Worst holiday essay

worst holiday essay

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Unfortunately, beccas brunch did not live up to expectations. Worst Party Brunch: The burlesque brunch at sax was awkward. Silent when the performances stopped, with atrocious food and stingy bottomless pours. Could also be named Worst Place to Brunch Sober. Worst Brunch Across the river: Carlyles brunch food is like the stuff at the massive cafeteria that your grandparents go to, except with very friendly servers. Worst Sanitation Standards: The Bloody mary bar was positively foul and filthy at Capital City Brewing Company. Not to mention, they put out A1 Steak sauce instead of Worcestershire.

The worst holiday of my life

Best Brunch view: Cori sue took in a yoga class courtesy of Core power Yoga followed by a light, healthy continental breakfast on the roof of the glamorous Graham Hotel in georgetown. The stunning view of georgetown simply cannot be beat. Best Brunch for your Buck: u street Cafe, which could also place in a best take-out Brunch category, is an inexpensive, quick option for an absolutely perfect egg-and-cheese-anything. The options are endless, too. Worst overall: This southern restaurant Firefly serves up disgusting grits, runny Eggs Benedicts, mushy biscuits and gravy, and unidentifiable, non-food objects in its omelets. The company at this brunch was just as bad as the food. Worst Service: Such a shame. We loved Edgar Bar and Kitchen at the opening bash and even for a smaller party, as Cori sue threw Becca a surprise birthday party here. However, the service at brunch, and at several cocktail meetings following, was terrible. Worst Disappointment: we absolutely love dinner and happy hour resume at 14th Street Italian restaurant, Ghibellina, owned by the folks behind Acqua al due.

Best weekend Getaway brunch: The bitches had our first annual winter retreat at the summary charming, family-owned Middleburg Inn, a bed and breakfast in Virginia horse-country. The Innkeeper makes fresh lemon pound cake, a perfect Eggs Benny, and pancakes any way youd like. Best Mom and Pop Brunch: Floriana, the charming Italian restaurant in Dupont Circle, is built into a row house, and the cuisine is created by an Italian mama. The proscuitto di parma eggs benedict, a solid, Italian rendition of the Eggs Benny, is worth it for the trip alone. Best Mexican: Cori sue was horrified by the idea of traveling to Clarendon (sorry were not sorry) but fuego cocina tequileria was more than worth the trip. The tuna tartare tacos rocked our world, the vegetarian empanadas thrilled this Argentine-raised gal, and the baja style mahi mahi tacos will impress any taco connoisseur. Best Vegan Brunch: A former vegan, cori sue certainly wishes Todd Gray was around during her herbivorous days. The glorious veg-friendly buffet served at Todd Grays Muse at the corcoran features a variety of veggie dishes, plus pastries from Sticky fingers bakery, all set to a live bluegrass band.

worst holiday essay

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Most Worth Hype: le diplomate was the magnet that brought everyone to the new hottest corner in Washington, 14th and q street. The place is perpetually reviews packed, with three-hour waits out the door. Thankfully, the brunch is well worth. Best Place to take tourists: Cori sue runs by Occidental, near the White house, almost daily, but it took three years to get her in the door for brunch. Too bad it took her that long, as this glamorous Washington mainstay serves roles up gourmet American fare with great service and oodles of class. Hidden Gem: Down h street ne, a tiny French restaurant knocked Beccas socks off. Le greniers fabulous, authentic French food, gorgeous cocktails, and flirty service was the perfect package. Its a wonder its not well-known. Best reason to go south: lyon Hall serves up delicious omelets, pulled pork hash, and other mouth-watering brunch dishes in a chic diner setting right in the heart of Clarendon.

But not only was he full of personality, he was also excellent, attending to our every whim. If you want to be waited on hand and foot for brunch, Atlas is the place. Best reason to Drive to virginia: we bitches love wine, cheese, and brunch, and The curious Grape has all of the above. The mom-and-pop-owned wine and cheese shop-meets-restaurant served up cheese plates with champagne pairings, boars meat beignets, perfectly baked pastries, and hit-the-spot shrimp n-grits. Get in the car and get to Shirlington. Best Patio: Vinoteca wins a second accolade with its phenomenal patios, one in the front for prime u street people-watching, the other in the back for bocce and music. Take your pick for this bottomless brunch.

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worst holiday essay

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Best Party Brunch: Vinoteca doesnt actually tout itself as a poverty party brunch, but Becca was happily surprised that the mimosas and bocce were flowing in the back patio, along with great music and a crowd of fun people. Best Hotel Brunch: Hotel brunches are usually overpriced and predictable, but the The caucus room at the westin set itself apart with the quality of the food and the delightful service. Best Brunch Date Spot: Cori sue and Becca had a hot Bitch date at Frederick de pues charming French restaurant, table, nestled in Shaw. The white-washed, crisp, organic ambiance, with herbs growing on the wall and hand-written script menus add charm. The food is phenomenal, and its a perfect place to impress a bitch.

Best Fat Kid Brunch: Cinnamon rolls as big as your head, milkshakes that taste like a meal through a straw, pop tarts and donuts and pastries,. Teds Bulletin is a fat kids dream. Most Improved: When The Brixton launched its brunch back in 2012, the British pub served up odd portions with rude services. Theyve turned it around, and refined their menu to be bottomless and endless British and Indian small plates. Best Service: we couldnt stop cracking up at our server at The Atlas room.

Were so tired of stuffy jazz brunches; this was a refreshing alternative. Best Casual Brunch: From the owners of Town Hall in Glover Park, sixth Engine serves up reliable, hit-the-spot American fare in a relaxed, comfortable space. The sandwiches, chocolate chip pancakes bigger than your head, and desserts are all worth the trip. Best Hangover Cure Brunch: you have to drive to rockville, but quench is worth the trip. The brunch is served up with plenty of hangover-soaking carbs and fried chicken, like a grilled cheese that will change your life, and a chicken and waffles sandwich that will put you into a food comaand right back to bed.

Best Family Brunch: Union Market serves options for every member of a picky family, as they can each grab something different and then convene for the gospel performance. Del ray cafe comes in a close second. The organic, all-natural brunch is perfect for families in Virginia. Plus, it looks like youre brunching at grandmas house. Best Classic dc brunch: Cashions Eat Place is the mainstay in Adams Morgan, and its brunch menu is a reliable go-to for a classic. In second place, kellari taverna, which might be mistaken for your bosss bosss favorite city happy hour spot, but actually serves up a delicious, diverse brunch on the weekends.

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Restaurants dinner menu in the last few years, but in 2013 we were finding them creeping onto brunch menus, much to father's our delight. Maples cocktail menu was leading the pack this year, along with. Best Place for Groups: Becca snagged a table for 15 or so, and District Commons guaranteed kept the mimosas and food coming. Perfect for an enormous, rowdy bunch of Bitches. Piola comes in a close second, with a big space thats accommodating for large parties. Best Hole in the wall: Kangaroo boxing Club is hidden away in Columbia heights, but its brunch should put it on the map. The menu is diverse, the service is kind, and the drinks were flowing. Oh, and Becca still cannot get over that caramelized bacon. Best live music Brunch: Fire Flies in Del ray served up a bluegrass brunch that was so engaging, even our server jumped on stage and started singing.

worst holiday essay

Both places are great for a girls brunch and for cocktails come evening. Best Themed Brunch: Cori sue loved the Inauguration weekend brunch at Chef Todd Grays. Equinox, which commemorated President Obamas inauguration as well as Martin Luther King. Chef Todd is always quick to celebrate a momentous occasion with a great themed menu. Best Buffet: Farmers, fishers, and bakers made quite the comeback this year after ruining Beccas Mothers day brunch back in 2010. Maybe that georgetown Waterfront flood did a little good, after all. Best New Brunch Trend: Craft cocktails have been essay a must on any.

as good as expected. Cori sue has brunched. Lavagna twice and was equally impressed both times. Its her reliable go-to for the perfect brunch. Best Ambiance: Nopa bar kitchen is an enormous restaurant in Penn quarter with decor that is upscale preppy new England chic, sort of country club grill meets hunting lodge. Plus, its brunch is great, too. Ambars fun, feminine decor, which is farmhouse meets library, also won us over this year.

Tomorrow, well bring you a wrap-up of presentation the best Brunch Bites of the year (so you know where to go for the best Benny or Mary). Best overall: Last year we had six A brunches. Restaurants are definitely stepping up their brunch game. But the French won us over in 2013. Cori sues best overall goes. Table ; Beccas best of the year. Best Bottomless: piola is the perfect place for wasting a day drinking (or not wasting, your choosing).

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Some people think the number 13 is unlucky, but we think 2013 was one of our most blessed. Not only was it our third year of Bitching up a storm, we also met some incredible people, grew to a team of five bitches in Washington (yikes! and even laid plans for our New lined York expansion. Weve also had the pleasure to work with a number of partners who have helped support the bitching this year, including. Policy, station 4, get maine lobster, vida fitness, lavagna, nival Salon spa, dolci gelati, and, coye nokes. We cant run this website without these businesses support—so we hope youll support them, too. To celebrate such an incredible year, we give you our favorite (and least favorite) brunches of 2013 in one handy list. Also, below, we list every restaurant we visited this year, from A to z, so you can relive the bitching and plan away for 2014.

Worst holiday essay
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