Fpga design engineer resume

fpga design engineer resume

Real World fpga design with Verilog: Ken Coffman

Company : ttm( as a part of training program in Physical Design). Test Cases : Designing of Standard Cells.24 technology along with drc lvs check. (Tool used Enterprise hercules). Die reduction power Analysis : With a core utilization.5. Contains 19 hard macros, and 28k standard cells. (Tool used Apolloii mars-rail). Timing driven :Flat design with an initial slack of -61.3, and congestion overflow.03. Bench Marks : BenchMark for lsi logic involving diesize with 30k std cells with core utilization.

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(Time to market Ltd, secunderabad). Projects carried out: (Physical Design java processor : Design Specification: hierarchical design with 5 softmacros. Goal Achived: hierarchial Floorplanning of Top Cell with core utilization of 75, alongwith floorplanning of each soft macros with utilization. (Tool used Planet pl apolloII). Timing Driven Placement of each soft macro ats with constraints from Synopsis Design Constraints(SDC). (Tool used Apolloii saturn). Clock Tree synthesis (CTS) of eachsoft macro with a target of skew.2ns and phase delay 0f 2ns. The cts is carried out for the top Cell also. Routing of each macro and the top Cell. Physical Verification for drc lvs for each macro and the top Cell.

Email: Resume: Browse Upload Resume file. Apr-2000 to aug-2000, trainee design Engineer, responsiblities : list Logical design. Writing Verilog codes for various small Designs. Writing Test benches for designs. Writing Scripts to check the designs. Professional Training : Undergone training on fpga/asic design flow(logical design) and methodology,hdl coding for circuit implementation and test bench, simulation, timing rout (Vdesign Training development Centre, pondyCherry). Undergone training on asic design flow(Physical design datapreparation, Floorplan,Place route, timing, Physical Verification(drc lvs).

fpga design engineer resume

Lead Software Engineer Resume samples jobHero

Selecting parts and materials for design implementation. Creating family table instances, and producing Rapid Prototypes. Develop detail drawings from models utilizing gd t, assembly drawings, exploded views, mechanized assemblies and animations for production analysis, and digital rendering of my designs for marketing. Building bom's, ecr, eco's. Pro/e cad support and training long for the engineering group. Candidate Info 10 Senior Design Engineer Responsible for design of valve guides, bushings and valve seats, from initial design concept to full production support Creo/proe 3D modeling of valve guide, seat and bushing components Creo/proe 3D modeling and design of compacting press adaption and other. Upload your resume and within 48 hours TopResume will email you a detailed analysis of what hiring managers and automated systems think of your resume and how to improve. Your resume has been submitted successfully! You will receive a confirmation soon.

Interprets drawing mark-ups and implements drawing revisions provided by clients. Provides outstanding customer service. Candidate Info 7 Senior Design Engineer Responsible for the creation of custom light fixture designs. Using Solidworks, created models of the fixture and all components, and detail drawings for production. Successfully found solutions for technically challenging designs that in rapid pace, fast turnaround environment. Responsible for working with production teams to ensure designs were able to achieve required quality levels and satisfy customer expectations. Candidate Info 8 Senior Design Engineer Communicate with customers to design and develop products from fixtures to mechanical components Using SolidWorks to designed components for various production methods including: Roto-molding, Thermoforming, and injection molding Partnered with industrial designers and engineers in the team to develop. Produce complex design modeling utilizing advanced techniques such as, curves by equation, and surface modeling construction in the design process when need.

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fpga design engineer resume

Red Canyon Software: Employment Opportunities

Candidate Info 4, senior Design Engineer, placed as a consultant within Microsoft advising Surface, xbox, and Special proposal Projects (Black box) teams in the design of plastic components for tooling and molding processes. Created educational tools to illustrate component concepts and related tooling details used in the manufacture of plastic components. Worked one on one with mechanical engineers to educate them in these concepts. Working with Reliability engineers, i design fixtures for life cycle and destructive testing of the holoLens. Working with Optical engineers, i design fixtures to test the optical characteristics of the holoLens from components, through various subassemblies, to the final assembly. Candidate Info 5, senior Design Engineer, coordinating with subsystem teams and performing a trade study on the various deployers available for asu's swimsat mission. Prepared 3D models of the various components to build the cubeSat assembly using SolidWorks.

Performing a structural analysis on the cubeSat chassis to ensure compatibility with standard dispensers available using ansys. Senior Design Engineer, prepares estimation of Low Voltage (LV) Switchgear. Prepares plans and layouts for Switchgears (mv, smbd, db, mcc panels). Develops controlling system for 3-phases' electric motor. Coordinates manufacturing, construction, installation and maintenance projects for engineering team to complete per customer requirements. Performs detailed calculations to establish manufacturing, construction, and installation standards and specifications and maintains 100 accuracy rate.

Products Designed: Fluke 719, Fluke 719 Pro, beta 330 Aero, fluke 2700G Fluke 718Ex, Fluke 709, Fluke 721Ex. Engineering support for more than 30 different designs. 24bit adc/dac converters, Atmel AtMega128, ti msp 430, stm arm microcontrollers, dc and Step Motor control, Pressure measurement, Pressure control, current source, current and Voltage high precision measurement. Orcad, allegro, pads schematic and pcb design, spice modeling. Firmware design: C/c, assembler, for AtMega128 and msp430 micro, using iar, ti code composer and IQ430 design tools.

Atex ex (Intrinsically safe) hardware design and certification. Working knowledge of 2D-3d mechanical design tools. Rohs conversion for multiple designs. Candidate Info 3, senior Design Engineer, avaya subject Matter Expert for Business Partner population, providing overlay technical support for complex projects involving Unified Communication, contact Center systems design, integration, sales, and implementation. Supported Business Partners by developing solution design, pricing, including rfp's. Used avaya sales tools (which includes avaya solutions Designer (asd ip office designer, Enterprise configurator (EC) and Multi-site" tool (msqt) to create lists of material for the uc solutions which satisfy clients business need. Develop avaya professional Services requests, and price deliverable for Business Partner.

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Implemented corrective actions and launched root cause investigations for tracking technical issues dates to current in field legacy programs. Facilitated component group activities with cross-functional teams product groups. Facilitated cppd activities with purchasing and suppliers for parts procurement. Lead offshore team for releasing activities of components. Candidate Info 2, engineering Manager, Project Manager, senior Design Engineer. Manage Engineering resources, project schedules and budget. Hardware database and Firmware design, development, implementation and manufacturing support. Products include Process calibrators, temperature, pressure, current and Voltage handheld calibrators. Project Management including conceptual design, design, prototyping, debug, validation, testing, certification and production release.

fpga design engineer resume

Senior Design Engineers are experimented professionals who develop ideas for new products and systems. Essential job duties highlighted on a successful resume sample are modeling new ideas, egg coordinating junior staff, conducting research, monitoring competition work, liaising with other departments in the company, creating technical plans, testing designs, and writing reports. The ideal candidate for this job should be able to demonstrate the following skills in his or her resume: engineering expertise, creativity, technical abilities, knowledge of computer-aided design software, time management, commercial awareness, and teamwork. Degree choices for aspiring Senior Design Engineers are industrial product design and engineering design. Looking for job listings? Senior Design Engineer Jobs page. 1, senior Design Engineer, supported Design and development of transmissions to medium Platform track-type- tractors (D5-D8).

wcdma) gained through any experience or university coursework. Must have legal authority to work in the. Please send your resume. I'm using the systemVerilog programming language. Also i write programs for microcontrollers (nios, arm7, avr) and gui programs for pc c, c. I have experience with Ethernet (UDP/ip usb controllers (Cypress, ftdi can, canOpen, dsp (fir, fft and etc. asynchronous and step motors, pci32, mkio, arinc 429, nor flash, sdram controllers, spi, i2c, uart, modBus, serDes Lvds. I'm interested in learning new technologies and new fields of knowledges).

Simul ation, implementation and optimization of dsp algorithms. Valid ation and debug of digital designs on custom asics and fpga platforms using logic analyzer and oscilloscope. Suppo rt all stages of development from design through prototype, beta, production and support. Write integration plans, integration reports and test procedures. Coord inate with Analog ic and System Design teams during product development. Repor t bugs found and work with design engineers for resolution. Devel op improvements/enhancements to existing products. Criti cally analyze and verify essay system performance through simulation, test and measurements. Provi de technical expertise and guidance to engineering staff and other departments.

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About this job, job type: Full-time, technologies. Job description, asic/Digital/fpga design Engineer (Multiple positions available) San diego, irvine, san margaret Jose. Desig n asic - digital circuits using Verilog for fpga and asics. Digit al synthesis, place route, scan insertion. Desig n For Test (DFT). Simul ation, implementation and optimization of dsp and Communication algorithms. Desig n, implementation and simulation of high speed digital interfaces (lvds. Desig n, implementation and simulation of microcontrollers and memories.

Fpga design engineer resume
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  3. Senior Design Engineers are experimented professionals who develop ideas for new products and. Fpga design engineer salary. Fpga development board xilinx. Fpga high frequency trading.

  4. Send your resume. Design, asic, fpga, resume, samples. Asic, design, engineer, asic /. Fpga, designer, lead Hardware, engineer, hardware, engineer, firmware Programmer. Senior Design Engineer Resume samples.

  5. Fpga validation resume cV submission, submit cv resume, submit cv in Dubai, cv submission Dubai abu Dhabi uae,. Fpga, design, engineer, technical Sales. Skills: fpga design (SystemVerilog, Altera nios (C language. Senior, fpga developer, middle embedded software engineer (microcontrollers programmer C/. Must have a masters degree in Electrical Engineering or related field, plus knowledge of design and testability for asic and, fpga.

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