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advertisement essay

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Contents and process of product is most important thing in making products but the challenge is how they will market those is important to our society because advertising helps educating people. There are some social issues also which advertising deals with like child labor, liquor consumption, girl child killing, smoking, family planning education, etc. Thus, advertising plays a very important role in society. Should you really need to care for those advertisements flashing on your television every day? Will it affect your life that much? Try to consider those questions to yourself.

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Those are structures located in public places which display advertisements to passing pedestrians and double motorists. Most often, they are located on main roads resume with a large amount of passing motor and pedestrian traffic; however, they can be placed in any location with large amounts of viewers, such as on mass transit vehicles and in stations, in shopping malls or office. Second type is television and music advertisement. It is one of the trending approaches in making ads; tv commercial is generally considered the most effective mass-market advertising format, as is reflected by the high prices tv networks charge for commercial airtime during popular tv events. Those two types are enough examples but other types are radio advertising, online advertising and many more. Basically speaking, after that information, advertising is part of our daily life that affect our life. Having such knowledge about advertising is important to everyone. It is important for customer because they are the people who buy the product only after they are made aware of the products available in the market. If the product is not advertised, no customer will come to know what products are available and will not buy the product even if the product was for their is important for the seller and companies producing the product because they are responsible in creating. Their sales are at stake base on how they introduce and advertise the product to the consumer.

The scent of a cup of coffee can act as a reminder for a person to go to his. Generally keep on bringing something new in the product and the advertisement so that the existing customers keep buying their products. The third one is owl brand switch; this objective is basically for those companies who want to attract the customers of the competitors. Here, the advertisers try to convince the customers to switch from the existing brand they are using to their product. The last objective is switching back; this objective is for the companies who want their previous customers back, who have switched to their competitors. The advertisers use different ways to attract the customers back like discount sale, new advertise, some reworking done on packaging, etc. As part of marketing course in connection to advertisement are the types and forms. There are thousands of advertising approach and types but I will discuss particular types. Way back 4000BC history tells that Out-of-home advertising and billboards are the oldest forms of advertising, but nowadays out-of-home ads are called signs and billboard advertisement.

advertisement essay

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Most of the time, the customer is not in need of what is seen in front of them. Repeated exposure to an advertisement serves as a brainwash. When an advertisement attacks the correct group of people, it is easy for the listener to give in and be willing to purchase the product. For instance, when a shopping addict biography repeatedly watches perfume advertisements on the television and sees the perfume ad in a magazine, eventually, he or she will go out and physically take action to purchase that product. No matter if the product is a necessity or not, once the advertisement approaches the right group of people, there will be a large chance a purchase will be made. Moreover, people are walking advertisements. Labels are thrown around so casually that we sometimes forget that what we wear is an advertisement. The gucci bag summary on her shoulder and the nike check mark on his shirt are all brands being thrown around as an advertisement without one being aware. Even a waft of a person's choice of perfume or cup of coffee can play as advertising.

That is why this advertisement chose the theme of wedding to emphasize the fact that if one was to have a wedding that they always have dreamed of since they were little kids, then they must be fitted and look the best that they can. The society is saying that if one was not well-shaped the way one should be, then it would be hard to have a happy wedding. Every advertisement has something that they want the viewers to get their mind across. In the advertisement for the Slim Fast, they did an excellent job of taking something that might be offensive and turned it into a comical advertisement that really catches audiences mind. There is a place for everything, and smart marketers will generate ideas to maximize the approach of the advertisement to its potential customers. With good use of the media, advertisements repeated hourly on the radio or the television will be able to persuade a person into buying a product. Media advertising sells an image - an empty shell (Cronk, 1996).

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advertisement essay

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Overall, just the text part of this advertisement is phenomenal and it really catches your mind directly. Even before analyzing this advertisement, it was easy to see how the society views overweight person. First and for most, the image had a woman falling into the wedding cake, which emphasized the importance of being overweight as a woman in this society. The society today really rejects the idea of being overweight, especially if it is a female. Health might be the main reason, but ones look has more to do with this sadness. The society wants woman to be beautiful and thin; that is the bottom line. Being overweight is becoming almost like a crime and it seems like this problem is getting worse every year.

When looking at this advertisement and reading the text, which wrote, need to lose a little weight not want. Why is it that in our society today someone is being told by someone that they essay need to lose a weight? Disregarding the health aspect, this is obviously over the line. No one should ever feel guilty about being an overweight, but the word need is putting an exclamation mark on a person that you should never be overweighed. The important thing here is that it does not matter what type of woman you are, if you are overweight then it is hard for woman to be confident and face the public as a regular human being. Another sociological view of this advertisement is it shows how important the wedding is to woman and how happy it makes them feel. It is obvious to know that woman loves having that first, and hopefully the last, wedding of their lives.

It matters to study the major group of consumers, who use the companys product the most. The Slim Fast Company did an outstanding job of attacking their major audiences by putting this advertisement in the magazine, which females read more than men. Given that the female audience is more likely to use these types of product, they did a great job of articulating woman as the one, who was looked at as overweighed. The company also used the theme of wedding, which helped to appeal even more to female audiences. Overall, the company did a tremendous job of appealing their product and putting it in to your mind with humor at the same time.

Another way that Slim Fast manipulated their female audience was by using the sins of vanity and envy. This advertisement unknowingly contains vanity and envy. Womans physical attribute and the vanity purposely go together. Many women believe that it is a pride to have a well-shaped body. Most weight loss products take this route to appeal to their consumers and the Slim Fast Company did exactly that in order to claim their product as the best one out in the market. The other interesting part here is envy. When looking at this image, it is hard to say that it contains envy; however, the text reads, need to lose a little weight before your wedding? The word little kind of make this line sarcastic, but at the same time it tells the audience that you only need to lose a little weight in order to have that perfect body that you always envied from someone else.

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What the advertiser was trying to accomplish was that by writing the text with a small font, it kind of relates to the losing a weight. By making it small, it lays down an image of that everything about this product is small, and if consumers use this product, they will get small too. The other small things are two toy figures of bride and groom. Even though the bride is the one, who is being characterized as overweight, summary she also looks like a small person, when looking at her hands. What the advertiser is indirectly trying to say is that it does not matter how fitted you might think you are, you can always use our product to get thinner and that is how you can take one more step to having that perfect body. The size of can is also an important thing to notice. Instead of putting a large image of Slim Fasts product like most other advertisements do, the company decided to put an actual size of their product. The reasoning is that the company did not want to make anything big because of their motive of generating everything small. The most crucial part of advertising is targeting your audiences.

advertisement essay

Another interesting text part was the paper some of word choices. The text writes, need to lose a little weight? the word need emphasizes the importance of losing a weight. If Slim Fast were to choose the word want, it would mean less to viewers because it really makes losing a weight an option, but the word need articulates the meaning of losing a weight to viewers. The word, little, is also an interesting word choice. Given that everything about this advertisement is being small and tiny, the word, little, relates to the being slim and skinny. If you want an advertisement to be even more adequate, even the smallest thing matters like a font and picture size. In this advertisement, the texts font is very small to say at least.

kind of blur, but also bright, so the focus goes more to the edding cake and to bride and gloom. The product also pops out at a first glance with a help of lighting because everything is in bright colors, but the product has some red color in it and it makes the product outstands from the rest of the background color to help the. In this advertisement, text is another piece that is a significant aspect of this visual rhetoric. The text, need to lose a little weight before your wedding? analyze what the picture is really about. If one was to look at this picture, that person would not know what this advertisement was about, but the text really explains that this is about a weight loss product.

Advertisement Essay or any similar topic only for you. Order now, image in visual rhetoric advertisement is an essence that plays a key role in advertising. In the advertisement, Slim Fast, the scene is taken in wedding hall, where there is a wedding cake and on top of the wedding cake there are toy figures of groom and bride; however, friend the bride is falling into the cake and it reads. The woman is falling into the wedding cake because she is being portrayed as an overweight person. It was really humorous to see how the groom is perfectly shaped, and do not even have single dent on his side of the wedding cake. The groom toy tries to help her out by reaching her hands and that is where the product, Slim Fast, is diagonally lined up with the grooms hands. Another way that an image can be effective is by coloring of a whole picture. In this advertisement, the Slim Fast went with a theme of bright colors.

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What you are seeing Is An American entertainer, will Rogers, once said, Advertising is the art of convincing people to spend money they do not have for something they do not need (Web). This is the power of the advertisement; it has a power to persuade assignment people even though it might not be on their shopping list. Hundreds of advertisements are put in to our brains every day of our lives, but out of those hundreds of advertisements, how many of them cross your mind when you buy something? There are different types of advertisement out there, such as television commercials and radio commercials that try to catch many minds of audiences; however, the most fascinating type of advertisement has to be the rhetoric advertisement. A rhetoric advertisement is a type of advertisement that only uses image and texts to appeal to consumers. In order to get consumers attention, advertisers have to put all their intended ideas into just one image. The Slim Fast advertisement did an excessive job of making an effective advertisement with only one piece of a visual rhetoric. We will write a custom essay sample.

Advertisement essay
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