Radiation essay

radiation essay

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X-rays, once again, are also well known to the public through their modern medical usage. They are very energetic in nature and extremely harmful to the living bodies, especially in the reproductive sites. They can easily pass through skin and reveal the underlying structure of animals. X-rays have been known to also cause cancer and even mutations. Prolonged exposure leads to radiation poisoning and certain death. S wavelengths range from 100-.1 angstroms with frequencies of just under 1017 to 1020 cycles per second. It contains 10 octaves. Gamma rays are the newly discovered form of radiation that is associated with space, and is given off in reactions concerning the nuclei of atoms.

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12 octaves are part of the infrared spectrum. The visible spectrum with its single octave is the part of the spectrum that only the blind are denied. The atmosphere is highly transparent to the visible spectrum, and is one reason why biologists believe it is the only part of the spectrum our eyes are sensitive. Our sun produces intense amounts of visible light, which also explains why we don? T perceive the much less abundant past radio wavelengths that are also impervious to our atmosphere. The visible wavelengths range from.76 microns (7600 angstroms).38 microns (3800 angstroms) with frequencies of slightly less than a quadrillion (1015). Many recognize uv or ultraviolet radiation because of modern societies obsession with tanning, and the cancerous growths that may follow. Uv radiation is very energetic compared to the previous categories discussed and will burn with the prolonged exposure, which tanning is a mild form. Not much uv can get through the ozone layer, but a little does, and our polluting industrial revolution has caused our protective layer to break down allowing more uv radiation in and larger health problems to the world. It has wavelengths from angstroms, with frequencies from a quadrillion (1015) to slightly less than 100 tree quadrillion (1017). Uv occupies about 5 octaves.

Obviously, most are familiar with microwaves since they are always being used to cook food, but microwaves are also used in radiotelescopes and radar, even the radiation from a neutral hydrogen atom falls in this range. Microwave range extends from wavelengths of 30.3 cm and frequencies of 1-100 billion cycles per second. This corresponds to 6 1/2 octaves. Then comes the infrared range. While much of the radio presentation spectrum passes easily through our atmosphere, infrared is almost completely blocked off due to absorption by gaseous molecules that reside there. Infrared waves are present during the transmission of heat. S wavelengths range from.3.000076 cm with frequencies from 100 billion (1011) to almost 1014 cycles per second.

radiation essay

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So generally the business spectrum is regarded to be set between 30,000,000 long km and.0001 angstroms (1 km is equal to 1 X 1013 angstroms). The longest and least energetic of the accepted wavelengths are radio waves. Their wavelengths range from 300,000 km to 30 cm and a frequency of 30 khz to 3,000,000 khz. The waves are used in the transmission of radio and television signals. Am and fm radio signals fall in the long-wave radio range, while tv signals use the short-wave radio range, somewhere in the 3 m wavelength. Radio waves take up about 30 of the 81 octaves. The next slightly more energetic and shorter wavelength is microwaves.

However, cancer cells hust continue to grow and they do not stop and they don't die when they need. Cancers are found clumped. Studenci wydziału architektury politechniki warszawskiej zdobyli podium w i edycji konkursu Architektury ceglanej organizowanego przez związek pracodawców Ceramiki budowlanej i stowarzyszenie architektów Polskich. Electro-magnetic Radiation Essay, research Paper, electromagnetic Radiation, electromagnetic radiation is defined as? The emission and transmission of energy in the form of electromagnetic waves? An electromagnetic wave consists of two waves at perpendicular planes, on representing the electrical field while the other represents the magnetic field. This spectrum is split up into about 81 octaves, much like the octaves of sound, which scientists have categorized in order to depict the usefulness of the different properties. Theoretically electromagnetic waves can be as long as the expansive width of the universe in one wave, to a wavelength the size of a quanta (the smallest amount of energy that can be transmitted). That, however, is at this point in time negligible because we either cannot detect wavelengths so extremely large or infinitesimally small.

Radiation, is Not a big deal

radiation essay

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Studies have shown that the non-ionizing radiation that is given off by biography cell phones causes dna chaos that can result in brain tumors and brain tissue damage. Research proves that cancer, tumors and tissue damage are all results from the radiation given off by cellular devices. There are so much theories regarding cell phones, one is cancer. Researches in Australia have reported one scientific theory that normal mobile phones can lead to serious cancer. The problem is that cell phones are often held too close to the ear when it is in use, so it is very easy for the radiation to penetrate through the tissue, thats how tumors form.

Cancer is one of the common diseases that are caused by cell phone radiation. Cancer is a group of disease that is very dangerous, it can kill and is to do with cells. Cells are small parts that make up readers the huamn body. There are trillions of cells in your body. Cancer is caused when cells are not normal, they grow and spread very fast. Like normal body cells know when to stop growing and die.

Cell phones are very handy; it can make our communication easier. Also cell phones can provide us with everything, like relaxing with music, browsing the internet, chatting on social networking sites or playing games. Unfortunately cell phones are not risk free. Using cell phones involve emission of emr electromagnetic radiation, which is a dangerous sort of energy wave, is produce by modern appliances that surround us in everyday lives. The worst causes of emr are cell phones.

These days especially children are getting addicted to cell phones. When you are talking on your phone, there are microwaves going through your head. Show more content, cell phones receive signals using electromagnetic waves. Researches have said cell phone radiation causes many diseases to health damages involving the brain. The issue with cell phones is that they can radiation, the same radiation that appliances give off. However, cell phones radiation causes different effects.

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In this process an electron is ejected from an orbital shell of the atom. A preceding event,. Electron capture (EC) or internal conversion (IC) leaves the atom with a vacant state in shredder its electron configuration. An electron from a higher energy shell will drop into the vacant state and the energy difference will be emitted as a characteristic x-ray (Cember, 1969). The energy of the x-ray (Ex-ray) being the difference in energy (E) between the two electron shells l and. Ex-ray el -ekalternatively, the energy may be transferred to an electron of an outer shell, causing it to be ejected from the atom (Fig. The emitted electron is known as an Auger electron and similarly to the x-ray has an energy:EAuger eî -ebwhere: Article name: The biological Effects Of Ionizing Radiation essay, research paper, dissertation. Show More, cell phones are one of the greatest inventions in the world. We can imagine how life would be without cell phones.

radiation essay

The charged electrons emitted from the atoms, produce the excitation and ionisation events in the absorbing medium. Neutrons, neutrons, similar to ionizing photons are indirectly ionizing radiations; however, these particles do have a rest mass. There is negligible interaction between neutrons and the electron cloud of atoms since neutrons do not have a net electrical charge (Henry, 1969). The principle interactions occur through direct collisions with atomic nuclei during elastic scattering events. In this process, ionisation is produced by charged particles such as recoil nuclei and nuclear reaction products. The production of secondary ionising photons will result in the release of energetic reports electrons. In turn these charged particles can deposit energy at a considerable distance from the interaction sites (pizzarello, 1982). Auger electrons, auger electron emission is an atomic-, not a nuclear process.

of radiation, the target, and the irradiation conditions. Radiation can be categorized in terms of how it induces ionizations:Directly ionizing radiation, consist of charged particles such as electrons, protons and alpha directly ionizing radiation consists of neutral particles and/or electromagnetic radiation such as neutrons and photons (Î-rays and X-rays).Ionising radiation interacts with matter. Types of ionizing radiation linked to this study î-rays, ionizing photons (î- and X-rays) are indirectly ionising radiation. These wave like particles have zero rest mass and carry no electrical charge. Low energy (E m0c2) photons only interact with orbital electrons and give rise to fast moving secondary electrons (Hall, 2005). The photons can be absorbed in photo-electric interactions or scattered and knock out atomic electrons in the process known as Compton scatter. If the energy (ÉÊ) of the incident photon exceeds.02 mev the probability to create a pair of î- î particles in the pair production process dominates. Photons with very high energy (E 2m0c2) may be absorbed by atomic nuclei and initiate nuclear reactions (Cember, 1969).

This allows the identification of cell populations that are relatively sensitive or relatively resistant to radiation. As such research material is available to investigate cellular response too auger electrons. The latter is known to induce biological damage akin to that of alpha particles. A short description of the physical and biological variables applicable to this paper study is summarised below. Ionizing Radiation, the term ionizing radiation refers to both charged particles (e.g., electrons or protons) and uncharged particles (e.g., photons or neutrons) that can impart enough energy to atoms and molecules to cause ionizations in that medium, or to initiate nuclear or elementary-particle transformations that. Ionization produced by particles is the process by which one or more electrons are liberated in collisions of the particles with atoms or molecules (The International Commission on Radiation Units and measurements icru report 85, 2011). Interaction of Ionizing Radiation with Matter. Ionizing radiation is not restricted to ionization events alone.

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The biological effects of ionizing radiation are determined by both the london radiation dose and the radiation quality ionization density. To understand the radiation protection concerns associated with different types of ionizing radiation, knowledge of both the extent of exposure and consequent macroscopic dose absorbed - gray value, as well as the microscopic dose distribution of the radiation modality is required. The definitions of these variables are discussed below but in general to advance the knowledge of the biological effects of different radiation types one needs to know the dose absorbed, the radiation quality and effectiveness of a particular radiation type to induce biological this study. Comparisons are made at different dose levels in blood cells from each donor to ascertain the relative biological effectiveness of the test radiation modality against that of a recognized reference radiation (Hall, 2005). Such studies are essential to determine the radiation quality for high energy neutron sources applicable to practises in radiation some nuclear medicine applications radionuclides are used to treat malignant disease. For this the use of short lived alpha particle emitters or other radiation modalities that deliver high ionization densities in cells, are particularly attractive. This as the cellular response in relation to inherent radiosensitivity of the effected cells is thought to be more consistent compared to the use of radionuclides that emit radiation with a lower ionization density. The relative biological effectiveness of the high energy neutrons used in this study is followed as a function of the inherent radiosensitivity of different individuals.

Radiation essay
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  6. Incorporation of Radionuclides into body tissues and Internal Exposures. As a result, we got information (1) non-ionizing radiation from home electronics is not severely harmful for us, (2). Request the removal of this essay. English, essay on "The hazards of, radiation ". It is own to all that exposure to radiation from radioactive sources has harmful and fatal effects on our. Cell phones, most everyone has one.

  7. Labels: example research paper on radiation radiation essay sample radiation essays radiation research proposals. Article name: The biological Effects Of Ionizing. Radiation essay, research paper, dissertation. Radiation, essay, research Paper». Benefits Of, radiation, essay, research Paper. English and possess the knowledge in formatting the comprehensive and thorough when degree in the admission therapy essay radiation, since.

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