Summary of book 4 the odyssey

summary of book 4 the odyssey

The Odyssey - background - detailed Version

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SparkNotes: The Odyssey : books

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summary of book 4 the odyssey

SparkNotes: The Odyssey : Plot overview

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Aeneas is wounded in the fighting, but healed by his mother. The Trojans take the unguarded city of Latinus, and Amata kills herself. Turnus returns and faces Aeneas at last. He is wounded, but Aeneas intends to spare his life, until he sees the spoils from Pallas that he is wearing. Aeneas in rage buries his sword in Turnus' body.

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summary of book 4 the odyssey

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But she already had a suitor, turnus of the rutulians. Juno stirs up war betweeen them and the Trojans. Aeneas is reluctant to fight his new hosts, but is promised help by evander, a greek whose capital is on the future site of Rome. Venus asks Vulcan for new armour for her son for the coming battles. The shield is decorated with scenes from the future history of Rome, right down to the battle of Actium, where augustus had recently defeated Antony and Cleopatra. Book 9 takes place while aeneas full is away.

Turnus blockades the Trojan camp, but Nisus and Euryalus are killed trying to take the news to aeneas. Iulus, aeneas' son thwarts Turnus' bid to capture the camp. In book 10 Aeneas returns, with his new allies, pallas, young son of evander and an Etruscan contingent. He wins a great victory over Turnus, but Pallas is killed. Book 11 opens with celebration and mourning, for the young hero aeneas had promised his father he would protect. It's decided to settle the quarrel with single combat between Aenaes and Turnus, but fighting breaks out, in reviews which Turnus' ally the volscian warrior princess Camilla is killed. Turnus and Aeneas are ready for their duel, but it is again interrupted, when Juturna, turnus' sister, stirs up the rutulians.

He does not yet know that the sack of Troy was to be the beginning of his troubles. In book 3, aeneas carries on telling Dido about his adventures - his fruitless search for his promised land all over the mediterranean. In Sicily his beloved father Anchises had died - but the rest of the party were soon on route for Italy, when Juno's storm brought them to carthage instead. Book 4 takes up the story of Dido's deepening love for Aeneas from book. She had sworn never to get involved with a man again, after the murder of her husband.

But there is something about Aeneas. Meanwhile, in book 5, aeneas has returned to sicily - where he celebrates the anniversary of his father's death with games. But Juno takes the opportunity to strike - she makes the women set fire to the ships. Most of the ships are saved, but Aeneas decides to press on to Italy with a leaner force, leaving those without the relish for further fighting behind in Sicily. At last he reaches Italy. Book 6 - the story of Aeneas' visit to the Underworld. In book 7, aeneas finally reaches Italy - where he's welcomed by king Latinus. Latinus had a beautiful daughter, lavinia - and there was a prophecy that she should marry a foreigner. So he at once offered her to aeneas, angering his wife Amata.

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The people are the romans, and writing Aeneas' mission comes from Jupiter, king of gods and men. Unfortunately, juno, queen of heaven, is set on thwarting Aeneas - because she knows that Rome is destined to destro carthage, her own favorite city. But it is inevitable that Aeneas and Dido meet - and she falls hopelessly in love. Book 2 begins with Dido begging Aeneas to tell her his story. She falls more deeply in love with him as he warms to the tale. He begins with the building of the wooden Horse, and shows the Trojans' agony at the destruction of their home mini and way of life. As yet he does not fully comprehend the gods - why have they allowed Troy to be destroyed? Why won't they let him die fighting gloriously for his land like any other hero? Only when the ghost of his wife Creusa (who'd somehow disappeared in the rush to leave) tells him about a western land where he is destined to find a new bride, does he begin to have a faint glimmer of understanding of what the gods.

summary of book 4 the odyssey

Upon arriving at the Troad he marries into distributor the family of teucrus and founds the city dardanie in the hills of mount Ida. It is from Dardanus and teucrus, then, that the race of Trojans arises. Aeneas in Greek mythology, aeneid in Classical Mythology, the legend of Aeneas and the foundation of Rome. From zeus to aeneas: Great Rome foundators genealogy. Aeneid Link list, great Migrations after born of the Black sea. Brief summary of the virgil's Aeneid. From, the Classics Pages of, andrew Wilson. In Aeneid book 1, aeneas is shipwrecked on the coast of North Africa, near where dido, the young Phoenician queen - herself a refugee from her homeland - is building a city which will become carthage. Aeneas, who had escaped death when Troy fell to the Greeks, has been wandering in search of a new land in the west, where it has been prophesied he shall establish a race whose destiny is to rule the world in peace and prosperity.

family of Troy - a greek city in Asia minor peninsula, near Dardane sea channel. His father Anchises have been the lower of Aphrodite (Venus) the goddess. After Troyan war and Troy falling he escaped with his father and son Ascanius (Julus) the sack of Troy and sailed to Italy via carthage and Sicily. After seven years of roaming in numerous countries, where he founded the new cities and temples dedicated to the cult of his mother, he and his followers established themselves near the site of the future rome. The origin of Aeneas and his homecity Troy also are very interesting. Aeneas traces his lineage to zeus through Dardanus, the legendary founder of Troy. From fragments of Hesiod's Ehoiai we learn that Dardanus is the offspring of the union of zeus and Electra, and from later mythographers we learn that his origins are in Samothrace, from where he migrates to the Troad in the period of the Great Flood.

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Summary of book 4 the odyssey
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