A girl on a train summary

a girl on a train summary

The girl on the Train by paula hawkins

Somehow, it reminded me of Gone girl due to the similarities in the theme but Im glad that it was a completely different plot altogether. The tension starts building just after a few pages and the little Sherlock in your heart starts playing guesses. The story does not include too many characters, which was good according. Im not fond of having several characters when a mystery thriller is involved. I believe it is difficult to craft a perfect mystery within a few characters. More characters simply add more room for the author to explore. Not as much as Gone girl (I promise i wont bring up this name again because thats unfair.) but quite effective.

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The girl on the Train. Rachel, who takes the same commuter train every morning. She clatters down the track, blazes past a stretch of cozy suburban homes and halts at the signal that allows her to watch the same couple daily, having breakfast on their for deck. She has even taken the liberty to name them as Jess and Jason. Seeking all that, she feels that their life is perfect unlike hers. One usual day, she sees something unexpected that changes all her beliefs. Nobody has a clue but Rachel thinks she can help. She offers to help the police in their investigation but ends up entwined in the complex web of mysteries that surrounds her and the people she knows. The terrific Debut, the girl on the Train is the debut work of paula hawkins and i am hudgens amazed at the fact. Right from the beginning, the book had my interest.

Now I'm all alone, verse 3, i wanna come in first place. Fell in love and we skipped all the first dates Shook my world up like an earthquake you got me fucked up in the worst way i'm a stranger in the first place but I'm there when you celebrate your birthday where that girl headed? Lord knows Bedford stop and them doors close Chorus Girl on a train i know you're just a stranger What is your name, where are you going? Girl on a train I don't know where i'll find you still on my mind when I got home now I'm all alone. 90, shares, i picked up, the girl on the Train because it has been receiving some great reviews from readers all over the world. For some reason, the immense popularity of any book makes me curious and so far, i have not been disappointed. Oh wait, i read fuller Fifty Shades Trilogy. Anyways, i had not read a good mystery-thriller since long and decided to place my bet.

a girl on a train summary

Luckiest Girl Alive : a novel: Jessica Knoll

You'll never get tired. You remind of a lot of things. Martin and Gina, my Iliad and Odyssey. Girl I want to make you proud. I know i act stupid but you know I'm talented. The chaos the mayhem, diary girl smile the suns out, the city got crazy. And that's why it's fun now. Feel what I feel, and stop where i stop, you know what this is and you got what I got. The feeling's so rare it don't happen a lot.

I wonder where she headed, lord knows. Bedford stop came and the doors closed. Chorus, girl on a train i know you're just a stranger. What is your name, where are you going? Girl on a train I don't know where i'll find you. Still on my mind when I got home. Now I'm all alone, verse 2, city is fucking heartless. Easy to get tarnished, beauty in all the darkness, there's wealth in all the poverty. You're like i won the lottery.

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a girl on a train summary

The, girl on the

And i ain't even know where she was going. But she broke my heart when her stop came. On the l with some headphones. I wonder what you bumpin' in those in-ears. I want to say what's up but autobiographies I been scared.

Vibes out of thin air, full car, blank stares. I wonder if you single or you got a man. I bet you like me you got a lot of fans. I wonder if you smoke if you drink too. I wonder if you care what I think too. We don't know each other but that's all good. I'm chasing love like we all should.

The girl on the Train was pitched as this year's. Gone girl, but Gone girl presented a much more harrowing and insightful look at marriage and the idea of the "perfect woman." The girl on the Train flirts with interesting conversations about alcoholism, abuse, depression and a woman's desire for children, but the big twists. The biggest flaw with The girl on the Train is that none of its three leads are especially likable. While there have been plenty of films that have had success in unlikable characters - gone girl being one of them - it doesn't work for Rachel, Anna and Megan alternately as a complicated web of mysteries and betrayals pull them closer together. Even when the curtain is pulled back on the traumas in Rachel and Megan's pasts, it doesn't do much to humanize them.

Exit Theatre mode, that's because The girl on the Train never does much to offer any of the three women much depth beyond their initial stereotypical depictions. Rachel is the unhinged, alcoholic mess, Anna is the bitter, shrewish, uptight housewife and Megan is alternately the girl next door, the ingenue and the slut. Though the plot gets developed in convoluted ways that offers new wrinkles to their stories, they never end up breaking from those character molds. The great cast does their best to offer range to their one-dimensional characters, with Blunt doing most of the heavy lifting. The ponderous first act largely hinges on Rachel's alcoholism and obsession with the life she lost, and the responsibility of moving the plot forward is placed on Blunt's shoulders. She does her best with the material, getting deep inside rachel's troubled headspace, but even she can't save the movie from itself. Verse 1, i met this pretty girl on the train. I fell in love before i even got her name.

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Without knowing anything about Megan and Scott, rachel idolizes them - and particularly megan - as being the resumes embodiment of everything she lost. One day she sees Megan kissing another man (Edgar Ramirez) on her balcony, which causes Rachel to spiral and do something that, due to a drunken blackout, she can't remember. When Megan turns up missing the following day, rachel seems like the prime suspect. It's a convoluted plot, and that's only summarizing the first act. The girl on the Train film follows the format of the novel by splitting the storyline between Rachel, megan and Anna's first-person perspectives; while it might have worked on the page, it's overly complicated on the big screen, and causes the movie to move. The twists and turns of the narrative are supposed to be enough to move the story along, but ultimately they end up being familiar tropes that don't elevate the story beyond average thriller material. Emily Blunt stars as Rachel in The girl on the Train.

a girl on a train summary

Movie review / 9:22 pm pdt. What did she see? By terri Schwartz, emily Blunt is the best thing about. The girl on the Train, a thriller based on the hit 2015 novel from author paula hawkins. But even essay she isn't enough to elevate the film from its slow, uninspired plot. The titular girl on the train is Blunt's Rachel, an alcoholic, emotionally unstable woman who never recovered after her husband Tom (Justin Theroux) cheats on her and then leaves her her for real estate agent Anna (Rebecca ferguson). She takes the train back and forth to new York city every day, sitting in the car that allows her the best view of her former home with Tom, which he now shares with Anna and their infant child. Exit Theatre mode, during her daily trips she becomes obsessed with Megan (The magnificent seven's Haley bennett who lives several doors down from Tom with her husband Scott (luke evans).

As for the pdf download that is available via purchase from Amazon. Download The girl on the Train paula hawkins pdf epub or you can purchase the book from Amazon. Remember if you like it you should buy it! Advertisements, free audiobook, all soft copy books acquired through reading Sanctuary require users to leave a review on the books Amazon page to help authors. The girl on the Train paula hawkins. Purchase, you may also like to read these related ebook documents.

Rachel catches the same commuter train at the same time each morning and evening. She sees the same thing every day on her train route from the junctions to the countryside houses. When the train stops at the signal on mornings she sees a couple having breakfast on their deck. She has grown so accustomed and fond of them that she assigned them names, jess and Jason. She often compares their relationship to the one she lost with Tom who still occupies their old house. But this fairytale is about to change! One morning she noticed something different, jess was missing from the picture. Soon after Rachel sees the woman she called Jess on the news, it seems she has disappeared. Rachel would soon find out list how her life and that of the happy couple she watched every morning are intertwined.

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Advertisements, review, contents, the girl on the Train has more fun with unreliable professional narration than any chiller since. The girl on the Train has. Gone girl type fun with unreliable spouses, too. The girl on the Train is liable to draw a large, bedazzled readership too. The girl on the Train is full of backstabbing, none of it literal Hawkins keeps all these fibs, threats and innuendoes swirling through her book, to the point where they frighten and undermine each of her characters. —janet maslin, the new york times. Summary, we are introduced to the character of Rachel, an alcoholics who has split up from her husband.

A girl on a train summary
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I bought my copy a few months ago and just got around to reading. When I saw the name of the book, strangers on a train by patricia highsmith.

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  1. If you loved Gone girl, youll think The girl on the Train is okay. Summary: jeanne lives in a house in the suburbs with her mother louise. Not having read the book its difficult to compare the two vehicles but, The girl on the Train is the film version of the best selling novel by paula hawkins. Summary : Follow the story of Hana, a high school delinquent who, after a rough day, notices a gorgeous, tall, foreign looking girl on her train ride home. A documentary filmmaker boards a train at Grand Central Terminal. Chorus Girl on a train i know you're just a stranger What is your name, where are you going?

  2. Its only a minute until the train moves on, but its enough. A compulsively readable, emotionally immersive, hitchcockian thriller that draws comparisons to gone girl, The silent Wife, or Before i go to Sleep, this is an electrifying. This companion to The girl on Train includes: summary of the book. a discussion on Themes. Contents show, summary, get pdf epub the girl on the Train paula hawkins novel. Plot Summary : In the thriller, rachel (Blunt who is devastated by her recent divorce, spends her daily commute fantasizing about the seemingly perfect couple who live in a house that her train passes every day, until one morning she sees.

  3. The novel contains suspense, drama, complex plot and an astounding ending that has the ability to make readers yearn for more. "Gripping, enthralling - a top-notch thriller and a compulsive read.". The welcome echoes of rear Window throughout the story and its propulsive narrative make the girl on the Train an absorbing read. Not unlike the life she recently lost. And then she sees something shocking.

  4. Complete summary of Patricia highsmith's Strangers on a train. Enotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of Strangers on a train. A girl like phyl. Not as much as Gone girl (I promise i wont bring up this name again because thats unfair.) but quite effective. As you progress into the story of The girl on the Train, several revelations are made and the backdrop of the characters is built upon a tensed canvas. This book, the girl on the Train is written by debutante writer paula hawkins.

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