The world is a global village essay

the world is a global village essay

The, world, is, becoming, a, global, village, essay, sample

There appears to be a few separate issues here, and they haven't been corrected even up to the latest revision: The first is the (excessive) copyrighted code taken from "The renderMan Companion". I'm pretty sure that's a copyright violation and should be deleted (which i've done). The second issue, i'm not quite sure how to express. Do we even need the "This article was written by Enrique flouret." attribution if User:Eflouret is the one who put his article in the edit box and hit the "Publish changes" button? Is this actually required to avoid self-plagiarism? Another possible issue is that the attribution was changed to simply "This article was taken from The Photoshop roadmap with written authorization" in a later revision. I'm pretty sure wikipedia doesn't allow copyrighted text in the first place, even if we assume that we have permission to use it in this case.

Essay on the, world as a, global, village

green C 04:36, (UTC) ( edit conflict )I think "who funded it" is the most important question. If the wmf paid users to edit articles about or relating to wikipedia or its "competitors that'd be pandora a problem. If the wmf gave out cash prizes for editing in non-commercial topics, i could see arguments for and against it who gets rewarded and why? Where did the wmf get the money from? (But if the wmf ever wants to give admins a stipend for their work, there'd be absolutely no objections from me, though there is the smallest possibility that I could potentially be the tiniest bit biased in distantly related matters ). If a wikiproject crowdsources funds to encourage much needed work that is otherwise perfectly in line with site policies and guidelines, i don't really see that as being too different from encouraging a friend to join by offering to buy them lunch. Omson ( talk ) 04:54, (UTC) Yes they are legit. Oftentimes the money even comes from the wmf and I brought up a similar concern years ago regarding the optics of cash prizes versus paid editing that was brushed off. majora ( talk ) 04:50, (UTC) (Possibly) copyrighted work that was contributed by the (possible) copyright-holder edit here is the first revision of Procedural texture (from 2004). At the bottom you can see "This article was written by Enrique flouret from The Photoshop roadmap ". Note that the contributor is User:Eflouret himself (who has been inactive since 2004).

For example, wp:wikiproject Women in Red/The world Contest. This seems rather contrary to the volunteer ethic which has been behind wikipedia since day one. I'm all for the goal of creating new biographies of women. It just surprises me that cash prizes are involved. Are these contests legit? roysmith (talk) 18:42, (UTC) roysmith Who funded it? It's good work, until the koch Brothers fund a wikipedia editathon contest via revelation a dark money foundation grant. Any special interest could incentivize the creation and expansion of material that would benefit them, which is not far away from paid editing.

the world is a global village essay

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green C 04:26, (UTC)Thanks, so the spike is real. It is hard to paper imagine that all of a sudden 20x more people directly look up checkmate for one day, so they are probably coming some other route. 04:29, (UTC) Please note that Harlan Ellison died on 28 june according to biography google. — Preceding unsigned comment added by ( talk ) 23:04, (UTC) Hello. That information has been incorporated into the article. In the future, feel free to make the changes yourself. Anyone's allowed to edit, provided they follow the rules. — afroThundr ( u t c ) 16:08, (UTC) Cash prizes? Edit i discovered today that we've got contests which offer cash prizes.

Most days are consistently about 400-500 but there is a spike to nearly 8,000. Are these spikes real and what causes them? Bubba73 you talkin' to me? 17:00, (UTC) Bubba73 - there might be another high-profile article that links to this article, the spike being spillover traffic. There might be a bot that is stuck. There might be a social media thread that linked the article. Etc it's impossible to know, but spikes are real traffic. The signpost has a regular column it tries to piece together why certain articles have so much traffic.

Internet is turning the world into a global village

the world is a global village essay

Is the world really becoming a global village?

S warm 07:14, (UTC) Borgatya, the closest I can get to an "exact, concrete problem" is that the tone is not neutral. This may be difficult for a person who is writing in a non-native language to understand, and cannot be reduced to specific words or phrases which essay are objectionable, which is why i suggest the assistance of copyeditors skilled in the English wikipedia's policies, which are. Comparison with other articles on English wikipedia is also pointless, as we do not use precedent as a justification when there is a conflict with policy or style guidance. As a last attempt to express the problem, consider rewriting the article not as an admirer of Judit Hidasi and her work, which you clearly are, but as someone who does not actually care about her or her work, but must write an article providing. Cheers, peter (Southwood) (talk) : 10:36, (UTC) Borgatya, after reading my comment above, i think i may be able to clarify a bit more.

When I read the article in its current (deleted) form, it was very clear to me that you think very highly of Judit Hidasi and her work. It is entirely acceptable for you to feel this way, but that feeling must not be apparent from the article. Cheers, peter (Southwood) (talk) : 10:44, (UTC) In the course of my researches I have come across a number of cases where 'topic x' is covered on a number of different language wps but not on the English wikipedia (for a variety of reasons). Jackiespeel ( talk ) 12:41, (UTC) Spike in page views edit i've noticed strange spikes in the number of page views, according to the statistics. For instance, on the talk:Checkmate talk page are the daily stats.

Neither @ Randykitty : who has nominated it nor @ Swarm : who has delated it, have not pointed out the exact, concrete problemes, mistakes that would have justified their rights to delate this article and the only answer was from them that just because. Judit Hidasi 's article becase the reason that they have justified their motivations was nonsense and causeless and they cannot have proved their opinions thoroughly. I have been an active, respected, confirmed editor on English wikipedia for 10 years, i have registered in 2008 and until now I have been creating lotsa articles and my articles are always were suitable for the high level of wikipedia and I can have. Please restore Ms Judit Hidasi 's article and I do not have to rewrite it because i have already written it well. Borgatya ( talk ) 21:33, (UTC) @ Borgatya : I have directly provided you with a concrete explanation of why judit Hidasi was deleted, on your talk page.

Another admin has endorsed my comment there, which brings us up to three different administrators who are trying to get the same message across to you. I don't see you raising any direct points of contention or confusion from any of the messages you've received, so i'm interpreting this as you're choosing not to listen to us because you're angry about the article being deleted. I'm sorry, but we've tried to sympathize with you and work with you here, but the one thing we aren't going to do is bend the rules for you. You are correct on one point: you do not have to rewrite the article. There is no burden on you to. You are not required to take any further action. You can simply move on if you do not wish to do the work. But, if you feel so strongly about it, you have already been instructed on what needs to be done, i have offered to restore the article so that you may do so, and you have even been referred to a project that might be able. It's up to you whether or not you wish to do this work, but I suspect in the time it's taken you to write out these angry messages, you could have rewritten the article three times by now.

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Noam Chomsky is a famous American linguist, he is the most famous linguist in the world and though he is more famous than Professor Judit Hidasi but I think, this is not a mistake, pity because each linguists are less famous than noam Chomsky but. The bibliograpy can prove that he or she a respected and notable scholar and they who debate the existence of a list of scientific works, do not understand the scientific research and they cannot judge the existence of a wikipedia article because they can prove. I do not understand why judit Hidasi 's article would be worst than noam Chomsky's beacaue both of them are respected scholars in their fields. And noam Chomsky 's article is much more longer than. Judit Hidasi 's was and. Judit Hidasi 's article have not contained any prohibited things, fact and it was pretty neutral, first more neutral than noam Chomsky's article. And I have not received any concrete answer what is exact problem with. Judit Hidasi 's article.

the world is a global village essay

Borgatya ( talk ) 21:46, (UTC) The bibliography is clearly unsuitable for inclusion (see wp:notcv in particular for the main article it's impossible to gauge at the moment since it's now deleted, although I have no reason to doubt Randykitty's judgement that this was. I suggest you create the article as a wp:draft first, where the article can be brought inline with our standards, if it is indeed suitable for inclusion. Headbomb t c p b 00:27, (UTC) Administrator note: Will follow up with user on their own talk page. S warm 06:22, (UTC) Thanks headbomb and Swarm. I have given Borgatya very similar advice in response to their query on my talk page. randykitty ( talk ) 10:06, (UTC) Thanks for your word kind attention @ headbomb : and @ Swarm :but i must emphasize that you're not right because the aricle judit Hidasi was neither an advertising nor a promotion. Judit Hidasi is a respected scholar in the world, i cannot understand whether her article might exist in 9 languages: Japanese, chinese, german, russian, french, romanian, irish, korean and Hungarian why they do not consider her articles as an advertising or promotion because maybe they.

Randykitty : does not know this linguist in her own country but the scientists who research the communication in the world, they know her name. She is among the respected and notable linguists. I hope i have managed to prove my arguments and standpoint that the articles in question should be kept on English wikipedia and now the admins of enwiki will give up the idea to delate judit Hidasi bibliography as @ Randykitty : has written. And you all will accept this, you all agree with me and you all won't change my editing and you would no longer like to delate both of them. Please Ask the opinion of the hungarian administrators and workshops that deal with Hungarian topics. I do not accept that the delation of the article of this Hungarian scholar was well substantiated and that two admins can make a decision about this important topic without any discussions, diputes, debates so the decision of delation was hasty and unreasoned.

Her nomination for delation was pretty husty and unreasoned, i think, and i understand her intention to defend the interests of wikipedia but on the one hand the article was about a writings famous and notable scientist, scholar, professor of linguistics from Hungary who teaches and. Order of the rising Sun 3rd Class, gold rays with Neck ribbon by hm akihito, emperor of Japan on 8 november 2005 in tokyo so it was an unfriendly act to offend these articles but on the other hand if this Hungarian scholar were not. Her article has been existing for two years and I do not understand why it were an un unambiguous advertising or promotion?! If her own article were an advertising or promotion then all living scholars' articles would be advertisings or promotions and you all might think she (who will be 70 years old on 11 July) should die if her article were rightful?! And it is pretty weird that @ Randykitty : has nominated the article for delation at 13:37, (UTC) and it have been delated in five hours, at 18:47, by @ Swarm : this is nonsense! There wasn't any time to revise it, to defend it for me, to explain my opinion. @ Randykitty : is not right, both articles Judit Hidasi and Judit Hidasi bibliography own several secondary sources and not only in Hngarian but in English, too. I think if a person can be found in a book of the biographies of the contemporary hungarian Linguists, that person can also deserve the article on wikipedia. A biography has been written about Judit Hidasi in Hungary : Kálmán Bolla (ed.) (2009).

World, is, not a global Village Essay - 787 Words

Central discussion page of wikipedia for general topics not covered by the specific topic pages. The miscellaneous section of the village pump is used to post messages that do not fit into any other category. Please post on the policy, technical, or proposals sections when appropriate, or at the help desk for assistance. For general knowledge questions, please use the reference desk. « Older discussions, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48, 49, 50, 51, 52, 53, 54, 55, 56, 57, 58, 59 Contents to whom it may concern. I am astonished at @ Randykitty s act because i think she is not right but we are human beings and to err is human. I think she has not paid enough attention to the fact that i am an confirmed editor and i am aware of the facts of notability guideline for academics and the rule of WP:scholar and the article in question is highly suitable for creating. So these articles are not an Unambiguous advertising or promotion.

The world is a global village essay
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Otázka: United Kingdom jazyk: Angličtina přidal(a jt we are often told that the world is getting smaller.

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