Fitness industry resume

fitness industry resume

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For those unfamiliar with his work, a good introduction is this peer-reviewed article on the cholesterol controversy published in the journal of American Physicians and Surgeons. Of equally high quality is this response to a critical letter to the editor regarding his paper. Anthonys sharp reasoning ability and firm grasp of a wide range of fitness-related topics put him squarely on my short list of excellent reading material, despite the lack flexing of letters after his name. Wrapping up There are plenty more examples worth discussing ( Alwyn Cosgrove correction: I was just informed that Alwyn indeed has a masters degree in exercise science, but the fact that I was unaware of this speaks toward my point that he doesnt necessarily use. Let me stress that this was not meant to be an anti-college article, nor was it meant to indiscriminately rail against advanced formal education. There obviously are brilliant successful folks in the fitness industry who have advanced degrees ( James Krieger, emma-leigh Synnott, and layne norton immediately come to mind). However, my point stands that becoming successful in the fitness industry  especially as an entrepreneur  is not critically hinged upon paper credentials.

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He also has an avery-published book available through major retailers called. The body fat Solution. On a side-note, this is probably the essay most scientifically sound weight loss book to ever hit the shelves of mainstream book stores. Tom has parlayed his physique and vast client experience along with his genuine diligence in gathering the facts to create a prodigious level of success. His formal education boils down to an undergrad degree in exercise science and a couple of training certifications. But does anyone really care about what Toms formal education is? I know I dont but maybe thats just. What matters is that he strives to balance his personal experiences with whats been demonstrated in scientific research. Speaking of research, both Tom Venuto martin Berkhan are currently subscribed to my research review, and have maintained their subscriptions since the publications initial release in early 2008. Anthony colpo is best known for his book, the Great Cholesterol Con.

Martin is unique among this list because he doesnt have a book out. . However, has one of the most impressive collections of client success stories youll ever come across. His own transformation is particularly amazing. When he does put out a book, theres no question that it will accelerate his already rapid career ascent. Once again, martin does not rely upon his academic credentials to assert his credibility, and nonetheless has a backlog of clients waiting to work with him, and a legion of followers waiting for his book to be completed. I dont even know what his exact degree is (nor do i really care but I do know that hes one of the very few people whose work i bother to read with genuine interest. Tom Venuto is best known for authoring the e-book. Burn the fat, feed the muscle.

fitness industry resume

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He has no health or fitness-related college degree that i know. While ive never gained any innovative nutritional knowledge by reading Bills material, hes a fascinating and inspiring study in achieving a tremendous scale of success with the lay audience. I mention, lyle McDonald quite regularly because a) for roughly the past decade, hes been one of the most influential guys in the industry, and b) he and I have a similar market niche. Although our business models differ slightly, we share the same fundamental science/research-obsessed approach thats tempered with field experience. Lyle fits the present topic perfectly because hes another guy without a string of advanced degrees shredder and certifications (after his undergrad degree in exercise physiology, he got bored of the snail-pace of college). Nevertheless, anyone whos familiar with his work knows that a stack of degrees would be a humorous underrepresentation of his actual knowledge. Martin Berkhan is best known for his scientific approach to intermittent fasting.

Lets begin with the late, dan Duchaine. Hes written a number of books, but is perhaps most famous for. Dan is widely regarded as one of the most brilliant guys to ever utter a word about nutrition other related topics, and pretty much no one really gives a hoot what he studied formally. A little-known fact is that his college degree is in theater arts. Another guy who made a huge mark without a string of degrees after his name is best-selling author (. Body for Life ) former owner of eas, bill Phillips. In contrast to dans somewhat underground celebrity status, bill has reached obscene levels of commercial success.

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fitness industry resume

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Again, if you plan on approaching a resumes large company for employment, degrees can not only help, but in many cases are required for being remotely considered for the job. Degrees can also help facilitate an easier climb up the corporate ladder, and allow higher pay rates. . However, entrepreneurship is a different animal, especially in the fitness industry. In many cases, a great physique will get you more clients and/or customers than having a string of letters after your name. Aside from a miniscule minority, clients truly dont care what certifications trainers have. They just want to know if your clientele gets results, and that you actually care about them enough to show up for appointments. Entrepreneurship in the writing vein is a whole other topic that could easily warrant its own post, but heres what ive learned.

The people who give up their hard-earned money for fitness information products do not do so on the basis of how many advanced degrees the author has. Now, this may be different in the realm of medical information for diseased populations, but for the healthy population aiming to either look or perform better, there seems to be a different set of prerequisites in the eyes of the clients customers. Case in point how many of you reading this blog give a rats ass about my degrees? I didnt think. Just a few examples, perhaps the best way to illustrate my perspective of this topic is by providing a few real-world examples of entrepreneurs whose material ive followed at some point (or still follow). . The common thread among them is their success despite their non-reliance on paper credentials.

There are several instances where ive heard people attest to learning more in their 3-day certifications than in their 4-year degree. This is kind of sad, but its true. Furthermore, in the fitness field, personal trainers can get hired almost anywhere, as long as theyre certified. The good thing about certifications is that they cut right to the relevant information, and omit the trivial courses common in college curriculums. This is good in the sense that plenty of industrious people with advanced degrees in unrelated fields have made a rapid switch over to the fitness field due to its low entrance hurdles.

Thankfully for many folks contemplating a late career change, the fitness field is free of the traditional entrance barriers of other professions. But of course, theres a dark side. The fitness industry is famous for being chock-full of quacks and charlatans. There are heaps of people running their mouths online and off, pontificating about this nutrient or that, this way of training or that — without having learned the physiological basis for such recommendations or protocols. The fact that this field has so many wackos makes it difficult for the consumer to discern whose material is scientifically based, and whose material is a lot of hot air. This is the unfortunate side of the picture, but its also part of my point — you can be devoid of scientific knowledge (or you can create your own brand of pseudoscience and still become successful in the fitness industry. A little about entrepreneurship versus employment.

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This is especially the gender case with entrepreneurs particularly those whose business is primarily internet-based. . Im not aware of any formal research on this topic, but I would venture to guess that the fitness realm has a large proportion of entrepreneurs. This demographic obviously has little concern for employer acceptance, so their main entrance requirement into practice is a big set of cojones. Also, a knack for effective marketing is often what separates the highly successful fitness entrepreneurs from the average ones. The good the bad about such an open industry. Fitness industry credentialing is largely based on certification. . This allows people to take more focused and efficient routes toward adeptness in their chosen skill set. Anyone proposal who has a college degree related to nutrition or exercise is well-aware of the battery of irrelevant, time-wasting, life-bleeding courses (in addition to the relevant ones) required to get the degree.

fitness industry resume

some operational definitions for fitness industry career success. The latter term is highly subjective, so lets just define it as the ability to make a decent living. Im not necessarily talking about getting filthy-rich, but at least being able to comfortably cover your independent living expenses without needing a night-job where dollar bills are waved at you. Next, lets define the fitness industry itself. Lets just figure this encompasses any field related to improving the body composition or physical performance of the healthy population through diet and/or exercise programming. . This section is titled as a question because this is the only industry ive been professionally involved with. I dont have any first-hand experience in other industries, so the uniqueness of this aspect of the fitness world is mainly an assumptive observation ive made. So, heres the point. It seems to me that paper credentials are not nearly as crucial for success in the fitness field as they are for success in other fields.

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Fitness industry resume
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