Argumentative essay about k to 12

argumentative essay about k to 12

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Is it worth getting? When youre in high school, its challenging enough to plan for the next week, let alone the next 10, 15, 25 years. But if a high school student had the foresight to look ahead that far in the future, and even further down the road, they would undoubtedly see the importance of having a high school education. Rather than leaving it up to the near-sighted adolescent to decide, a law should be enacted mandating that all American residents and citizens complete a high school education. After all, its free to the public (or paid for with taxes) kindergarten to the 12th grade. And its probable that most people who drop out before graduating from high school tend to lead lives of struggle, financial hardship, and criminal troubles, too. High school years are the most memorable ones. To begin with, a high school diploma should be the standard in America, because a solid high school education lays a solid foundation for the rest of a persons life.

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Should military service be compulsory? Does reality television promote stereotypes? Should employers require employees to cover all visible tattoos? Does individual recycling help the environment? Dont give up the fight If, by chance, youre not really into any of the topics ive listed here, read 70 Argumentative essay topics That Will Put Up a good Fight for even more topic ideas. For help turning your ideas into an argument statement essay, check out these resources: If youre not sure what a finished argument essay might look like (and didnt take advantage of all those links in the topic ideas! take a look at these example argument essays. And if theres absolutely no fight left in you and you dont know whether your paper can stand on its own, kibin editors are ready to help you make sure your paper packs a punch! 98 of Kibin users report better grades! Get inspiration from over 500,000 example essays). High school students are facing the whole new world of education.

So if you choose to argue any issue related to health and medicine, make sure to use current resources. (Not sure if your sources are worthy? Check out How to Apply the word craap test to your Essay sources.) Is a gluten-free diet healthy for those without gluten allergies? Is unnecessary medical spending causing an increase in insurance premiums? Should bariatric surgery be used as a form of weight loss? Does a vegetarian or vegan diet help the environment? Should children be vaccinated before being allowed to enroll in public schools? Miscellaneous argumentative essay ideas In case you dont particularly care for any of the topics ive listed above, here are a few random ideas that may do the trick. Has feminism negatively impacted the lives of women?

argumentative essay about k to 12

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Higher education argumentative writing essay ideas Remember that professors are superb resources (and usually willing to talk about education). If your argument paper is about an issue involving higher education, why not interview one of your professors? Is a degree from a more prestigious university worth more than a degree from a lesser-known college? Do fraternities promote misogyny? Is a university degree necessary in order to achieve the American Dream? Is an online degree as good as a traditional degree? Should there be limits on student loan debt? Health medicine argumentative essay ideas Information about health and medicine changes quickly.

Eric is an online database devoted exclusively to educational resources. (Not all information is available free online. You may need to log in through your schools library to access all of erics resources.) Should recess be required in elementary schools? Should K-12 education be privatized? Will tablets replace textbooks? Should K-12 schools have later start times? Do schools give out too many trophies to kids?

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argumentative essay about k to 12

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Does social media encourage bullying among children and teens? Do teens struggle with person-to-person contact due to excessive use of social media? Stuck on your Argumentative essay? Check out These Example Arguments Yes! Parenting/family life argumentative essay ideas Most people mother have grown up with parents or parental figures. So if youre allowed to use first person and personal experiences in your argument paper, consider sharing any first-hand knowledge you khmer may have about the topic.

Should same-sex couples be allowed to adopt children? Are children harmed by parents who push their children too hard to succeed? Does helicopter parenting help or harm children? Are children permanently psychologically harmed by divorce? Are children who suffer domestic abuse more likely to become abusers as adults? K-12 education argumentative essay ideas If youre researching education-related topics, try eric.

It will make your life a heck of a lot easier! With that said, here is a list of argumentative essay ideas to get you started. 30 Argumentative essay ideas That Will Pick a good Fight. Ive organized the list of essay ideas into seven basic categories, including miscellaneous, just in case nothing in the other categories appeals to you. Ive also included links to example papers for some of the topics to spark your creativity.

Social media argumentative essay ideas, ive used the broad term social media in these examples. But if you want to narrow the topic further, you might focus on one specific form of social media, such as Twitter, Instagram, or Snapchat. You might also narrow the topic by focusing on a specific age group, such as tweens, teens, or older adults. Has social media caused people to lose empathy for others? Do social media users give up privacy in order to stay connected? Should employers (or potential employers) be allowed to view personal social media accounts?

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Dont choose child abuse as your topic and then try to argue that child abuse is bad. While this topic initially sounds argumentative, it really isnt. Would anyone really argue that child abuse is good? I certainly hope not. Its important to find a topic that your readers can either agree or disagree with. If you wanted to write an argumentative essay about child abuse, you might argue that a specific law regarding abuse is ineffective or that not enough shredder is being done to keep children safe. And while Im offering topic advice, heres one more tip. Choose a topic that you can work with. Youre going to have to do a fair amount of research to write a strong argument essay, so try to pick a topic that youre at least somewhat interested.

argumentative essay about k to 12

I cant guarantee that any one of the topic ideas in this post will be the perfect topic for your paper. But ive listed 30 argumentative writer essay ideas that may inspire you. A quick note About Argument Essay topics. The key to writing an effective argumentative essay is choosing a debatable topic. Be careful when selecting a topic. You dont want to choose a topic that sounds like a debate but really isnt. Heres a quick example.

come from the dominican Republic where its expected that every student takes state tests in order. All semester youve known youd have to write an argumentative essay. You figured you had it made because you had what you thought was a surefire plan to rework last semesters paper about gun control. Then your prof dropped a bombshell. Along with the assignment guidelines, she included a list of banned topics. All the old standbys—such as abortion, marijuana legalization, and of course, gun control —were on that list. So there you are, desperately searching to find a new and original topic. Lucky for you, here *I* am, to the rescue!

The standards define what every schoolchild should learn each year, from about first grade through twelfth, and the package includes teacher evaluations tied to federally funded tests designed to ensure that schools teach to common Core. Over 40 states hurriedly adopted Common Core, some before the standards were even written, in response to the Obama administrations making more than 4 billion in federal grants conditional on their doing. Only texas, Alaska, virginia, and Nebraska declined. (Minnesota adopted the English but not the math standards.). I want a quality education. Im part of the next generation. People in charge now arent going to be in charge when I become an adult. My generation will be making decisions and if we make the wrong decisions, there will be big consequences.

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Scheiner, english Period 4 11/21/13, argumentative essay on Common Core. Without Common Core we (America) are not where we want or need. The new York times reported this in August, 2013. Currently, every state sets its own curriculum for its schools. The result is that the United States ranks 25th in math, 17th in science, and 14th in reading compared to students in 27 industrialized countries. Without national standards, students depend upon the luck of where they for were born or schooled to get a comprehensive education that will prepare them for life. If the United States is show more content, but what is Common Core? The national review in may of this year in an article titled, Two moms. Common Core explains: Common Core is a set of math and English standards developed largely with Gates foundation money and pushed by the Obama administration and the national governors Association.

Argumentative essay about k to 12
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Free importance of history papers, essays, and research papers). Walking tour as Personal Essay meets Saturday mornings at 10:00.

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  4. It can be challenging when I just finish grading 50 tenth-grade arg umentative essays at the end of the first semester only to turn around and.

  5. Students are writing a persuasive essay. These assignments in troduce students to what a persuasive essay looks like, analyzing. Argumentative essays are a way for students to analyze the pros and cons of a subj ect with logic and not emotion. This lesson provides different. Of all the writing styles, it can be extremely advantageous to students to master the argumentative essay. Use this m lesson plan to teach.

  6. Argumentative essay example: Should High School be mandatory? Free to the public (or paid for with taxes) kindergarten to the 12th grade. Check out these 30 argumentative essay ideas for fresh topic ideas that deliver a knockout punch. K-12 education argumentative essay ideas. Grades K-12 in English language arts classrooms and in college-level writing. Notion that there is a single argumentative essay genre form (Freedman, 1996).

  7. Free essay: Genary gomez. Scheiner English Period 4 11/21/13. Ga which dealt with math and english-language arts for grades k-12. Since the early 1980 s, the issue of America s faltering public school sys tem has become a serious concern. The crisis in K-12 education is one of the biggest.

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