Small essay on monsoon season

small essay on monsoon season

Small monsoon season essay

Rainy season is actually a boon from the god to the agriculturists. They worship rain God, if it does not rain after and finally they get blessed with the rains. Sky looks cloudy as lots of white, brown and dark black clouds runs from here and there in the sky. Running clouds contains lots of rain water and rains when mansoon comes. My last year Experience of rainy season. I like greenery too much. I generally go outside with my family to have some enjoyment of the rainy season.

Essay on, rainy, season for Children and Students

It comes after the hot summer season. It brings new hopes and life to the living things which are most probably become dead because of the heat of summer sun. This season gives vampire lots of relief through its natural and cool rain water. All the ponds, rivers and streams become full of water which was dried due to the heat. So, it gives new life to the water animals. It returns greenery to the gardens and lawns back. It gives environment a new attractive look. However, it is so sad that it stays only for three months. Importance of rainy season for Indian farmers. Rainy season is of great importance for the Indian farmers as they really need more water for their crops cultivation. Farmers generally make many pits and ponds to collect rainy water for further use in the fields.

Rainy season has lots of list advantages and disadvantages. On one hand it gives relief to everyone however on the other hand it brings lots of fear to us of various infectious diseases. It helps farmers in the good cultivation of crops however it spreads various diseases in the environment. Sometimes, it causes too much inconvenience to the skin health. It causes diarrhoea, dysentery, typhoid and other digestive system disorders. Essay on Importance of rainy season Essay 5 (300 words). Importance of rainy season for Nature. Rainy season is the lovely season for all. Generally, it begins in the month of July and ends in September.

small essay on monsoon season

Essay on, summer, season for Children and Students

Sky looks very bright, clean and light blue colour and sometime gives look of Indra Dhanush means rain Bow of seven colours. The whole environment presents a very attractive and beautiful scene. I generally, take snaps of the greenery environment and other things to catch all the memories in my camera. White, brown and dark black shades of the clouds look wandering in the sky. All the trees and plants essay get covered with new green leaves and lawns and fields gets covered with the great looking green velvet grass. All the natural water resources such as pits, rivers, ponds, lakes, ditches, etc get filled with water. Roads and playgrounds become full of water and muddy clay.

The whole environment becomes full of greeneries and it looks clean and beautiful. Every living thing on this earth gets new life by getting the rain water. Essay on Benefits of rainy season Essay 4 (250 words). In India rainy season starts in the month of July and continues till end of September. It brings a new hope and big relief in everyones life after an unbearable hot summer. Plants, trees, birds, animals, including human beings wait for this season very eagerly and get prepared to welcome the rainy season. Everyone gets a respiration of relief and comfort.

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small essay on monsoon season

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Essay on rainy season great is my favorite season Essay 3 (200 words). I think rainy season is liked by everyone as I like it very much. It makes me feel slightly cool and happy. After all it comes after a long period of summer season. People, especially farmers, in India worship God Indra to rain for the wellness of this season crops. Rain-God is the most important god for the farmers in India.

Rainy season gives new life to everyone on this earth like plants, trees, grasses, animals, birds, human being, etc. I generally go to the top floor on the roof to get wet in the rain water. Me and my friends dance and sing songs in the rain water. Sometimes we become in the school or school bus while its raining and then we enjoy love with our teachers. Our teachers tell us stories and poems on the rainy season which we enjoy a lot. When we come to home, we again went outside and play in the rain.

Rainy season falls in the month of July (Hindi month of Shawan) and stays for three months long. It is the lucky season for all and everyone loves and enjoys. In this season we enjoy eating naturally ripen sweet mangoes. Essay on rainy season in India essay 2 (150 words). Rainy season starts in India in the month of July when winds of south West Monsoon starts blowing.

According to the hindi month it falls in Asadha and Shawan. Everyone enjoy it a lot as environment becomes so clear, cool and clean because of the fresh air and rainy water. Plants, trees and grasses become so green and look very attractive. New leaves are arising to the plans and trees as they get natural water after a long time of hottest summer. The whole environment gives a greenery look all around which is very nice for the eyes. Rainy season brings my lots of favourite festivals like raksha banhan, 15 August, teej, dussehra, etc. We also enjoy eating lots of fresh fruits and well ripe mangoes in this season. I never want to lose this season. My mom cook lots of delicious dishes (such as pakaude, edli, halwa, tea, coffee, sandwich, etc) to us while its raining.

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Help your kids and children to know about this interesting and slightly cool season using remote such simple and easily written essay on rainy season. You can select any rainy season essay according to their class standard. Essay on rainy day, paragraph on rainy day, paragraph on rainy season. Short Essay on rainy season Essay 1 (100 words). It comes after summer season, a very hot season of the year. I become very restless in the summer season because of too much heat, warm air and skin problem. However, all the problems become over as soon as rainy season comes.

small essay on monsoon season

They engage in agricultural activities not to sell the crops, but for their own needs too. During the rainy season, people face a lot of presentation difficulties. . Excessive rains cause flood and absence of rain creates drought. It brings us some inconveniences. . After flood effects are much as epidemic starts. . It causes diarrhea, dysentery, typhoid and other digestive system disorders. In spite of these difficulties the rainy season brings happiness to the minds of the people. We also celebrate many Indian festivals with great enthusiasm in this season. Rainy season is the favourite season of almost everyone as it comes after the very hot summer season.

green velvet grass. . The beautiful rainbow falls in the sky. The sun plays hide-and-seek with the clouds. . Peacocks and other forest birds start dancing in full swing by spreading their wings. . In this season the rivers, canals, tanks and other low land are full of water. Rainy season is of great importance for the Indian farmers as they really need more water for their crops cultivation. . A large number of farmers depend upon monsoon -rains to meet the food requirement of their family.

According to hindu calendar this season is felt in the parts months of Asaadha and Shravana. During the season, the sky is generally overcast with cloud. The clouds of different shades move in the sky and look very nice. Sometimes, rain comes along with lightning and thunder. . The rainy, season comes after the summer, season, so, this season brings relief to the burning earth scorched in the summer heat. The temperature remains pleasant during the monsoon. All the living things enjoy the rainy season by getting wet into the rain water. Rainy season adds scenic beauty to the environment.

Essay on, rain Water Harvesting for Children and Students

Rainy, season, english, essay - my favourite, season. Monsoon, essay, for Kids, subject, write an English essay on rainy, season. Monsoon in your words. Complexity, medium, grade/Class 3rd to 10th standard, number of words 350 words, age group 8 15 years. I like the rainy season most. It is also known as monsoon season. It is my favourite and best season among all four seasons. Rainy season starts in India in the month of June when winds of south West. Monsoon begins in the middle of June, and continues up barbing to september. .

Small essay on monsoon season
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  2. The monsoon season delivers four-fifths of the country s precipitation.

  3. Browse rainy season small computer lab celebrities bad season begins in marathi. Best Answer: A lifetime of showers moistens the soul, says an ancient proverb. And the shimmering, crystal-clear nuances of these beautiful words apply more to Indias colourful Monsoon culture than to any other art movement in the world. Essay for 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12 standard school students on rainy season. Short and long paragraphs on monsoon. Home Essays Essay on Monsoon.

  4. The rainy season comes after the summer. The months of Ashadh-Shravan. June to august is the rainy season. In this season the sky remains cloudy. Sometimes there is lightning and thunders-storm. Gwynplaine descriptive essay on monsoon season essay difference between.

  5. Short, essay on Monsoon rainy season ). The, rainy season begins in India when the south West. Monsoon winds begin. Short, essay on rainy season. Small children prepare paper boats and float them.

  6. In the rainy season, muddy and infected rainy water of the land gets. Essay - my favourite, season Monsoon Essay, for Kids Subject Write an English essay on rainy season. Monsoon in your words. Complexity medium Grade/Class 3rd to 10th standard Number of words 350 words Age group 8 15 years I like the rainy season most. The rainy season starts in India in early july and continues up to september. Short Paragraph on rainy season.

  7. The monsoon is the season of rain. Short, essay on Monsoon rainy season ) Category. Small boats become the means of transportation at villages. Rainy season Essay for Class. As it gives lots of green grasses and small plants.

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