Same day assignments

same day assignments

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M375/M394C/CAM394C: Introduction to risk Analysis, m375/M394C/CAM394C: Introduction to risk Analysis, unique numbers 56305/56465/62240. Mwf 2-3, rLM.118 not.176! instructor: Smith, rlm.136, 471-6142, office hours: mwf 11-11:30 and mw 3 - 3:30; other times by mutual agreement. I will need to cancel office hours now and then to accommodate meetings, oral exams, etc. I will try to give you several days advance notice whenever this happens. Course home page:.

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If that is your intention, please do it elsewhere. Any incidence of plagiarism will result in an unacceptable assignment in which it appears. Previous assignments may then be checked, If further evidence of plagiarism is found, it will result in an immediate "F" semester grade, and I will recommend that the offender be immediately dismissed from this college. To learn more about plagiarism and how to avoid it see: plagiarism Catalog course description Through a variety of writing projects requiring description, characterization, narration, illustration, process analysis, comparison and contrast, and definition, as well as through a documented essay, the student develops competence writing. Extensive reading materials serve as structural models and as the bases for discussion and for the writing of essays involving response, analysis, and synthesis. . During the course, the student will write between 7,000 and 10,000 words, including drafts and revisions. Eng 121 course description Eng 121 ge com english Composition I 3 credits (3-0) Prerequisite(s a passing score on the college Placement Test, or a grde of "C" or better in Eng010 and Rdg011 (Rdg 011 can be a co-requisite: Rdg011 may be taken. Through a variety of writing projects requiring competence in clear, ghost correct, and effective english, students will use inferential and critical skills in the process of composing documented essays. Extensive reading material serve as structural models and as the bases for discussion and for the writing of essays involving response, analysis, and synthesis. Eng121 Outcomes Compose coherent, developed, and grammatically correct essays that illustrate college-level discourse paraphrase, summarize and respond to text Synthesize appropriate scholarly source material into a documented essay follow mla rules for documentation Apply inferential and critical skills to college-level readings Demonstrate mastery of the. Student work is used anonymously as the basis of these assessments, and the work you do in this course may be used in these assessment efforts).

See: Wildcard Option (only available during Fall spring Semester) Lateemailed work policy late or emailed work is not accepted for any reason. I am not kidding! Do not request that i accept late or emailed work; it will be refused. Regularly check the semester schedule to stay current with work. See: late or emailed work policy Plagiarism Policy The aim of this course is to give you sound guidance to help you to be a more critical thinker, confident writer, and optimistic learner. I will do my with honest best and work diligently to help you succeed. I expect the same of you. Using someone else's work as your own is dishonest and demonstrates a lack of integrity not tolerated at mcc. More importantly, you are teaching yourself to be a liar and a cheat.

same day assignments

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Codes are explained with corrections, examples, guidance, and all sorts of help in the Glossary. (located on t) It now becomes your task to look up the codes, learn where you are making mistakes or where you are writing well and utilize this information the next time your have an assignment. Learn from your mistakes, and do not make owl the same mistake again. Assignments are then returned and accompanied with an explanatory email with further instructions and guidance. Be sure to read my emails carefully completely! Grades can be accessed from Student tools - my grades (left side of Welcome page) note: keep your mailbox available to get your assignments back; empty it frequently If you do not receive assignments back: - first check to see if your email is available. Wildcard Option near the end of the semester students may have the opportunity to submit limited late work, limited uncommitted assignments, andor limited re-writes for an upgrade. See: Wildcard Option (only available during Fall spring Semester) near the end of the semester students may have the opportunity to submit limited late work, andor re-write for an upgrade.

Due dates are specified on the semester Schedule (on The welcome page ) Assignments open close as specified on The semester Schedule on The welcome page. You have enough time to do all assignments; extended time is not given - don't ask! Be on time and submit work as per class policy see: Late or emailed work policy All work is submitted via campus Cruiser see: how to find and submit assignments Emailed  work is not accepted and immediately deleted All work, except message boards,. Do not wait for the last moment. If there is an issue with the Internet, or an incorrect assignment was submitted, if i am notified in a timely manner, i may be able to reset your account and have the assignment re-submitted All students will be held to the same deadlines course. Once you submit an assignment the following happens: I download and critique the assignments the same day it is due (after it closes). When they assignments are graded, i return it via email the same day it is due with lots of comments. Much of my comments (feedback) comes in the way of abbreviations (I call them codes).

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same day assignments

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Summer Semester : all assignments close at 2pm as noted on the semester Schedule Assigned reading, discussionlecture for this assignment (some will have references from prior assignments that you may find helpful) This provides guidance, reference, and examples to help you accomplish the assignment. This section is in lieu of a classroom presentation - it is the online presentation for the assignment. Assignment Outcomes This is the reason to do the assignment - what is to be learnedpracticedexplored - be aware of the objective and gear your assignment to accomplish it - gear your writing and learning around the objective. Directions This is what you will be assignment to write - read the direction very carefully and follow them judiciously, so your wok can be found and evaluated properly. Many assignments have more than one part - be sure to label the work as indicated LabelingFormatting Requirements These are specific requirements of how your assignment should be submitted; all assignments are not submitted the same. Carefully and completely follow the directions, or there is good writing chance i will not be able to receive your assignment, and you will not get a grade.

Work not submitted, or labeled, or in ms word, may never reach my attention (assignments are downloaded en mass and uploaded after evaluation, and must adhere to the above specifications to be processed. A link to: How to submit the assignment Grading States how the assignment is to be graded. To get the best results be sure to address the requirements and criteria submitting Assignments All Written Assignments (except Discussions and Timed essays) are to be submitted in ms word format. Do not submit assignment in any other format. Discussions are to be submitted on The discussion board associated with the assignment. Put your name assignment name on everything you submit (via file, message board, or Timed Writing). Assignments without a name assignment designation may not be graded nor accepted.

Or they will not be accepted. Finding assignments All Assignments, discussions, and Timed Essays (quizzes) are found by clicking: Assignments or Calendar (left side menu) Open (when available) and Close (when no longer available) are on the Schedule and also on each Assignment page. Assignments are also available in each weekly module. (each week has one module to complete) Note: An easy way of knowing what is due is to click on the week's module (link is on the left menu of the home page. There are usually 2 assignments per week; they are located in that week's module. There is one module per week for students to complete.

Each contains the following: * Outcomes what should be learned fro the assigned work * Links to resources (readings, videos, websites, etc)  to guide students through the work assigned * Assignments what is to be done and submitted There are several different assignment types. They are not all submitted the same, those submitted via an uploaded ms word file sorter Writings Essay final Copies Research Step. Those submitted on the discussion board (like a message board) Introduction Essay prewrites Essay peer Critiques Research Steps 1 2) Those submitted online timed Essays Assignments have the following All assignments have opens closes dates. Opens become available to be submitted (all assignments open at 12 am as noted on the semester Schedule). Closes are no longer available, cannot be submitted. FallSpring Semesters: all assignments close at 10am as noted on the semester Schedule.

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If needed, mcc computer labs have ms word available for student use Adobe pdf reader is required (Click here for free pdf reader) if needed There are no textbooks required for Eng 121 Online. All assigned readings, resources, videos can be accessed at: t long Online resources for this class t is the website for this class. On this website are: All readings for assignments Link to helpful resources Video tutorial s Grading Criteriacourse components grades 15 Shorter Writings (lowest grade dropped) 15 Essay prepost: (prewrites peer critiques) (lowest grade dropped) 20 Essay final Copies (lowest grade dropped) 15 Timed Essays (lowest. 3 Extra Credit (optional) Grading is Cumulative the amount of points earned determines the final grade. Points earned grade conversion 93-100 a 90-92 a- 88,89 b 83-87 b 80-82 b- 78,79 c 70-77 c 60-69 d 0-59 f to see your grades click: Grades (left side menu) Semester Schedule This is an outline of all course assignments for the semester. Note: Each week has one module for students to accomplish (there are 2 assignments per module) Frequently check the Schedule to stay current with class work. Assignments Follow assignment directions.

same day assignments

If you would like me to join in, let me know, and we can arrange a time discussion board go to: The h ome page - click: Discussions (left side menu ) This is an open forum; questions responses can be seen by the. In addition to my responses, you can interact easily and often with peers and get answers from them. It is highly preferred that you u se the discussion board before emailing me for questions or concerns because we can all see the questions and my or a peer's responses. There will always be a forum for General Discussion - or you can easily start your own forum for specific concerns Contacting a peer Inbox Chat At any time students can set up a "Chat" with or without Prof. Go to: Home page - click: Chat (left side menu). Required Computer Connectivity, availability, programs, author textbooks A reliable computer A reliable Internet connection is required. Work will not be accepted late nor be given extensions because of an Internet connectivity issue. It is the student's responsibility to maintain andor always have a properly functioning computer and Internet connection ms word 2003 or higher is required; all work must be submitted in ms word 2003 or higher. Must be available for the first day of class.

not receive email. Be sure to frequently empty your email (Canvas Inbox and keep space available to get emails. Making other contact, chat room online chat, chatting online is possible through Canvas. Let me know if interested, and I will make myself available and set. Go to: Home page - click chat (left side menu). If at any time, you would like me to meet you there - send  me an email request, and we can arrange a time to meet and chat. Students are encouraged to use this chat function to communicate with each other.

Do not use, gmail or any other type of email. Be sure to: write your database class section in the subject line write what the email is abut in the subject line. If writing to seek clarification about a grade for an assignment include the assignment specifics - copied pasted from the assignment page; provide as much info as you think will be needed to help you ask specific question include your assignment submission with my comments. If writing to generally inquire about your overall performance, to vent frustration, andor seek guidance include specific questions include the assignment or assignments you have questions about. Without the above information it is difficult to help you with a reply. Provide as much info as possible. I do not check email everyday (I too have a life). I usually check on days assignments are due.

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Bernarducci, location : rh 202, making Contact, phone: X-3074. Office hours: Spring 2018, reviews tuesday thursday 6:30 - 8am (no appointment needed - i will be in my office). Thursday 12:30 - 2:30 (I will only be in my office by appointment) * no office hours during summer semester. B, canvas Inbox, to send email. My primary way to communicate with you is through email. To send me an email use the canvas Inbox. Emails sent to any other email address will not be read nor get a response.

Same day assignments
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  1. There are not separate notes and homework assignments for this lesson,. There will be several exams being given on that same day in that same. Assignment will be delivered same day after payment realization. Incase of any doubt or issues mail. Solved Assignment for all colleges imt cdl solved assignment, Amity solved assignment, Amity adode asodl and cdl solved assignment.

  2. Utilize hisend in order to request specific assignments for the following day, the following procedures apply. Fortunately he didnt say it Resources for. Same 1c5x1 assignments the roquelaure began the first installment 15x1 put a limit. Reporting day how about. As with homework assignments, the final exam for the graduate courses will be a little more. "Slightly late" means the same day the assignment is due.

  3. Right here it is possible to decide to buy any writing assignments. Do not overlook to notice in your order that you want the same day essay, because. Investigating, outlining, revising, developing and editing all are assured to be completed within hours to deliver same day. Of all assignments :. Its a good study habit to begin working on the science assignments the same day you get them so that youll have time to visit your instructor.

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