Mother teresa summary of biography

mother teresa summary of biography

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74 Drug policy In July 2013, may decided to ban the stimulant khat, against the advice of the Advisory council on the misuse of Drugs (acmd). The council reached the conclusion that there was "insufficient evidence" it caused health problems. 75 Explaining the change in the classification may said: "The decision to bring khat under control is finely balanced and takes into account the expert scientific advice and these broader concerns and pointed out that the product had already been banned in the majority. 76 A report on khat use by the acmd published in January 2013 had noted the product had been associated with "acute psychotic episodes "chronic liver disease" and family breakdown. However, it concluded that there is no risk of harm for most users, and recommended that khat remain uncontrolled due to lack of evidence for these associations. 77 Liberal Democrat minister Norman baker accused may of suppressing proposals to treat rather than prosecute minor drug offenders from a report into drug policy commissioned by the home Office. 78 79 The home Office denied that its officials had considered this as part of their strategy.

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67 68 In December 2010, may declared that deployment of water cannon by police forces in mainland Britain was an operational decision which had been "resisted until now by senior police officers." 69 She rejected their use following the essay widespread rioting in summer 2011 and. The way we police in Britain is through consent of communities." may said: "I condemn utterly the violence in Tottenham. Such disregard for public safety and property will not be tolerated, and the metropolitan Police have my full support in restoring order." 70 In the aftermath of the riots may urged the identification of as many as possible of the young criminals involved. She said: "when I was in Manchester last week, the issue was raised to me about the anonymity of juveniles who are found guilty of crimes of this sort. The Crown Prosecution Service is to order prosecutors to apply for anonymity to be lifted in any youth case they think is in the public interest. The law currently protects the identity of any suspect under the age of 18, even if they are convicted, but it also allows for an application to have such restrictions lifted, if deemed appropriate." may added that "what i've asked for is that cps guidance. 71 Anti-social behaviour In July 2010, may proposed to review the previous Labour government's anti-social behaviour legislation signalling the abolition of the " Anti-social Behaviour Order " (asbo). She identified the policy's high level of failure with almost half of asbos breached between 20, leading to "fast-track" criminal convictions. May proposed a less punitive, community-based approach to tackling social disorder. May suggested that anti-social behaviour policy "must be turned on its head reversing the asbo's role as the flagship crime control policy legislation under Labour. 72 73 Former Labour Home secretaries david Blunkett (who introduced asbos) and Alan Johnson expressed their disapproval of the proposals.

64 In 2014, may delivered a speech to the plan police federation, in which she criticised aspects of the culture of the police force. 65 In the speech, she said: When you remember the list of recent revelations about police misconduct, it is not enough to mouth platitudes about "a few bad apples". The problem might lie with a minority of officers, but it is still a significant problem, and a problem that needs to be addressed. According to one survey carried out recently, only 42 of black people from a caribbean background trust the police. That is simply not sustainable. I will soon publish proposals to strengthen the protections available to whistleblowers in the police. I am creating a new criminal offence of police corruption. And i am determined that the use of stop and search must come down, become more targeted and lead to more arrests. 66 On 9 December 2010, in the wake of violent student demonstrations in central London against increases to higher-education tuition fees, may praised the actions of the police in controlling the demonstrations but was described by The daily telegraph as "under growing political pressure" due.

mother teresa summary of biography

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54 55 Police and crime Speaking at the Association of Chief Police Officers (acpo) conference in June 2010, may announced radical cuts to the home Office budget, likely to lead to a reduction in police numbers., may presented the house of Commons with proposals for. 57, may announced a package of reforms to policing in England and Wales in the house of Commons. 59 The previous Labour government's central crime agency, soca (Serious Organised Crime Agency), was to be replaced by a new National Crime Agency. In common with the conservative party 2010 general election manifesto's flagship proposal for a " Big Society " based on voluntary action, may also proposed increasing the role of civilian "reservists" for crime control. The reforms were rejected by the Opposition Labour Party. 59 Following the actions of some members of Black essay Bloc in vandalising allegedly tax-avoiding shops and businesses on the day of the march 2011 tuc march, the home secretary unveiled reforms 60 curbing the right to protest, including shredder giving police extra powers to remove masked. 61 In 2012, despite inquiries by both Scotland Yard and the Independent Police complaints Commission ruling that there was no new evidence to warrant further investigation, after discussions with Dame doreen Lawrence, may commissioned Mark Ellison to review Scotland Yard's investigations into alleged police corruption. 62 The report was presented to parliament by may on Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, commissioner of the metropolitan Police said the report, which has prompted an inquiry into undercover policing, was "devastating"., may welcomed the fact that crime had fallen by more than 10 under the. She said that this was partly due to the government removing red tape and scrapping targets to allow the police to concentrate on crime fighting.

48 In late june 2010, may announced plans for a temporary cap on uk visas for non-eu migrants. 49 The move raised concerns about the impact on the British economy. 50 In August 2013, may supported the detention of david Miranda, partner of guardian journalist Glenn Greenwald, under the terrorism Act 2000, saying that critics of the metropolitan Police action needed to "think about what they are condoning". 51 Lib Dem peer and former Director of Public Prosecutions Ken Macdonald accused may of an "ugly and unhelpful" attempt to implicate those who were concerned about the police action of "condoning terrorism". 51 The high court subsequently acknowledged there were "indirect implications for press freedom" but ruled the detention legal. 52 may also championed legislation popularly dubbed the Snooper's Charter, requiring internet and mobile service providers to keep records of internet usage, voice calls, messages and email for up to a year in case police requested access to the records while investigating a crime. The liberal Democrats had blocked the first attempt, 53 but after the conservative party obtained a majority in the 2015 general election may announced a new Draft Investigatory powers Bill similar to the Draft Communications Data bill, although with more limited powers and additional oversight.

Mother, teresa, biography, biography

mother teresa summary of biography

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This followed an earlier failed attempt to unseat her in 2005 as one of the liberal Democrats' leading "decapitation-strategy" targets. 31 Home secretary main article: Home Office under Theresa may on, when may was appointed Home secretary and Minister for Women and Equality by Prime minister david Cameron as part of his first Cabinet, she became the fourth woman to hold one of the British. 32 As Home secretary, may was also a member of the national Security council. 33 She was the longest-serving Home secretary for over 60 years, since james Chuter Ede who served over six years and two months from August 1945 to October 1951. May's appointment as Home secretary was somewhat unexpected, with Chris Grayling having served as shadow Home secretary in opposition. 34 35 may's debut as Home secretary involved overturning several of the previous Labour government's measures on data collection and surveillance in England and Wales.

By way of a government bill which became the Identity documents Act 2010, she brought about the abolition of the labour government's National Identity card and database scheme presentation 36 37 and reformed the regulations on the retention of dna samples for suspects and controls. In may 2010, may announced the adjournment of the deportation to the United States of alleged computer hacker Gary McKinnon. 38 She also suspended the registration scheme for carers of children and vulnerable people, with may saying that the measures were "draconian. You were assumed to be guilty until you were proven innocent, and told you were able to work with children." 39 40 On, it was reported that may was scrapping the former Labour government's proposed "go orders" scheme to protect women from domestic violence. 42 43 She delivered her first major speech in the house of Commons as Home secretary in a statement on this incident, 44 later visiting the victims with the Prime minister. 45 46 Also in June 2010, may banned the Indian Muslim preacher zakir naik from entering the United Kingdom. 47 According to The daily telegraph, a home Office official who disagreed with this decision was suspended.

Ahead of the 1997 general election, may was selected as the conservative candidate for maidenhead, a new seat which was created from parts of the seats of Windsor and maidenhead and wokingham. She was elected with 25,344 votes (49.8 almost double the total of second-placed Andrew Terence ketteringham of the liberal Democrats, who took 13,363 votes (26.3). 22 Early political career having entered Parliament, may became a member of William Hague 's front-bench Opposition team, as Shadow Spokesman for Schools, disabled people and Women (19981999). She became the first of the 1997 MPs to enter the Shadow Cabinet when in 1999 she was appointed Shadow Education and Employment Secretary. After the 2001 election the new Conservative leader iain Duncan Smith kept her in the Shadow Cabinet, moving her to the Transport portfolio.

May was appointed the first female Chairman of the conservative party in July 2002. During her speech at the 2002 Conservative party conference, she explained why, in her view, her party must change: "you know what people call us? The nasty party ". 28 29 In 2003, she was sworn of the Privy council and appointed Shadow Secretary of State for Transport after Michael Howard 's election as Conservative party and Opposition leader in november that year. E was moved to become Shadow Secretary of State for the family. Following the 2005 general election she was also made Shadow Secretary of State for Culture, media and Sport. David Cameron appointed her Shadow leader of the house of Commons in December 2005 after his accession to the leadership. In January 2009, may was made Shadow Secretary of State for Work and Pensions. On, may was re-elected mp for maidenhead with an increased majority of 16,769  60 of the vote.

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Her father died in a car accident in 1981 and her mother of multiple sclerosis the following year. May later stated she was "sorry they never saw me elected as a member of Parliament". 26 may served as a councillor for Durnsford ward 27 on the london Borough of Merton from 1986 to golf 1994, where she was Chairman of Education (198890) and Deputy Group leader and housing Spokesman (199294). In the 1992 general election may stood unsuccessfully for the safe labour seat of North West Durham, coming second to incumbent mp hilary Armstrong by 12,747 votes (27.6) to 26,734 (57.8 with future liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron coming third. May then stood at the 1994 Barking by-election, which was prompted by the death of Labour mp jo richardson. The seat had been continuously held by labour since it was created in 1945 and Labour candidate margaret Hodge was expected to win easily, which she did, with 13,704 votes (72.1). May came a distant third with 1,976 votes (10.4).

mother teresa summary of biography

May's mother was a strong supporter of the conservative party. 14 She initially attended heythrop Primary School, a state school in heythrop, followed. Juliana's Convent School for Girls, a roman Catholic independent school in Begbroke, which closed in 1984. When she was 13, may won a place at the former Holton Park girls' Grammar School, a state school in Wheatley. During her time as a pupil, the Oxfordshire education system was reorganised and the school became the new Wheatley park comprehensive school. 17 20 may later attended the University of Oxford where she read geography at St Hugh's without College, graduating with a second class ba degree in 1977. 21 Early career Between 19 may worked at the bank of England, and from 1985 to 1997 as a financial consultant and senior advisor in International Affairs at the Association for payment Clearing Services. 22 She married Philip may in September 1980.

in 2012. Reappointed after the conservative victory in the 2015 general election, she went on to become the longest-serving Home secretary for over 60 years. During her tenure she pursued reform of the police federation, implemented a harder line on drugs policy including the banning of khat, oversaw the introduction of elected Police and Crime commissioners, the deportation of Abu qatada, the creation of the national Crime Agency and brought. 3 Following Cameron's resignation, may won a leadership election in July 2016, becoming the second female Prime minister, following Margaret Thatcher. As Prime minister, may began the process of withdrawing the uk from the european Union, triggering Article 50 in March 2017 then, the following month, announcing a snap general election in June, with the aim of strengthening her hand in Brexit negotiations. 4 5 This resulted in a hung parliament, in which the number of Conservative seats fell from 330 to 317, despite the party winning their highest vote share since 1983, prompting her to broker a confidence and supply deal with the democratic Unionist Party (DUP). Some have described triggering Article 50 and the snap election as "two of the most catastrophic political decisions in living memory." 4 6 Contents Early life and education Born on in Eastbourne, sussex, may is the only child of zaidee mary (née barnes; 19281982) and. 7 Her father was a church of England clergyman (and an Anglo-catholic 8 ) who was chaplain of an Eastbourne hospital. 9 he later became vicar of Enstone with heythrop and finally of St Mary's at Wheatley, to the east of Oxford.

2, may grew up in, oxfordshire and attended. St Hugh's College, oxford. From 19, she worked for the. Bank of England, and from 19t the. Association for payment Clearing Services, also serving as writings a councillor for Durnsford. After unsuccessful attempts to be elected to the. House of Commons in 19, she was elected as the mp for maidenhead in the 1997 general election. From 1999 to 2010, may held a number of roles in the. Shadow Cabinets of, william Hague, iain Duncan Smith, michael Howard, and david Cameron, including Shadow Transport Secretary and Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary.

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For other people with similar names, see. Theresa mary may ( /tərizə/ ; 1 née, brasier ; born ) is a british politician serving. Prime minister of the United Kingdom and, leader of the, conservative party since 2016. She served as, home secretary from 2010 to 2016. May was first elected. Member of Parliament (MP) for, maidenhead in 1997. Ideologically, she identifies essay herself as a one-nation conservative.

Mother teresa summary of biography
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