Tan two kinds summary

tan two kinds summary

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Halfway through the song, though, she begins to realize how badly she is playing. The weak applause and her parents' disappointed looks reveal the unmistakable truth: Jing-mei is not a musical prodigy. As a result, jing-mei is shocked when her mother expects her to continue practicing. During the ensuing quarrel, jing-mei shouts the most hateful thing she can summon: "I wish I'd never been born! I wish I were dead! Like them!" At the mention of the twin daughters in China that she was forced to abandon years ago, mrs. Woo suddenly retreats and never mentions the piano again. As a result, jing-mei is shocked when her mother offers her the piano as a thirtieth birthday present.

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Woo trades housecleaning services for Jing-mei's piano lessons from. Chong, an elderly piano teacher, who is deaf and whose store eyes are too weak to tell when Jing-mei is playing the wrong notes. Chong's efforts are so sincere that Jing-mei picks up the basics, but she is so determined not to cooperate that she plays very badly. One day, the woos meet Lindo jong and her daughter waverly. Jong brags about waverly's success as a chess prodigy. Not to be outdone, jing-mei's mother brags about her daughter's "natural pride and the young girl immediately becomes even more determined than ever to thwart her mother's ambitions. Continuing to clean houses, Mrs. Woo scrapes together enough money to buy a secondhand piano. A few weeks later, jing-mei participates in a talent show in a church hall. All the couples from the joy luck Club come to her piano debut. Although she has not practiced and does not know the music, jing-mei has come to believe that she is indeed a prodigy.

She sat at the piano, and though she had not played in years she played "Pleading Child" the piece from the recital followed by "Perfectly content." After playing the two pieces ni-kan comes to realize she could have been a salon good pianist had her mother. Bookmark this page, to jing-mei's mother, America is the land of Opportunity. She has high hopes that her daughter will be a great success as a prodigy. She's not precisely sure where her daughter's talents lie, but she is sure that her daughter possesses great ability — it is simply a matter of finding the right avenue for Jing-mei's talents. Woo tries to mold her daughter into a child actress, but that doesn't work. Then she tries intellectual tests clipped from popular magazines. Jing-mei doesn't show promise in this area, either. Woo hits upon the answer: Jing-mei will be a piano virtuoso.

tan two kinds summary

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In rebellion ni-kan does not put any effort into learning the piano. She then performs at a recital, plays poorly, and embarrasses herself and her mother. The day after the recital ni-kan's mother makes her go pack to the teacher for her lesson. Ni-kan, out of spite, brought up the twins her mother abandoned in China. This made her mother sad and dropped the piano lessons. Years later, the mother offers ni-kan the piano which she refuses to take as to keep a reminder to her of the battle ni-kan had won. Later, after the mother died, ni-kan had the piano tuned.

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tan two kinds summary

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She was living her life through Jing-mei. Cite post, mcManus, dermot. "Two kinds by Amy tan.". The sitting bee, 11 Oct. Is the category for essay this document correct?

History, thank you for your participation! your assessment is very important for improving the work of artificial intelligence, which forms the content of this project. Amy tan's "Two kinds" is a story of a daughter coming to grips with her childhood. Ni-kan, the child in the story, is pressured by her mother to excel in some sort of talent so she can flaunt her daughter to other mothers. Ni-kan's mother has review her copy others to find a talent but fails in every attempt. While watching television one night, ni-kan's mother sees a boy playing the piano and decides this will be the perfect talent for ni-kan. She is forced by her mother to learn to play from an old deaf man.

It acts as a constant reminder of her own failings. The end of the story is also interesting as Tan appears to be exploring the theme of acceptance. By having Jing-mei play the piano in her parents house tan may be suggesting that despite what had happened when she was a young girl Jing-mei no longer has any ill will towards her mother. The two pieces she plays at the end also act as symbolism. The first piece the Pleading Child in many ways mirrors how Jing-mei felt as a child. Pressurised by her mother to be something she wasnt.

While the second piece perfectly contented suggests exactly that. That Jing-mei is content in her life. She may have had a childhood she did not wish for but she also appears to have found acceptance. Jing-mei knows who she. Jing-meis mother wanted the best for her daughter. Though unfortunately for her Jing-mei was on a different path. Jing-mei was always going to disappoint her mother no matter what she did as a child. In reality the hopes and aspirations that Jing-meis mother had for Jing-mei were really her own hopes and aspirations.

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His actions show loyalty business regardless of how badly jing-mei played. If anything the talent contest acts as the catalyst for Jing-mei to gain independence from her mother. She knows that she may not be good enough to be a prodigy and the embarrassment that she felt at the talent contest has in some ways shattered her confidence. It is easier for Jing-mei to give up than pursue something that she may not necessarily hit the mark for (a prodigy). It is also interesting that Jing-mei doesnt play the piano again. Not till her mother dies. It is possible that her confidence took a sufficient knock that playing the piano became impossible to jing-mei.

tan two kinds summary

Jing-meis relationship with her mother is strained due to her mothers wishes that Jing-mei be something that she either is not or will never. It is inevitable that Jing-mei is going to rebel against her mother. It is as though she is forced to after her efforts at the talent contest. Jing-mei doesnt want to accept responsibility for her own actions and the fact that she played badly. She wants her mother to give out to her. To start an worker argument with her in order that Jing-mei can blame her mother. When the reality is that Jing-mei set the bar too high for herself just like her mother has. It is also interesting that Old Chong is the only one that claps for Jing-mei at the talent contest.

to be better than others. Which is understandable considering that she has had a hard life. Losing a husband and children while in China. However there does not seem to be any type of reality check when it comes to jing-meis mother. It is okay to have a child of average ability, which Jing-mei is, however that is not good enough for Jing-meis mother. It is as though she wants to distance herself from the pain of her past and the only way she knows how to do that is by forcing Jing-mei into being something she is not. Which again plays on the theme of identity.

If anything she is living her life vicariously. There is also no doubting that Jing-meis mother is a hard working woman however she doesnt seem to realise that not every child is a prodigy and Jing-mei herself probably understands that she is not a prodigy. Though at times she aspires to be one. Which may be the case for many children. To have the aspirations that they too can be seen to be special or gifted or different from their peers. What child would not like the focus to be placed on essays them? Particularly if the spotlight placed on them is positive. Each and every child likes to be thought of as special.

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In Two kinds by Amy tan we have the theme of hope, identity, rebellion, responsibility, blame, independence and acceptance. Narrated in the first person by a woman called Jing-mei woo the story is a memory piece and after reading the story the reader realises that Tan may be exploring the theme of hope. Jing-meis mother has hopes for her daughter. She wants her to be famous or at least to be a prodigy. She devotes a lot of her energy in trying to make jing-mei into something that Jing-mei isnt. Something which would play on the theme of identity. It is also interesting presentation that Jing-meis mother believes that once you live in America you can be anything. This may be important as Jing-meis mother appears to be chasing the American dream. However she is doing so through Jing-mei.

Tan two kinds summary
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Two kinds Summary study guide description. "Two kinds " is the last story in the second of four sections of Amy tan's immensely successful first book, the joy luck Club.

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  1. Summary to jing-mei's mother, America is the land of Opportunity. She has high hopes that her daughter will be a great success as a prodigy. Summary and Analysis Jing-mei woo: Two kinds. Bookmark this page manage my reading List. Tan also explores the effect of popular culture on the immigrant.

  2. 2552 Words 6 Pages. Summary of Two kinds Essay. Amy tan 's "Two kinds" is a story of a daughter coming to grips with her childhood. More north American essays: "Sisterly bond" - on Amy tan 's "The hundred Secret Senses." Analysis of literary criticism and summary of book. Two kinds amy tan.

  3. Save your Time for More Important Things. Let us write or edit the essay on your topic. "Two kinds by amy tan summary". With a personal 20 discount. Two kinds by Amy tan Essay.The author, Amy tan is a second generation Chinese immigrant. Her parents are both Chinese immigrants.

  4. "Two kinds " forms one of the sections of Amy tan's bestselling novel, The joy luck Club. In it, june and her mother suyuan come into conflict when suyuan becomes determined to make june into a child prodigy. Quick look at character and theme in Amy tan 's "Two kinds" by a college prof -like rebecca? Her book of poems, first published by pecan Grove press. This is a summary /commentary on the short story "Two kinds " by Amy tan. Extract of sample Two kinds by amy tan summary.

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