Pldt business plan dsl promo

pldt business plan dsl promo

Mydsl biz - pldt sme nation

Naa tay concern wa gyuy manubag labe nas pldt jones! Mga tabaghak negosyo man kaha na inyu tarunga pud na oi! sylvia bontigao ( 2:45 PM) good day! I want 999 plan and i want its wifi not lan. How much for the installation fee? Do i need to buy a router or you provide? reonix ( 11:37 AM) good day! Pldt i would like to why there's no connection here in subangdaku, mandaue?

Business dsl - pldt alpha

Kindly pls reply this urgent favor i hope you'll understand Ara hernandez ( 12:10 PM) I want to inquire about my application on plan1299 because i have already been waiting for a week. I have applied on Mandaue branch. Please call me amd inform me what happen to my plan under this name: Rebecca. Pilapil, we need the internet connection asap! monette lata (15 September 2014 3:26 PM) 77 nicky smith Byrne ( 9:46 AM) homework C'mon pldt. What kind of service are you offering to your customer? You better remove all your landline 's useless because nobody wants to take my call. You are useless pinky. Dela Cruz ( 9:53 AM) Hello do you have facility here in San Fernando, cebu? I would like to apply for a telephone line and internet connection lashygreeny ( 2:58 PM) kalagot ba nako aning pldt!

suzette tallo ( 9:20 AM) good day, i've been calling your customer service 177 2 times last week about our telephone that we don't have dial tone, since wednesday june 03,2015. Our Account number: with telephone number under SteadyTracker Inc., located at 638 Cebu north Rd Brgy. Basak mandaue ey give me roles already the Incident Number and they said that it is handle by rokie abelliar (i don't know to spell his name) a cebu technician. But until now we don't have yet dial tone, how can we communicate to our customer / supplier with this? Were hopping that you fix the problem asap. Looking forward on this. geravil giango ( 8:46 PM) If in any case that i want to uninstall the pldt home bro ultera how much it cost cause i heard that i need to pay for.

pldt business plan dsl promo

Pldt home dsl special Promo

What took you so long? Is it because installation fee is discounted (which is a promotion as being told) or you guys simply can't keep your word. I even had my application cancelled for the same service from a different provider to get a fast and reliable service from you. And this is what i got! There is no question application took me less than 10 mins, but supermarket i hope i won't be waiting for nothing for me to get the service. Something needs to be done. mel Imperial ( 11:59 PM) i would like to know the name of the manager/director of pldt here in Lapu-lapu city and email address.

I like to avail the cyberya package. If i avail the installment,what are the requirements? Thank you merelyn perez ( 9:03 AM) good morning maam i need to cancelled my application form. Withen one month i fly to united states i cannot wait for 10 days and i hope u considered my reason. You my full name merelyn perez. F living bitter sudtonggan basak lapu lapu anidrol ( 11:53 PM) good day! I applied for wifi landline and been waiting for like 3 weeks already for your dispatch team to install. I was told by the sales representative i will receive a call in the next 3-5 business days.

Pldt kaasenso Plan Mbps Business Broadband - imoney

pldt business plan dsl promo

Pldt boosts mydsl biz with customizable business bundles for

The phone listed is located in Talisay. You may email me at for questions. Thank you johndave (20 September 2015 9:55 AM) get the telpad is not working i already charge the baterry after low but when after an hour of charging i push the button start on but its not working. The only problem of telpad is not on (11 September 2015 11:53 AM) hi good day! I just want to ask how to apply cyberya. What is the requirements! I need your reply asap!

And by train the way what is your rEAl tel. I keep in calling in your tel but Nobody's answered my call i need your answer asap hoping for the fast response tnx, jehane condevillamar (02 September 2015 9:13 AM) good day, i just want to ask if what is the requirements. Aside the authorization Letter of my aunt, what else? Thanks, please reply immediately. jigger ( 9:48 AM) hello, i want to install local number in our office. How can i apply for that? ian jay ( 9:47 AM) Sir/Mam,good Morning.

I need internet for my work but you always keep on interrupting our connection! I will really try my best to let my voice be heard! I will report especially the jones branch in Cebu! analyn ( 10:44 AM) good day. I want to complain number Deca 4, cannot used our telephone or cannot receive outside call. Please check for you cut as on time but service is not good.

Thank you luella Orbiso ( 1:22 AM) for goodness sake pldt it almost 3 days for us without dial tone and internet connection when we try to reach you by calling your costumer service number it always cut and drop our call, yesterday we finally. milloden marmi to-ong ( 3:10 PM) good day! I would just like to ask where can i find an office branch of yours here in carcar city cebu because im planning to apply for an internet connection with landline also. Hoping for your quick response. Thank you and God bless. Ana dallosto (14 november 2015 7:27 AM) Hello, been complaining that our Phone has not dial tone for 3 almost a month now. No service people have check on it yet. I sent email, went to your office few times, and still no one has done something to fix.

Latest pldt ka asenso mybiz plans and Packages

Your representatives keep telling me your records show i am on a fiber plan but nobody has changed my connection. Your records are not what reality. When are you going to literature provide me with the fiber connection that I have been paying for? Is it going to be another year and a half? Month after month after month after month i am told I will be transitioned over to the fiber plan i am supposed to be on and am paying for but nothing ever happens. You keep billing me for it and most of the time your billing department tells me it will take months to decide if i am deserving of a rebate. It is like i am the one trying to steal from pldt not that pldt is in reality is stealing from. Give me the fiber connection you are, and have been charging me for. joe ( 2:03 AM) I will complain to 8888 on August if our internet will not be fix immediately!

pldt business plan dsl promo

Dungog ( assignment 7:00 AM) Please check. Ella bonocan cuevas, telephone number and account number whose telephone unit has no dial tone. eva dela calzada ( 1:19 PM) pldt please check your post number 0828133 here in Tungkil Minglanilla cebu, malapit na kasi itong mag collapse just for precautionary marami kasing bata na maglalaro sa surroundings. bill ( 10:19 AM) I have been complaining about poor (very slow dsl) service for over two and a half years. Not once have you corrected this problem. One of your repair technicians told me that your equipment was too old, needed too much repair and it would cost pldt too much money to fix. Hummmm it seems to me you should really fix your broken system. Meanwhile i am stuck on copper lines even though my agreement with pldt was for fiber.

office but the key was not available? We pay a lot for this service! ken Duncan ( 9:11 AM) hi, do you provide home telephone and broadband service to Bgy. Perrelos, carcar City, cebu? Where is your Office so i can call in and get details of Plans.

Every share makes a huge difference and helps us write more articles like these. notice - if you want to use this article or any of the content of this website, please credit our website (m) and mention the source link (URL) of the content, images, videos or other media of our website. " pldt cebu business Offices and Telephone numbers " was written by admin under the directory category. It has been read 101873 times and generated 78 comments. The article was created on 24 December 2010 long and updated on 24 December 2010. Name email: Check this total comments : 78 Comments display order: by defaultNew comments firstOld comments first meizel nuera (26 December 2017 4:28 PM) hi our telephone was broken. We called the customer's service. Two different men came to fix. Yesterday the guy said the port was broken.

Complete guide to pldt broadband Plans

Pldt cebu business estate Offices and Telephone numbers - directory 297. Pldt cebu, philippines, company name: philippine long distance telephone company, type of Industry: Telecommunications Company. Pldt business Offices / Area, contact Number / Telephone number, customer Service 171. Argao business Office service/Billing Osmeña blvd. 367-7173, cebu business Zone head / 255-5700, cebu jones Business Office servicing/Billing Per Area camputhaw/Kalunasan 255-8601. Capitol Site/Sambag 1 and, cogon Ramos/day-as/San Antonio, sta. Cruz/Zapatera 255-8603, ermita/Pahina central Sto niño 255-8604, kamagayan/Kalubihan/Pari-an, tinago/San Roque 255-8605, card Sales 256-0222, south Cebu business Office servicing/Billing Per Area guadalupe 261-7200, pasil/Calamba 261-7300. Mambaling 261-7400, tisa labangon 261-7500, talisay business Office servicing/Billing Per Area, minglanilla/Naga 273-8601, poblacion Talisay/Tabunok 273-8602, bulacao/Pardo 273-8604, basak/quiot 273-8605, mandaue business Office / 346-4700. Mandaue commercial Servicing billing 345-1800, mabolo business Office, mabolo commercial Servicing billing 231-1800, mactan Business Office, mactan Sub-Exchange commercial Servicing billing 341-1800, pldt - philippine long Distance telephone company business Logo map of pldt cebu jones Office view my saved Places in a larger map.

Pldt business plan dsl promo
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  4. After my one-year subscription lapsed, i was courted by some pldt dsl service reseller to switch providers.

  5. Horse farm business plan. Target market for business plan. My pldt dsl plan 990 at home. Here we are, we are unboxing a new pldt home dsl router which was bought at the pldt business Office. Pldt business Offices / Area. Month after month after month after month i am told I will be transitioned over to the fiber plan i am supposed to.

  6. Pldt, dsl, smart Mobile data Sharing Now available via. Pldt, speedster Fam, plan 1299! Plan from the mvp-company, feel free to visit. Pldt dsl business plan promo. State farm agent business plan.

  7. Pldt, dsl, plan, extreme 4000 Upto 10mbps (Internation Bandwidth Test). Probably although im just 400m away from pldt 's business office. Business pldt, dsl, plans. P999 monthly service fee of P999, Up to 3 Mbps speed and boost speed up to 5 Mbps for 4 gb for only P149. Pldt, dsl, plan For business inquiries: Email: email protected thank you for watching don't forget to subscribe :-). Pldt dsl business plan promo telstra mobile plans business problem solving in schools personal essay writing prompts starting a dissertation business.

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