Short essay for my best friend

short essay for my best friend

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He wants to take the competitive examinations of all India cadre and get himself selected. He has a dream of becoming an excellent administrative officer. He has also cherished an ambition to become a poet of repute. I too have an aim to be an executive officer. Animesh is an inspiration to me in building up my career. He works hard to fulfil his dream and wants me to do the same.

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He is very funny. His epaper company will never bore you, and he is a boy of good manners and healthy habits. His philosophy of making friends with one and all is unique. He has developed a good habit of writing poetry. Whenever hunger he sits alone, he scribbles some lines giving vent to his poetic thoughts. His poems appear in the magazines of Delhi. He is a nice debate. He bags prizes in all debate competitions held in the town. He is a good actor too. He appears in various roles on the stage and keeps the audience spellbound. His Future Plans and contribution in your Life: he is a boy of lofty ambition.

For our early schooling, we both took admission in the Primary School. Then we went to highschool together. We passed the icse. Examination with flying colours. But Animesh's achievements in the examination roles are certainly better than mine. We are now in college working hard for our career. Your Friends Physical features: Animesh is no way young boy of standard height. He has a strong physique and pleasing personality. He looks quite smart.

short essay for my best friend

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I love him very much. Our friendship is tested on the touchstone of time. It is a rare instance in the world of falsehood. How you friendship began: my friendship with Animesh began when we were quite young. He lives our next door. His father is my father's closest friend. So, our friendship is an inherited one. We have been friends ever since we started playing in the street. We had many a quarrel as we were playing together.

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short essay for my best friend

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All the teachers love and trust him. He is also a very popular student of our school. We shall remain valid and faithful forever. My friend is the dearest. I feel pleased when he is with. We sit and talk all together for hours. I shall never go against him at any time.

I am proud of my friend. Essay on my best Friend 300 to 400 words. Introduction: A true friend is the best possession. I have three or four friends, but my dear friend is Animesh. He stands by me in weal and woe.

Lakshman is good at games also. He is the captain of a football team of our school. He also plays hockey and volleyball well. He is quite fond of my company and goes out with me for a walk every day. We both help each other in times of need.

Sometimes he invites me to his house. His parents feed me and talk with. We never quarrel with each other. He is very simple in his dress. Though his father is quite wealthy, lakshman does not spend money uselessly. Instead, he uses his pocket money to help the poor and needy students of the school.

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Essay on my best fiend 150 to 200 words. I have many friends, but lakshman is writing my best friend. He reads in our class. He is of equal age with. he is a brilliant boy. He always stands first in our class. He is very regular, obedient and respectful to his parents and teachers. Though he is brilliant, he is not at all proud. He never thinks highly of himself, and he mixes with his friends openly.

short essay for my best friend

Sangram also comes to my house very often. Sangram has no brothers and sisters. So he likes my younger brothers. On every sunday in the afternoon, we go together to the riverside. He has a hobby of drawing and painting. He is friendly to all his school-mates. We both study and play together. Sangram is a real resume friend.

class. He has good manners and studies well. He does not quarrel with anybody. In the evening I go to his house, and we study and play together. His mother loves me very much.

Ramesh is my best friend. He book is of my age. He is a good student. His face is always smiling. He is very neat and clean in his dress. Ramesh is very good at his studies. He never neglects his studies.

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Friendship is a feeling of love, affection, emotion, and respect for one person to another. Life is pointless without a friend. A good friend shares your sorrows and joys. He / She weeps when you are in problem. He / She retards your problems and gives you consolation. Friendship forges a life in all ways. We have provided an essay on my best Friend in different words limit. You can choose any according to you fulfilment. Essay on my best Friend 10 Lines.

Short essay for my best friend
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During my studying from elementary school to university, i have lots of friends. My best friend is Michel. He studies in my class and sits with.

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  1. In short i am proud of her. I pray for her that: If youre alone, ill be your shadow. You find this Article by: my best friend essay. My best friend is one of the major topics for essays and speeches. Essay on Demonetisation in India notebandi Short Speech, Essay, paragraph.

  2. I can't keep anything from her! A friend in need is a friend indeed. The world looks dark without a true friend. Essay writer, help me write an essay, essay writing website, best essay websites, essay for me, he always stands first in the class. Hope she remain in my life forever in the form of a true and sincere friend.

  3. After that start to decorate those essay, paragraph or short stories. It is very simple to teach in English medium school. Best Friend essays do you have a true best friend? _ is truly my best friend. She is always there for. She knows everything about me; even my secrets.

  4. But he has scholarly look. Related Articles: Short essay on Contract of guarantee. A best friend is someone special with whom we can share all our feelings. Everyone has a best friend. My best friend is Tithi.

  5. He / She weeps when you are in problem. Friendship forges a life in all ways. We have provided an essay on my best Friend in different words limit. Manoj is my best friend. He is from Karnataka, a young lad of 18 with a thin body.

  6. 202 words short essay on my friend for kids. Good friends are very rare in these fast changing days. Old values have gone and new ones have not yet come. Man is a social being and by instinct seeks companionship of others. Life is pointless without a friend. A good friend shares your sorrows and joys.

  7. We have provided here various paragraph and essay on my best friend (short and descriptive) under different words limit for the. Our written my best friend essay will ease the tension of parents and students. You can choose any of the essays for your kids and children according to the need. My best friend stays in my colony. We study in same class but unfortunately in different schools. He is tall, well built and has an athletic physique.

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