Plant more trees essay

plant more trees essay

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But it was only after his mansion was finished that Morton realized he had a problem. His spacious new digs sat on a desolate prairie, which made it hard to attract neighbors. So morton went to work planting trees. To gin up a little help, the newspaperman proposed a holiday on which all Nebraskans would join. The State board of Agriculture loved the idea, and on April 10, 1872, nebraskans planted more than a million trees! The tradition became so popular that in 1885, nebraska made Arbor day a legal holiday, even tweaking the date to April 26, mortons birthday. Soon the rest of the country was celebrating Mortons brainchild, and today, tree planting days are celebrated around the world.

Free example, essay on, trees

Aside from being able to organize after a hurricane, rachel tracks all rfqs,"s, and orders. She has an review Associate degree in Business Administration. We have a great supporting group of people who help make all of this happen. Planting and moving thousands of trees every spring, and again in the fall has its tolls. . With out them our backs would have gave out years ago. we are proud to hire locals seasonally, and give back to the community. The business continues to grow; we welcome the opportunity to grow our network and support staff along with. In honor of Arbor day, we bring you lifesaving wood, the truth about cork, and a refuge for swamped spiders. Who knew trees had so many great stories to tell? Plant your Own Holiday, jack hudson, newspaper dissertations editor Julius Sterling Morton wasnt afraid to think big. In 1855, he started building a modest four-room house in Nebraska city, neb., that later expanded into a 52-room White house lookalike.

He holds an ms in Chemical Engineering from the University of Michigan (1984). . John is also active in aerospace and paper thermal engineering technology development. Hans Rosenfeld, Nursery manager and co-founder. . Edible native plant connoisseur and wildlife enthusiast. Growing up around the farm he also has some background in agriculture. Hans directs the tree nursery, and is well informed on eastern woody plant species. He coordinates collation and delivery of orders. Rachel Kling, is our Office manager.

plant more trees essay

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Please visit, like and friend us on our Facebook page. M/pages/go-native-tree-farm About Us we are a family-operated small business located in Lancaster county, pennsylvania. . Lancaster county is widely known as the garden Spot of Pennsylvania, and is famous for its well-kept farms and Amish tradition. . We have been in operation since 2001, and we began as a father-son project in an effort to develop a sustainable apple multi-generation agribusiness to retain our family farm. We are now an established grower. The farm has been family-held since 1937. John Rosenfeld, pe, owner and co-founder. Being the eldest son, he has strong background in agriculture. Regional woody plant botany specialist, chemistry, r d, technology business management, and (a bunch of other stuff).

Most of the trees we grow are started from local native seed sources. We collect these seeds ourselves from plants with good health and seeds. A focus is on native fruit and nut trees, troubled and rare native species, and climax species found in the oak-hickory forest prevalent in the mid-Atlantic region. . It can require hundreds of years, if not longer, for nature to regenerate the varied mix of native climax forest trees once present on cleared land. . Through our business, it is now possible to immediately restore original forest species. We now accept visa mastercard credit cards, via phone, fax, mail or in person. Also due to increased request for photos of our plants we have made a facebook page, featuring some of our most popular native trees and shrubs. We will be adding more photos of rare species.

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plant more trees essay

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Specialty Areas, some specialty focus areas for us include: o we have thousands of hickories in bengali propagation; we have developed an affordable approach to volume production of the eastern hickory species (. see the web site section on Hickories for more information. We can offer an affordable license to other growers for the. Carya propagation methods and equipment that we have developed. O we have inventory of pure American chestnuts. We have been propagating. Castenea dentata using increasingly blight-resistant, 100 American Chestnut stock.

See the web site essay on solutions for American Chestnut for more information. Our mother trees are now up to 40 feet tall and 16 years old. O Most of our plants are grown in containers. This seems to suit the plants. Quite a few of these species were rarely or never propagated before now. O we offer herbaceous native species for wholesale customers.

  we also offer advice on the best selection for your needs. We invite you to contact us, preferably by email, to receive a free recommendation for a native tree mix. . you will need to provide us with information on where you are interested in planting. . This should include location, hillside versus bottomland, direction of slope, soil type, and your desired results. We invite you to visit the selection of our native nursery farm-grown trees listed on the product price list.

We also invite you to contact us to locate any native eastern tree or size not listed, and we will locate it for you. We offer quantity discounts for wholesale and large order customers. Please consider to use email first for sending plant wish lists. It helps us both to use a single primary way to track your"s and orders.   we offer trees for a variety of applications: o  Naturalization stock for residential lots and recovery projects. O  Conservation and reclamation projects such as the federal. O  Specimen trees. O  Orchard stock for fruit and nut producers. O  Landscape plants.

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Our goal is to offer the customer the closest plant material to ideal. We will source and supply the plants, and provide delivery options as well. we will work with you to figure out the best way to get the plants to you. Unlike many nurseries, we will ship or deliver plants as appropriate. You can come to the nursery if you are close. we continue to expand our species list, and we support regional native plant sales where you can talk to us and purchase native plants in person. . The species list can be found in the "Price list" link; check the "Events" link for thesis details about upcoming shows. Please check back frequently for updates on new plants and events.

plant more trees essay

Many more were extremely difficult to source. We and the industry have come a long way since then. Try us before you tell your customer that they will need to accept major species substitutions. We hope you will be pleasantly surprised. Our principal goal is essay offer a total solution for your native plant project. In addition to being a grower, our top priority is sourcing large and small plant orders for our customers. Often the job calls for specific mixes of species and plant sizes; it is often not reasonable to expect one nursery to have on hand the total best match for a given project. . we operate within a plant material supply network in the mid-Atlantic and northeast.

the plants when you need them. As always if you're offline, old-fashioned, or on the road, you may pick up the phone and call prior to a pickup so that you can ensure that we will be there to help you. Our Business Model, we have developed a business model that serves as our foundation:   we seek to offer wholesale and retail customers essentially any and all of the nearly 500 eastern North American native woody plant species. . we are just about there! When we started the nursery, many native eastern plants of environmental or landscape value were not available anywhere (and they never were).

We love native plants here at go native tree farm. Preserving natives is great for many reasons. For example, less care is needed once established. Some species can up to grow 5' a year and make a shade tree in little time, saving electric, adding property value, and offsetting hundreds of carbon emissions pounds. Go native tree farm is pleased to offer a superior selection of container-grown us eastern native plants for the wholesale and retail customer. Note : we have an office business address and a nursery / farm location address. You are welcome to visit our native plant nursery located at 678 s chiques Rd, manheim,. . to assure best use of your time ours, we are by appointment only. Please remember to come supermarket to the farm if you are coming to get plants!

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Go native tree farm - ordering and Shipping. Phone/Fax: 717.399.0195, mobile: the 717.538.0393, lancaster, pa 17603, email: nursery Address: 678 s chiques Rd Manheim, pa 17545. Office Address: 2310 Chestnut view Drive lancaster, pa 17603. Dedicated to the understanding, preservation, and recovery of the eastern American forest. Welcome to go native tree farm. We are proud to offer the largest selection of Eastern native woody plant species available anywhere. We have added many new species and have increased our growing capacity.

Plant more trees essay
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  4. Welcome to, go native tree farm. We are proud to offer the largest selection of Eastern native woody plant species available anywhere. We have added many new species and have increased our growing capacity. In honor of Arbor day, we bring you lifesaving wood, the truth about cork, and a refuge for swamped spiders. Who knew trees had so many great stories to tell?

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