsukomoto, emi somekawa, and Tom Watanabe pp : 3-15 146-151 94-99 sq "The legend of Miss Sasagawara" by hisaye yamamoto pp: 20-33 sq watch Mary tallMountain reading. Pirzada came to dine" by Jhumpa lahiri pp : 23-42 sq daily Writing Assignment for the Two lahiri Stories "Interpreter of Maladies" by Jhumpa lahiri pp : 42-69 sq watch The namesake week three 5-28 M no class: memorial day 5- 29 Tu Read The namesake. 8 9, and Chs.

The essay questions will ask you to engage in interpretive analysis while drawing comparisons among assigned texts. Grading: The following percentages are tentative guidelines and are subject to change based, for example, on the number of quizzes actually given during the semester. . I reserve the right to alter assignments and percentage values as the semester progresses. . If changes become necessary, i will inform the class in advance and post all changes on this site: Attendance/Participation 20 daily Writing and quizzes 50 Final Examination 30 Total 100 we will work on a 1,000 point system. . In accord with the Universitys new grading policy, which includes minus grades, the following scale will be used:  920 points or higher A; 900 a-; 850 B; 820 B; 800 b-; 750 C; 720 C; 700 c-; 650 D; 620 D; 600 d-; less than. Retain this policy statement and all graded assignments until you receive your final grade. You will have little chance for grade review unless you are able to re-submit your graded work. Eng 340/afri 340:  Multicultural American Literature:    Summer 2010 Syllabus reading assignments in the Professors Pack are identified by the designation pp, while handouts are designated. . The page numbers listed identify the original source pagination to provide an idea of the actual length of each reading assignment. .

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interpretive analysis essay

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However, this privilege will be revoked for anyone using a laptop for e-mail, instant messaging, or any purpose good not directly related to the ongoing class discussion. . If laptop use appears to become a problem, i reserve the right to demand that an individual immediately turn the display toward me for inspection. . Any student viewing material irrelevant to this course will be removed from the class. Daily Writing and quizzes (50) Class meetings will often open with a writing assignment or quiz. . These short examinations will either ask you to respond briefly to a few factual questions usually 10 about the assigned reading, or require short essay responses that analyze and interpret assigned readings. .

The latter responses must begin with topic sentences that directly answer the question and then supply specific story details to support the topic. . Simply quickly reading the assigned stories will not prepare you to score well on these quizzes. . Instead, you must actively consider study questions, literary techniques, plot structures and conflicts, thematic concerns, or the relation of the assigned reading to material presented in lectures and discussions of previously assigned works. Missed quizzes cannot be made up unless you have a medical, family emergency, or isu program excuse. Final Examination (30) you will complete a final examination covering all material assigned in the course. The final will include both short answer and essay components and will be written in class on Thursday, may 31 beginning at. The short answer portions of the examination will ask you to match"tions with authors and stories and to briefly respond to factual questions about the assigned material, including essays, interviews, and documentary films. .

It is in your best interest to take notes as you read and come to class prepared to ask questions or provoke discussion. . These practices will also prepare you to perform well on the final examination. . i encourage you to meet with me if you are having difficulty with the course or if you would like to discuss aspects of the assigned reading that were not covered in class. If you wish to meet with me but cannot attend my office hours, please arrange a conference with me at a more convenient time. . If you do intend to meet with me during one of my office hours, it is best to let me know that you are coming so that I can reserve the time for you. . This brief summer session will go by rather quickly; please see me immediately if you begin having difficulty with any of the course materials. .

Participation will account for 10 of your course grade. Professional courtesy :  you will be expected to behave professionally in this college classroom. Turn off cell phones before entering the room. . From the moment that you enter the classroom, you should be focused on the materials and assignments in this course. Reading of newspapers or other material not directly related to work in this course will not be allowed in the classroom-neither before class has started, nor during our formal class session. If you are interested in reading newspapers or other materials unrelated to this course as you wait for class to begin, do so outside the classroom. Students who behave rudely, or who have to be asked to put down newspapers or other reading materials will lose participation points. . Under extreme circumstances, such students will be removed from the classroom or dropped from this course. Laptops may be used for note-taking and for review of course materials posted in our on-line syllabus or for searches during class to support our discussions. .

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If you arrive late, it will be impossible to give you additional time to complete the assignment and since with the class discussion following each writing assignment or quiz will rely on students responses to the assignment, completing the work after class is not an acceptable. If you accumulate 3 unexcused absences, you will fail this course. . Of course, all absences, excused or unexcused, affect your grade because each absence reduces your quiz and participation score. . If you have an excused absence for medical or other University approved reasons, it is your responsibility to make up missed work by appointment with me as soon as is possible. . Attendance will account for 10 of your course grade. Participation : Much of our time will be spent discussing the assigned readings. . Exemplary performance in these activities will demonstrate that you are effectively preparing and thinking about the material and will significantly increase your participation score. . After each class meeting, i will assign participation points to students who actively comment on the readings and promote meaningful discussion related to the specified goals of the course. At semester's end, i will assign you a letter grade for participation based on your accumulated point total.

interpretive analysis essay

While we will essay often read only three or four short works for a single class meeting, on at least one day, we will be covering a complete novel of almost 300 pages. . you will be expected to read carefully, take notes, and come to class prepared to write short answer responses to quiz questions about the assigned reading. . Study questions to focus your reading will appear as links in the on-line syllabus in advance of the assignment due dates. . It is your responsibility to check our web syllabus regularly, for I will sometimes withhold posting of study questions for later assignments so that I can tailor the questions to address issues and concerns raised in class discussion of previously covered works. . The study questions and quizzes will sustain the expectation that you have carefully read and thought about the assigned readings and that you are prepared to participate in meaningful discussion and interpretive analysis of the assigned literary works. . Familiarity with the literature will, of course, prepare you for interpretive analysis and discussion on quizzes and on the final examination. . you are responsible for all of the assigned readings, even aspects of them not discussed in class. Attendance and Participation (20 attendance : Full attendance is expected. . Because we will open most class sessions with a daily writing assignment or quiz, punctuality is crucial to your success. .

the literary works and their.   to encourage critical sophistication and lifelong readership of different literary genres (i.e. Poetry, fiction, drama, essays). Required texts: (Years in parentheses indicate date of first publication.). (1979) Boston:  beacon Press, 2004. . (2003) New York:  houghton Mifflin, 2004. . Professor's Pack available at goetz Printing copy center,. Do not contact goetz until after our first class meeting; I wll let you know when the materials will be ready. Course requirements and policies: Because this is a compressed interim summer class, the reading and class preparation load in eng 340/afri 340 will be rather intense at times. .

Content varies from semester to semester, so we do not cover each of these groups every semester. . Assigned readings include poetry, drama, short fiction, novels, autobiographical essays, and aesthetic and political manifestos. Treating these artifacts as cultural texts exposes students to the similarities and differences (that is, to the cultural diversity) of the aesthetic, political, and social values and experiences of writers belonging to various ethnic and racial groups. Multicultural American Literature is reviews a foundational Studies course that staisfies the Global Perspectives and Cultural diversity requirement. (General Education 2000 students earn credit for the multicultural Studies:. Diversity mcs:usd requirement.) It is cross-listed in the English and African and African-American Studies Departments and offers credit in the womens Studies Program. The course is required for English teaching majors and minors, while English liberal arts majors and minors earn credit as an alternative literature elective. Course goals: to provide an introduction to the breadth and quality of the literature produced by various cultural groups who have contributed to American history and culture and to encourage an appreciation of their contributions. to present strategies for engaging this literature within its own historical and cultural contexts and for gauging its aesthetic, cultural, political and social dimensions.

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Untitled Document, eng 340/afri 340: Multicultural American Literature. Summer i intersession 2012, policy Statement and Syllabus, instructor: jake jakaitis. Classroom: Stalker Hall 301, office: root Hall A-209, meeting Time: mtuwth 9:30-12:50. Office Phone: 237-3269, office hours: 2:00-2:50 m, tu, w and by appointment e-mail: home page: dstate. Edu/jakaitis, imagination, creates the situation, and, then, the situation. Creates the imagination, it may, of course, be, the other fuller way around; Columbus was discovered. By what he found -james Baldwin, course description: Multicultural American Literature addresses cultural diversity through the reading and discussion of writings by Chicano/a, native american, Asian-American, and African-American authors. .

Interpretive analysis essay
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  1. Analysis, essay : Redo In Hamlet, written by william Shakespeare, the main character Hamlet has many mixed feelings about his life and what his mother is doing. Familiarity with the literature will, of course, prepare you for interpretive analysis and discussion on quizzes and on the final examination. Poetry of witness presents the reader with an interesting interpretive problem. Selections from editor carolyn forché s essay. How many pages is a 400 word essay double spaced?

  2. Premium essay writing service. Stanford graduate school admission. Merchants of cool summary. We will write your paper for you. Pangle offers a detailed commentary on the politics, similar in style to the interpretive essay that accompanied his translation of the laws.

  3. The development and meaning of the Epic of Gilgamesh:. Journal of the American Oriental Society. The download of the week. Interpretive, modesty by heidi kitrosser. Here is the abstract: New originalism presents a profound challenge to originalist determinacy that is, to the notion that.

  4. This has led to a mountain of case law that may conflict from one jurisdiction to the next, penned by jurists with differing interpretive philosophies. Founding co-editor, routledge series. Interpretive, methods (with Peregrine Schwartz-Shea; 2009— ). Interpretive policy analysis : public policy meanings and social change; policy implementation; research regulatory policies. Abusch, tzvi (Dec 2001).

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