Epik essay

epik essay

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Two Scanned Letters of Recommendation epik requires you to have two letters of recommendation. I had recently graduated and got two of my letters of recommendations (LoR) from my lecturer and a teaching fellow from my university. Note: The referees should know you in a supervisory capacity (E.g. Manager to employee or professor to student relationship). Important: there are a number of requirements for the two letters of recommendations so please pay attention to these in the required documents word document! It is important that you get the letters of recommendations early as your referee may miss out a required detail, so at least you will be left with some time to correct this before submitting your application. Read and double-check that the required details outlined by epik are in the letters of recommendation written by your referees!

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Lesson Plan tips Draw ideas from lesson plans from your tefl course. Make sure your lesson plan is age appropriate. The lesson plan will be for elementary school children. Teaching children the present perfect tense will be too difficult, whereas teaching modal verbs such as Can/Cant and Must/Mustnt will be fine. Another possible topic may be: prepositions (time, place and location) I based my lesson plan on modal verbs and my lesson topic was Express Ability and Inability with Can/Cant. The total lesson time for elementary school students in Korea is 40 minutes Note: although not a requirement, i would advise including handouts/worksheets and a powerPoint presentation slides for your lesson plan. Epik will like the fact that you have put a lot of effort into your lesson plan. A large class of 30-35 students will inevitably mean having students with different abilities; tailor student your lesson plan to a class with students of mixed ability. . Plan your lesson activities where stronger students are working with weaker students (pair work). Create two handouts, one for weaker students and one for stronger students.

Perhaps you have already started learning Hangeul and look forward to mastering the korean language do you find the countrys educational system impressive? Volunteering/ teaching experience (especially with younger children There is no right or wrong way to describe your teaching philosophy If you have had no teaching experience and do not really have a concrete example of your teaching philosophy, then you can use examples that you. Key points you may want to include might be: having lessons that centre on student engagement, using a variety of different teaching in order to engage all learning styles. Experiences living shredder abroad Use examples to describe how you deal with/ view cultural differences have you lived abroad before? What cultural differences did you experience? Epik wants to know that they will be employing people who will be committed to living abroad for a year and will honour their contract. I mentioned my year abroad experience in China and growing up in a multi-cultural society and having friends of different ethnicities helped me to be tolerant and respect people coming from different backgrounds.

epik essay

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The American dating format MM/DD/yyyy is used. Make sure that you use the same mm/DD/yyyy format when you sign and date declarations later. You will find that proofreading your application form once is not enough, so do it twice, three times, or as many times as necessary. Get paper a friend or family member to proofread it for you. Personal Essay tips Things you could mention in your essay: have you been to korea before? Make it clear why you want to specifically teach in Korea whilst Korea does offer one of the best salary and benefits to first-time English teachers anywhere in the world, this is not what they want to hear. What part(s) of the korean culture shredder interest you?

N/A, where you are asked to provide a yes or no answer, you will need to check (tick) the boxes. The check symbol For those that dont how to insert the check/tick symbol.1) in Microsoft Office word, select Insert on the menu bar at the top, 2) Then locate and Symbol on the toolbar. 3) Next proceed to click on More symbols. 4) The symbol box should open. Change the font to wingdings. 5) Finally, scroll through the symbols and you should find the check (tick) symbol at the bottom Note: Beware of the dating format used on section 17. Consent for verification, data storage, and Statement of Truth in the application.

Epik application essay

epik essay

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For example, if design you will be applying for a position in February, you must submit your apostilled degree by mid-January. If this is not possible, you must apply for a later start date. If you planned to have it in time and receive a position with epik and then subsequently fail to get the document by the deadline, your position with epik for that term will be revoked. Note: epik may have changed some of the procedures or requirements for the application process since my application for the Spring 2015 intake so take caution and dont completely rely on this blog. Okay, so lets cut to the chase. The Initial Application, you will need: National epik application Form, two Scanned Letters of Recommendation.

Download the, national epik application Form (bottom of the Apply now page) from the epik website and fill it in electronically. Note: uk applicants should download the national epik application Form (A4-size). Filling in the Application Form, you will need to download the, national epik application Instuctions file (bottom of the Apply now page). Read carefully the instructions on how to fill in the application form. General Advice, dont leave boxes empty, if some sections are not applicable to you then fill in the boxes with.

For the epik application process, i will describe the following: The Initial application (National epik application Form Two letters of Recommendation). The interview (General tips, what to prepare, what to look out for). Collecting the required documents, notarising/Certifying and Apostilling your documents. Basic Disclosure (crc copy of Degree and Official Certified Copy of Birth Certificate). Sending your documents to korea, click here if you want to see a timeline of events for my epik application process. Before i describe the application process, i cannot emphasise the importance of being highly organised and getting your documents early on, this ensures that there is plenty of time to allow for any delays in applying and receiving the required documents.

More importantly, you do not want to be in the position of having to wait for any documents after you have passed your interview when you could have sorted out your documents and sent them already to korea! Epik operates on a first-come, first-serve basis and positions will start to fill up for the most organised applicants. To avoid disappointment, you really need to get organised and get everything thats required asap. I personally chose to delay my application by a term (I originally wanted to apply for Fall 2014) because i was worried that I could not finish my tefl course and certify and apostille my copy of degree certificate and send all my documents. I applied for the Spring 2015 term and I made the right call. Its up to you, but its just a lot easier with one or two things crossed off your to-do list! Epik says: Applicants who are currently completing their Bachelors degree. Must submit the apostilled copy of their degree (and all other missing or incomplete documents) to the epik office.5 months prior to the contract start date.

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It reviews was studying this that made me believe that many westerners have misconceptions about Korea and I see the chance to teach English there as an opportunity to learn about more korean culture and then teach others about what I have seen and learnt. But most importantly, i believe that if i embrace this chance for the great opportunity it is, i will make new friends, have new experiences and be able to make a positive difference to the lives of my students. I hope this is helpful for someone. Check back soon for a food based blog post). If youve arrived at this blog trying to find a pretty detailed post about the epik application process then youve come to the right place. Ive benefited a lot looking at other blogs from people who have applied to epik so i thought it was only right to help out other applicants too. Yes, the application process can be described as a long and anxiety-laden process, apple but it will be all worth it, trust me hopefully, this blog will be inform you of everything you will need to know about the epik application process. If you need any help, please leave a message and Ill try my best to help you.

epik essay

It is a country that is quite different from the one i have grown up in, but I firmly believe buffy that cultural differences are only a problem if we let them become one. By involving myself in the local and school communities through clubs and events (for example, taekwondo i will be able to settle myself into life in Korea more easily. It is a way i can get to know my co-workers, students and neighbours. I believe that through shared interests, friendships can blossom even with a language barrier. I enjoy cooking and look upon the chance to visit Korea as a chance to not only expand my own cookery skills but leave a piece of my culture there after I have gone. I am already teaching myself Korean, which will make the hardest barrier I will face seem smaller. I first came across Korean culture when I looked at some modern Korean history whilst sitting my degree.

and helps the student want to learn. I also believe that a teacher should set an example for his or her students. A way of doing this in an English class could be to make english the official language of the classroom. Just as I would learn Korean more easily from becoming completely immersed in the language, my students could learn much more English being surrounded by it in the lesson. As well as this, i believe that every teacher has responsibility for the future of the children that they teach and this is a something that I take extremely seriously. Finally, i believe that learning can and should continue outside of the classroom, whether through a club, camp or trip. This is something that i involved myself in, both at University and whilst I was volunteering at Bexhill High School. In this way, it can be made fun and more engaging for a student that might otherwise find it dull. However, it is important to remember that I will spend my time in Korea learning new things too.

I believe that contact with a dates native speaker of a language can make a positive difference when learning. I am currently teaching myself Korean, but with no help from a native speaker it is difficult to know how well i am doing or if I have made a mistake. By teaching English in Korea, i will not only get the chance to improve my own Korean skills but engage the students in my own language and customs. I also believe that by helping to improve their language skills, i will be helping to set my students up for a great and successful future. This is something I was able to experience first-hand whilst volunteering to help teach at a local school in the summer of 2012. It was whilst volunteering here that I was able to develop my own education philosophies. I believe that no two students are the same and that everyone learns in different ways and at different speeds.

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So, i am not going to talk much professional in this post as I cant offer you a lot of advice. I dont know exactly what it was about my essay that got me an interview but they seemed to like. I just addressed the points they asked for in the best way i could. I have posted it below for anyone to look at: Why korea? This is a question my friends and family have asked me on a daily basis since i announced my desire to teach there. I respond by saying that it would be a wonderful opportunity to experience a culture where old and new, tradition and progress sit side-by-side in harmony. Korea is the perfect example of how modernisation does not have to mean the abandonment of valued customs and teaching English in Korea would allow me to witness this on a daily basis. But it is also a chance to do much more than this.

Epik essay
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  3. Bu t waiting to submit your application (with personal essay and lesson plan) and. About the epik application process then you ve come to the right place. Personal Essay tips Things you could mention in your essay. GeneralHigh School epik teachers Essays korean teachers Essays. Below is an outline of all of the administrative tasks epik teachers will need.

  4. I don t know exactly what it was about my essay that got. I m close to completing my Epik application. I d be very grateful if anyone could help to clarify a few points that seem a little. Below are some photos from Ashley beauchamp and Chris Richards that were taken during their year of teaching with the epik program. Epik (English Program in Korea) offers teachers a comfortable position.

  5. I often get people coming here looking for an example epik essay, due to google s misunderstanding of what another blog post is about, and. A personal Essay is a required component of almost all of the public school. Ik smoe program, Applicants must respond to each question box with. The next part of the application is completing 3 personal essays o n page 6 of the application. The questions/prompts are the same as when. So, i am not going to talk much in this post as I can t offer y ou a lot of advice.

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