Otherwise known as sheila the great book report

otherwise known as sheila the great book report

Otherwise, known as, sheila the, great

If I had to pick one then I would have to say king Creole, which i know is an obvious choice, but I think its such a special film and i am so glad that Elvis got to make. Carolyn Jones and Elvis Presley in King Creole (1958) Ultimately he might have been disappointed with his film career but no one could ever take away the fact that he had worked with a director like michael Curtiz and actors such as Caroline jones, dolores. Roger Ebert once wrote that Elvis Presley never made a good film, a thought that i am sure many critics share. Seriously though, if works like king Creole, jailhouse rock and viva las Vegas arent considered good films by the critical establishment then I reject that establishment completely. The production number in jailhouse rock (1957) Ann-Margret, Elvis Presley, in viva las Vegas (1964) Often, Elvis career as an actor is mentioned with some sadness, as though it is all about missed or lost opportunities. What do you think is the greatest missed opportunity in his career? Is this a case of someone who was never allowed to show his full potential?

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I ask because his acting is often taken for granted, or dismissed, and I wondered what you thought he was actually doing as an actor that was so special. Elvis show at Russwood Park, memphis. While his acting stands on its own merits I think it is a bit impossible to separate his rock persona from his screen work and this, partly, boils down to the fact that most people who fall under the spell of Elvis Presley become entranced. That said, i dont think that fact should diminish what he was doing as an actor, just like the ongoing fascination with. Marilyn bhagat Monroe s life shouldnt take away from how truly brilliant she was in works like. Bus Stop and The misfits. Marilyn Monroe in Bus Stop (1956) The two main things that I think was special about Elvis acting was his astonishing ease in front of the camera and his dedication to do well in even his worst films. Of the 32 narrative-based films he made, i only sense the frustration that i know he often felt in two, clambake and Paradise hawaiian Style. Despite the fact that most critics viewed his films as just commercial ventures, i always feel a sense of care and dedication in Elvis work as an actor and the grace he displays again reminds me of Cary Grant at his finest. Kurt Russell said the reason he loves Elvis movies is because Elvis is in them and I think that line shows just how profound the most obvious statements can. Kurt Russell as Elvis in John Carpenters Elvis (1979) If you had to pick, what is your favorite Elvis film?

Last, but certainly not least, i think Elvis Presley was, despite decades of being a critics punching bag, a very talented actor. I question anyone who doesnt think this after watching the dramatic range he showed in real works like. King Creole and, wild in the country and the incredible comedic zeal he displayed in films like. Viva las Vegas and, live a little love a little. I know Elvis really wanted to follow in the line of guys like clift, Brando and. Dean but for me his style had much more in common with an actor like. Elvis Presley and Cary Grant chatting after one of Elvis first Las Vegas shows. Well, you know that i agree with you! Is Elvis excellence onscreen entirely separate from his powerful rock n roll persona or do you think it is related?

otherwise known as sheila the great book report

Otherwise, known as, sheila the, great, judy Blume

Elvis Presley in King Creole (1958 directed by michael Curtiz. There are many reasons why i think he was so good on the screen. Perhaps the most obvious thing to mention is just how incredibly beautiful he was to look. Film is a visual medium and, to paraphrase. Jerry reed, elvis looked better than most gorgeous women, so there is just a real striking aesthetic pleasure in watching him on screen. For sheer Wow factor Elvis was easily on par with cinemas great faces, from. Garbo to, dietrich, Brando to, clift, monroe to, bardot. Greta garbo, marlon Brando, of course, its not enough to just have a beautiful face and body as you have to have soul and Elvis incredible spirit always comes through, even in the worst films he made. You get the feeling watching this man that you are seeing someone really genuine and goodthere is a real warmth that Elvis was able to project on screen that I just dont get from too many other figures in film history.

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otherwise known as sheila the great book report

Otherwise, known as Sheila the Great (Fudge, 2) by judy Blume

It deserves far more praise. I thank jeremy for the obvious time and care he put into answering my questions. Elvis Presley eating lunch while filming his first movie, love me tender (1956). You have mentioned on your wonderful site, moon in the gutter, henry that Elvis Presley is one of your favorite actors. I would love for you to elaborate on why. Why do you think he was so good onscreen? First off, i have to say that my love for Elvis Presley goes all the way back to my childhood.

I was blessed to have two parents who had incredibly great musical taste and Elvis was the first musician and actor i ever fell in love with. I can pretty much trace my entire obsession with the arts back to the days as a kid, curled up on the couch, watching an Elvis movie or listening to one of his records. Even at a very young age i detected there was something very special about Elvis Presley on screen and as I got older, and started reading about film, i could never comprehend why he was so universally maligned, or ignored, as an actor. Sure, a lot of the films were lightweight but there was nothing fluffy about the way elvis commanded the screen. That confidence and ease was remarkably distinct and he was just dripping with the kind of charisma only the greatest stars have.

But to the music writers, they hate the whole thing. To them, the majority of the 60s was a total wash. To them, Elvis was on pause until 1968 when he did the nbc special. I disagree entirely with that predominant analysis. Kent Adamson and I went into this at length in our conversation about the colonel and Elvis.

Elvis was a wonderful actor. Jeremy has been eloquent on this point on his own site, and I have written about it here, but I thought it would be interesting to pose a couple of questions to jeremy about this topic, and post his answers. It has been one of my hopes, with all my writing, that people who read. Elvis stuff may look past their preconceived notions about Elvis in Hollywood and decide to check his films out. It was a unique career. It deserves far more recognition.

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So even an excellent writer and thinker like peter Guralnick is capable of side-swiping a plan fantastic film like wild in the country with one or two dismissive paragraphs in his Elvis biography, because the acting thing is just not as important to him as the. It is one of my major beefs with everything written about Elvis. It is important to remember that Elvis Presley wanted to be a movie star. He wanted to be an actor, and that desire probably pre-dated his desire to be a musician. He got a job as an usher in a movie theatre when he was a teenager so he could see the movies he loved over and over. Acting was not a passing fad to Elvis. This was not Elvis being pushed by the colonel into an area he had no interest. This was what Elvis wanted.

otherwise known as sheila the great book report

He approaches his topics with passion and enthusiasm, and reminds me of one of those buttons on Facebook that was being shared recently: Promote what you love instead write of bashing what you hate. Jeremys site is an object lesson in that. He promotes what he loves with an enthusiasm (and knowledge) that is infectious. His interests are wide-spread and all-encompassing, and his analysis is in-depth. I had been wanting to chat with Jeremy about Elvis for some time, although we have already done so in private. He has written a lot about Elvis, not just Elvis music but his film career as well. As I have said on my own site, elvis acting career is universally dismissed by everyone (except the fans who love elvis). I have some theories on why this is, one of them being that the main commentary that we get about Elvis is from music critics, and they hated the fact that Elvis wanted to be in the movies in the first place, so they resent. They hate the soundtracks.

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Bookreader - otherwise Known as Sheila the Great (Judy Blume)

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Otherwise known as sheila the great book report
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  5. Otherwise Known as Sheila the Great (Fudge series book 2) and millions of other books are available for Amazon Kindle. Bio, photos, Q&a, and more. Want to know how Judy came to write each of her books? A comprehensive list, annotated. A personal view of the writing life. What Fism looks like.

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