Advantages of textual presentation of data

advantages of textual presentation of data

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Thus, the Android plugin technology is becoming a new security threat to normal Android apps. Our proposal demystifies the Android plugin technology in depth, explains the underlying attack vector and investigates fundamental security problems. We propose a lightweight defense mechanism and release a library, named "Plugin-Killer which prevents an Android app from being launched by the host app using the Android plugin technology. Once a normal Android app embeds the library, the app can detect the Android plugin environment and terminates itself when it is launched. Presented by tongbo luo cong Zheng zhi xu xin ouyang Designing, deploying, and securing an enterprise network is a stressful job when you have time, budget, and resources. But what about when all of those things are limited? This session will cover the lessons learned in over more than a decade of running the Black hat network.

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Attendees will see a live data feed with popular email client names and who's leaking what. At the final part of our presentation we'll talk about other attacks and what power attackers can potentially get in the case of vulnerable client implementations. Presented by ilya nesterov maxim Goncharov the Android plugin technology is an innovative application-level virtualization framework that allows a mobile application to dynamically load and launch another app without installing the app. This technology was originally developed for purposes of hot patching and reducing the released apk size. The primary application of this technology is to satisfy the growing demand for launching multiple instances of a same app on the same device, such as log in two Twitter accounts for the personal and business simultaneously. The most popular app powered by this technology, parallel Space, has been installed 50 million times in google Play. However, as we know, it never takes malware authors long to catch on to new mobile trends. In the wild, by applying the plugin technology, a newly discovered Android malware "Dual-instance" dynamically loads and launches the original Twitter app's apk file within itself and also hijacks user's inputs (e.g. Password) to launch the phishing attack. Besides, after we have comprehensively analyzed security risks of the Android plugin technology, we find that the data stored by the plugin app can be stolen by the malicious host app or other plugin apps. In our Wildfire product, we have captured 64,058 samples life using the Android plugin technology, among which 61,172 samples are malicious or grey.

There's always a compromise between security and usability. There were times when you would need to obtain all the information about smtp/pop/imap servers and enter them in order to configure your email account. Now it is as simple as just typing your email and password. But when you rely on technology that simplifies your life, it is always complex and sophisticated inside and there is always a huge risk of failure in implementation. Chance of failure to implement. In our presentation we will disclose severe vulnerabilities of mail clients as well as software services that could lead an attacker to take over access to sensitive user information - sometimes including usernames and passwords. We'll also demonstrate how improper email client implementation can leak user credentials and what software developers, server summary administrators and users can do to prevent.

advantages of textual presentation of data

Dc trust: a presentation of scheme return data

Simply deploying 4 devices over two cities, we are able to catch scanning activities. This implies that the 3G/4G intranet has been taken into usage by current security professionals. Overall, our work should raise the awareness of the app developers about this attack vector. Presented by, guangdong bai zhang Qing. One paper of the central points of failure is an email address. We use email addresses used to get access to our bank accounts, social networks and much more. For smb and Enterprise, email addresses are the most literature often targeted entry point for advanced persistent threat (APT) attacks. But how good are we are at protecting our email accounts?

This in turn allows the attacker to reach the mobile apps which are listening for inbound network traffic. Therefore, the 3G/4G intranet scanning significantly augments the threat of vulnerable apps. For example, the attacker can exploit the wormHole vulnerability to remotely tamper the contact information, pull local files, and install malware. In this work, we demonstrate the feasibility of the large-scale scanning over the 3G/4G intranet. First, we adapt the Nmap scanner for 3G/4G intranets. We use it to scan more than 16 million mobile users of the three main isps in China, including China mobile, china telecom and China Unicom. During our scanning, we find that 2 of the scanned devices are installed with apps containing the wormHole vulnerability. We also find a previously-unreported WormHole vulnerability from an app which has accumulated 11 million installs. Second, in order to investigate whether the 3G/4G intranet scanning has been used in the real world, we build up a small honey pot to capture the scanning.

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advantages of textual presentation of data

Mices 2018 - mix-camp E-commerce search

Presented by, marina Krotofil chris Sistrunk. In recent years, we delivered many talks detailing threat actors, their operations, and their tools. How did we conduct such research and gather such intel? In this talk, we share 24 techniques for gathering threat intel and tracking actors, or example: crimeware (undisclosed) vulnerabilities, c c misconfig, and underground marketplaces. We explain our use of these techniques using 30 real cases. We will also uncover an underground marketplace that has over 1,400 registered attackers.

Products for sale includes webshells, ssh birthday passwords, ftp passwords, email lists, and crimeware. We show how their purchased crimeware contained vulnerabilities that allowed us to track them. Presented by, sun huang wayne huang, traditionally, organizing trusted computers within strength a firewall-equipped intranet which is accessible only to the insiders is an ideal way to exclude attackers outside. However, this is not the case in 3G/4G internal network. Due to the openness of the 3G/4G intranets, an attacker is able to join a 3G/4G intranet and conduct scanning over other mobile devices connected to the same intranet using existing tools and techniques like ping sweeps and port scans.

The talk will also discuss an alternate reality where things work smoothly, and examine the differences to our current reality. Presented by, halvar Flake, briefings, there is a continuous evolving gap between scada/ics attackers and the defenders. Once unauthorized access is gained to a control network or a piece of industrial equipment, an attack still needs to be performed. This is where the public literature falls short. This talk will discuss data integrity attacks in industrial sector through the eyes of the attacker. One would normally think that an analog inputs such as power line voltage or pressure in a pipeline are transmitted in scada/ics network packets in a human-comprehensible way.

In reality, these process measurements are scaled and transformed in totally different units each time the data traverse different electric circuits, protocol stacks, applications and DBs located at different layers of the purdue reference architecture. This talk will consider a strategic attacker with a specific malicious goal in mind. When the attacker gets a privileged access and is able to intercept and modify the traffic, she/he needs to find a way to interpret scada/ics data. For that the attacker will have to obtain user manuals, best practices, network architecture drawings, configuration files of sensors, rtus, plcs and scada db's settings, and exercise a lot of engineering math. Only then the attacker will be able to make sense of the observed data units on the wire and perform targeted data manipulation attacks (instead of causing a nuisance). The talk will analyze real-world rtu-based power substation and dcs-based (petro)chemical plant configurations along with all the challenges that attackers must understand, such as selection of most beneficial network segment/piece of equipment, minimum amount of network and systems configuration analysis, etc. The goal of this talk is to educate the audience about real-world facility configurations and show what the attacker needs to do and why when executing data integrity attacks in Industrial Control Systems. Understanding attacker activities and challenges is crucial for planning further research activities and designing effective defensive approaches and solutions.

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This talk discusses seven axioms for implementing proactive defense strategy and measures for the future, concluding with a blueprint of the next evolution of pro-active defense architecture. Presented by, saumil Shah, in it security, offensive problems are technical - but most defensive problems are political and organisational. Attackers have the luxury to focus only on the technical aspects of their work, while defenders have to navigate complex political and regulatory environments. In a previous talk. Rearchitecting a defendable internet i london discussed what technical measures would yield defendable devices - and intentionally omitted the political and economics side. This talk, on the other hand, will explore the economics and incentive structures in it security: Who is incentivized by who to do what - and how these incentives fail to produce the security level we desire. The talk will look at different players in it security: cisos, security product vendors, computer manufacturers, cyber insurances - and examine their economic incentive structures, their interplay, and reasons for failure.

advantages of textual presentation of data

Dont worry we wont send you spam or share your email address with anyone. Email address, dont have an email address? White paper presentation source, keynote "Today's lipids attacks succeed because the defense is reactive.". As the defenses have caught up and closed open doors, we attackers have looked for new avenues and vectors. Looking back on the state of defenses from One-way web Hacking in 2001 to Stegosploit in 2016, a common pattern emerges. Defense boils down to reacting to new attacks and then playing catch-up. It is time to transition defense from being reactive to proactive.

the e-commerce search user experience. Exploring artificial intelligence, visual and voice search for e-commerce. How to deal with poor data quality in e-commerce search. Help us improve, to help us improve, wed like to know more about your visit today. Well send you a link to a feedback form. It will take only 2 minutes to fill.

Format, mices brings together participants from a variety of backgrounds, all sharing a common interest in e-commerce search. In order to stimulate and facilitate discussion, we will start with scheduled talks in the morning. This will be followed by self-organising sessions: participants are encouraged to initiate discussions about their topics of interest or to give an ad hoc presentation. Topics, the workshop welcomes all topics related to e-commerce search. We have compiled a list of topics that will probably feature at the workshop. This list is not comprehensive. Participants are welcome to discuss further topics at the workshop. Managing e-commerce search: finding the right process and organisation for it, the and how does it change over time?

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Slides, you will find a link 'slides' at the end of each talk within the programme. Join us for another one-day workshop on E-commerce search. In the search with community, e-commerce search has received far less attention and is less established than search in other domains, such as enterprise search or general web search. But it is a very exciting domain with a lot of challenges. That's why we started. Mices 2017 as an informal one-day event to bring together experts of different backgrounds - such as it, product managers, ux designers, search managers, information retrieval specialists, search engine vendors - to discuss challenges, ideas, best practices, and case studies in the e-commerce search domain. In response to the overwhelmingly positive feedback about mices 2017, we have decided to organise another event in 2018.

Advantages of textual presentation of data
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  1. 1.3 : reading Literature Students read and respond to works of literature—with emphasis on comprehension, vocabulary acquisition, and making connections among ideas and between texts with focus on textual evidence. 13.1 Introduction to objects, images, and applets. Html s multimedia features allow authors to include images, applets (programs that are automatically downloaded and run on the user s machine video clips, and other html documents in their pages. New Releases of, savvius Omnipliance, omnipeek, and Spotlight Now Shipping. Version.0 of, savvius Spotlight, version.0 of, savvius Omnipeek, and new models of, savvius Omnipliances, T310, M210, and C110, are now shipping).

  2. European r users meeting 2018 in Budapest, hungary. Professional development Certificate. Data, science and Machine learning. Data, analytics for Business. Resources for students to enhance their skills in English, mathematics, reading, Science, and Writing based on their act test score.

  3. Mices - mix-camp E-commerce search, berlin, june 2018 - info and registration. Presentation, elements Represent, presentation elements correspond to the constructors of traditional mathematical notation — that is, to the basic kinds of symbols and expression-building structures out of which any particular piece of traditional mathematical notation is built. The statutory programmes of study and attainment targets for computing at key stages 1. Man-in-the-scada: Anatomy of Data, integrity Attacks in Industrial Control Systems. There is a continuous evolving gap between scada/ics attackers and the defenders.

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