Does god exist philosophy essay

does god exist philosophy essay

Does God Exist?: The debate between Theists atheists

Some of the negative reaction was due to his belief that religion's experts are analogous to science's experts. Beyond the fact that both areas have people they call leaders or experts, the similarity fades into oblivion. Theologians and religious philosophers may have their champions in the quest to understand values and "spiritual meaning" (whatever that may mean! but they will never have any champions who displace former champions because they have no way of falsifying each other's claims. Scientific theories and beliefs about the empirical constitution of the universe can be tested and the false ones removed from contention. Theological or philosophical theories about values and "spiritual meaning" can't be tested (beyond the obvious tests of being free from conceptual contradiction and being consistent with known facts).

God and Time, internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

For example, we have no perception of this evil Demon and since knowledge is from our perceptions, according to premise 1, there is no evil Demon. But these are just a couple ways to show that premise 2 can be denied to disprove the european evil Demon theory. There are still other ways to break the argument of the evil Demon theory because the evil Demon theory is exactly just that, a theory. Through out time, philosophers have tried to develop theories and then disprove them and they will continue to. They all wish to find some believable conclusion about the external world. However, they must remember that a theory believable to them, may only be believable to them until it is proven. And because of that, the i don t know answer, may still be the best one. ".belief in an omnipotent omniscient creator of the world does not in itself have any moral implications—it's still up to you to decide whether it is right to obey his commands." -steven weinberg ".if human beings are anything special, we are the creatures that must. The attainment of wisdom in a full life requires extensive attention to both domains—for a great book tells us that the truth can make us free and that we will live in optimal harmony with our fellows when we learn to do justly, love mercy. Then, all hell broke loose. Part of the vehement reaction to gould's essay was probably due to many readers ignoring the remaining 80 of his words.

But that is how the barbing good God wants. We can disprove the evil Demon theory by denying premise 2 just as easily as we deny premise. Furthermore descartes can deny either theory and still use his same thought process. He can use the cartesian Construction of Knowledge to disprove the evil Demon theory by denying one of either premises. Another way to deny premise 2 is by the way one defines knowledge. Descartes claims that knowledge must be indubitable. And it must hold true for all other theories and ideas. This is why the evil Demon theory still exists. However, if Descartes defines knowledge as a proven fact from one s perception, then the evil Demon theory can still be false.

does god exist philosophy essay

Human Knowledge: foundations and Limits

Since we all have different experiences, our perceptions, which, according to premise 1, are the basis for knowledge, will differ. To coincide with the cartesian Construction of Knowledge, assuming that Descartes would still use the same path of thinking, god is allowing us shredder to attain such different perceptions. He is allowing each individual to maximize their experience on this world and develop their own characteristics. That is why humans are an intelligent race and very unique creatures. God has done us a favor by allowing us different perceptions, which lead to different knowledge. As we continue with the cartesian Construction of Knowledge, we know that although we have different knowledge and knowledge can be doubted, god allows it, but God isn t a deceiver and therefore we still have knowledge of the external world. Since we have different experiences that leads us to have different knowledge, knowledge can be doubted.

We don t have any proof to conclude that our belief is true and therefore the knowledge caused by this belief is real knowledge. Of course, one can argue that certain knowledge cannot be doubted and that 5 5 will always result. This is true in our known reality, our dreams and thoughts. But this is one type of knowledge that is argued to be indubitable. This does not prove that all knowledge is indubitable. Moreover, the knowledge of our external world as we perceive it is not proven, and therefore can be doubted. Originally, descartes denies premise 1 and concludes that God is good and would not deceive. Therefore there is no evil Demon and our external world as we know it is true. However, we can also reject the evil Demon theory by doubting knowledge.

Locke, john Internet Encyclopedia

does god exist philosophy essay

Souls do not, exist : evidence from Science philosophy

Socrates asks the question: What is the difference between knowledge and mere true belief? Socrates answers that review knowledge is true belief for which the believer has adequate justification. Then Aristotle questions: how is knowledge possible given that beliefs safety can only be justified by appeal to other beliefs that are themselves justified? This leads to the idea that all knowledge is justified by other knowledge and the chain continues backward until there are basic foundational beliefs that don t need justification. Descartes builds from the idea that these basic foundational beliefs don t need justification, and that they are indubitable. These basic beliefs are assumed to be true. However, since there is no concrete proof of knowledge, it can be doubted.

Furthermore, knowledge, even basic knowledge, is often developed from one s experiences. For example the knowledge that the world is round comes from an explorer traveling around the world and returning to the same point. But different people attain different experiences and would develop different conclusions. Another explorer may travel around the world but keep landing in different destinations and conclude the world is ever lasting. Both ideas lead to knowledge of the world, yet they are different. Descartes argues that knowledge is justified by true belief and therefore the second explorer doesn t have knowledge of the world because he has justified his knowledge by a false belief. But we know his belief is false, yet there is some knowledge that is justified by beliefs that could be true or false.

There must be some outside source that allows him to develop such thoughts. But now Descartes must figure out how this supreme being is a good God and not the evil Demon. Descartes says that in every case of trickery or deception, some imperfection is to found. God gave us the ability to believe that our ideas of material objects are produced by those same material objects. Material objects do exist and contain all the properties we perceive them do have, because god is good and will not let us have wrong perceptions. Therefore our knowledge of the world must be correct.

He denied premise 1 in order to resist his conclusion. He did so because he didn t think he could deny premise. He strongly believed that knowledge had to be indubitable and therefore couldn t be denied. Could the skepticism argument be proven false by denying premise 2? Descartes thought knowledge had to be indubitable and therefore he had chosen to keep premise 2 as true. However, premise 2 can be denied just as easily as premise 1 is denied. There are two ways to deny premise. The first way goes back to socrates question. The second way deals with the definition of knowledge.

Moral Arguments for the Existence of God (Stanford

Descartes contemplated on this issue intensely. He decided to reject premise 1, that of na ve empiricism. He concludes that basic knowledge does not come from experience and database perception, but rather by pure and rational thought. Therefore, the power of reason can be used as the foundation of all knowledge. Furthermore, this theory of rationalism and pure thought disproves the evil Demon theory and supports a god being that is good and true to us humans. Descartes starts by saying that he has knowledge of himself. He cannot doubt that he has a mind and he believes he is a thinking thing. He then states that his ideas of God and a supreme being come from God himself. He doesn t believe he can develop these ideas by himself.

does god exist philosophy essay

There can exist a omnipotent supreme being who controls all our experiences, leading us to believe what. For example, an evil Demon resume makes us think that we have hands and are sitting watching television and laughing with our friends, but in reality all that is false. This evil Demon set everything up to manipulate us in believing in the material world as we know it today. What a scary thought: to know that we don t know anything and our entire world might be false. This disturbed Descartes greatly. He tried to develop a way to make the skepticism theory or the premises used to develop the skepticism theory false. He believed that he could negate the evil Demon possibility by finding something wrong with the logic of the skeptical argument. This can be done either by assuming that the conclusion developed using the evil Demon theory does not follow its own premises, or by denying one of its premises altogether.

is something that is indubitable. That is, for each body of evidence, only one conclusion can be reached. With those two premises, descartes derives the sub-conclusion that if we do have unique knowledge, then the evidence of our senses must rule out all other possibilities. In short, truth is derived entirely from the empirical evidence we collect. However, descartes also had a third premise which undermined the first two. This premise is that of the evil Demon. This theory states that even with all our empirical knowledge, that there is still no material world.

For example, just as our senses can deceive us, or our dreams seem real, our experiences can also deceive. Therefore, we cannot with certainty say that anything is true, and we have no knowledge and we live in the unknown. However, skepticism is contrary to one of the most basic of human instincts: the fear of the unknown. The desire to define the world and make order out of chaos and the refusal to accept I don t know as the answer has motivated both scientists and philosophers. Rene descartes ( was one such man. Though brilliant, and the author of Mediations, feared being skeptical of the external essay world. Descartes wanted to disprove the skepticism theory. To do so, he first developed two premises for the skepticism theory, and then rejected it by disproving one premise.

Why doesn' t God just show himself?, god evidence

Denying Premise 2- Philosophy Essay, research Paper. The quest to find out who we are, where we came from, where we will go after we die and what, if anything, controls our world has fascinated mankind throughout the centuries. Famous philosophers have devoted their writings whole lives to developing theories, and yet the closest any have come to success has been to not have their theories disproved. With the knowledge that no theory has been proven to fact, i don t know may be the only true answer to one of civilization s oldest questions. The idea that we can never know the answers to these and many other questions leads to the theory of skepticism. This theory maintains that we must doubt every single one of our empirical beliefs, as they are from our perceptions like our material body. We doubt them because they are seen from the lens of our own prejudices.

Does god exist philosophy essay
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  4. winners of the john Vigorito and Robert Kirkpatrick Undergraduate. Essay, prizes in, philosophy, april 3, 2003.

  5. Archive studies, articles, news, etc. Anything about why we do what. Critique my, philosophy of Life? Gödel worked for years, for example, on an unpublished essay refuting Rudolf Carnap s view that mathematics was no more than a syntax to manipulate man-made symbols. On the whole, i found these two articles to be outstanding representations of the current ponderings about the question of this essay, does, god, exist?

  6. Using this garden analogy and others crafted with the same design, Antony Flew (see his essay in Mitchell 1971) made the case that religious claims do not pass the empirical test of meaning. In Stephen jay gould s 1997 essay nonoverlapping Magisteria, he innocently wrote: An essay on how science informs philosophy without philosophy becoming science. Essay, concerning Human Understanding Second Treatise on government Letter Concerning Toleration. On a certain Blindness in Human beings. Place of no-place for wisdom in cyberspace. Philosophical studies in epistemology, hermeneutics, phenomenology, mysticism, comparative religion, hermetism, philosophy of mathematics.

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