Raised line paper

raised line paper

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Die cuttability suitability of paper and board for die cutting into blanks of a given shape. Digital paper paper specifically designed for digital printing technology. Digital printing the printing process where an image is applied to the substrate directly from a digital file rather than using plates or film. Digital proofing proofing directly from digital files instead of using film to create proofs. Dot gain the increase in size of a dot in a tone print that takes place when it is printed, as compared with its size on the photographic positive or negative. Double bump the application of two layers of ink to achieve greater opacity or more intense colour. Down time none productive time when a paper or machine is being maintained or cleaned. Dpi stands for Dots Per Inch, usually in the context of semitone or process printing, which refers to the frequency of dots appearing.

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Constat abbreviation for continuous advantage stationery. Continuous stationery a grade widely used on modern high speed accounting and similar machines. The paper is supplied in reel form and along with the printing process many finishing techniques can be used, such as perforation and special folds. A particular use is for invoices, statements and similar documents, when it is normally fan-folded. Cromalin a high quality proof used as an accurate colour guide. Ctp computer to plate.- Printing an image directly from a computer to polyester or metal plates. Curl sheet distortion leading to a tendency to roll. Cutting to register operation of ban slitting and cutting watermarked paper so that the watermark design falls in a given position in every sheet. Densitometer an instrument for measuring the density of a colour or differences in tone. Density the density of a printed image. Desensitising area an area on the surface side of a cf or cfb carbonless product which has been rendered inert to producing a carbonless copy.

China clay a naturally occurring mineral, consisting essentially of hydrated silicate of alumina, used as a filler or as a component in paper coating. Clean edge refers to a very fine perforation line which simulates the night effect of a guillotine cut edge (Also known as Micro-perf). Coated paper or board material coated on one or both sides with a mixture of china clay, latex and other loadings to fill up surface pits and improve the printing surface. The process can be accomplished either on-line on the papermaking machine or away from the papermaking machine, as a separate operation. There are a variety of coating methods, these include: roll coating, blade coating, air knife coating and brush. Cockle local deformation of a sheet of paper due to unequal shrinkage giving it a slightly crumpled appearance. Colour correction method used to improve the reproduction of the colour original. Computer to plate process in which printing plates are imaged from a digital file instead of using film.

raised line paper

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The underneath sheet (CF coated front) is coated with a reactive chemical which turns blue or black when mixed with the colourless dye. Pressure from a pen or typewriter on the top sheet causes the gelatine capsules to break, the dye and. Cartridge paper slightly rough coated or uncoated printing surfaced paper used for with a variety of graphic purposes such as envelopes. Generally noted for good dimensional stability, high opacity and good bulk. Cb, cf, cfb see carbonless Paper. Cheque or security papers the grade carrying this term is printed on a paper with a sensitised body as a protection against fraud. Of good quality, the paper is chemically treated in such a way as to show any sign of unauthorised change. Additionally, the paper can contain certain fibres that can only be detected under special light. Another, cheaper type is used for receipt books, forms and coupons.

Bulk a term applied to the substance, thickness and feel of a paper. Bulk packed on pallets a method of packing paper in which the sheets are not wrapped in parcels but stacked on the pallet, tabbed at the required intervals to indicate quantity and over-wrapped. C-sheet the reference used for a carbonless bottom sheet (the bottom sheet of a multi part set) (CF coated). Carbon paper a thin woodfree or part mechanical paper coated on one side with colouring agent or carbon black dispersed in a suitable medium,. Wax, which is transferred to a sheet of paper underneath when pressure is applied. Carbonless copy paper ncr. This consists of two sheets of paper, the underside of the top sheets (called cb for coated back) is coated with colourless dye in minute gelatine capsules.

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raised line paper

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The product is sealed to the board by a transparent plastic film. This system earn is often used for small products of difficult shapes and sizes. Blottings highly absorbent papers which can be watermarked, white or in colours. With the advent of the ball-point pen, the original use where hand writing ink is absorbed has greatly reduced demand. Boards a term applied to paper above an accepted weight.

The substance when paper becomes known as board varies a great deal between manufacturers and can vary from as low as 180 g/m2 to as high as 250 g/m2. The lower substance definition usually refers to boards in the graphic sector. Bookjacket paper term applied to the printed dust cover or wrapper used to cover books or similar publications; usually a high quality coated grade in the higher substance range. Also called Jacket Paper. Bromide a black and white positive or proof on photographic paper. Traditionally made by contact printing negative film onto white photographic paper (bromide paper) this term now also encompasses positives made by contact Transfer (CT) or Photomechanical Transfer (PMT).

Also called Body paper or Rawstock. Basis weight the weight of paper defined in grams per square metre (g/m2). Bible paper very thin printing papers. Originally made specifically for Bibles and prayer books, this grade of paper is also used for other commercial purposes, such as dictionaries, where many pages are required with an overall low volume. Bible paper is also known as India paper.

Binder the adhesive used to stick the layers of coating together and to the paper or board surface. The most frequently used binder is starch, but synthetic binders are also used to give improved performance. Biodegradable a substance which will decompose as the result of action by bacteria and other living organisms. Blade-coated paper paper coated by a process in which the freshly applied wet coating is smoothed and the excess removed by a thin, flexible metal blade which bears on the coated surface blanket cylinder the cylinder on a litho printing machine, covered with a rubber. Bleaching a chemical treatment used to whiten, brighten and improve the performance of pulp. Bleed the part of a printed image beyond the area to which the finished sheet will be cut. Blind embossed a logo, text or design which has been relief stamped into a sheet of paper, onto which no printing ink has been added. Blister pack this term describes a packaging system which is a combination of board and plastics.

Raised Line paper

To print on the reverse side of apple a printed sheet. Banks and bonds, a range of printing and writing papers, the better qualities of which were at one time made largely from rags. The heavier substance papers, above a substance of about 60 g/m2, are often used for correspondence and letterheads, and are known as bonds, while the lighter weights called banks used largely for file copy papers have less use today with the introduction of the automated. Base board, board intended for coating, laminating, etc. Base paper, name given to the base sheet for off-machine coating, or paper intended to be converted,. By a coating process or by impregnation. The term is sometimes used also for paper to which a layer of other material (aluminium, plastics, etc.) is bonded.

raised line paper

Often used homework for legal documents. This is a generic term given to woodfree coated papers, which has traditionally referred to papers in the upper quality bracket and which have a highly polished surface. Today the term is less used because of the introduction of more categories in the sector. However, 'real Art' is still used for those woodfree coated papers, gloss or matt, which are considered to be of the very highest quality. Artwork, original illustrative copy or typesetting, ready for reproduction, at pre-film stage. Artwork on disk, complete, requiring no edits, ready to output to final film or direct to plate, and provided in recognised commercial software such as Illustrator, Freehand, coreldraw, pagemaker, In Design, quark Express, or Photoshop. The reference sometimes used for a carbonless middle sheet of a carbonless multipart set, (cfb coated).

on the delivery end of a printing machine to prevent set-off by projecting a fine spray, of liquid or powder at the sheet. Antique, a quality bulky paper, particularly opaque, with a rough surface finish. It can be made in white or in colours, be deckle-edged, and either laid or wove. A good printing surface is a feature of this grade, which is often used for more expensive books. Apparent density, the"ent of the grammage of a paper and its thickness in micrometers. Aqueous, aqueous inks or other coatings have formulations based on water, as opposed to organic solvents. Archival paper, paper intended for permanent records and usually subject to a specification covering strength and chemical properties.

Absorbency, the extent to which a paper will take up and hold a liquid. Absorption, the first stage of drying an ink when printed onto a porous material. Acid-free paper, in principle, paper which does not contain any free acid. Special precautions are taken during manufacture to eliminate any active acid that might be in the furnish, in order to increase the longevity of the finished paper. Any non-fibrous component of the stock or material added in small quantity to a coating, in order to confer special properties to the paper. Adhesion, the bond between ink and the material on which it is printed. Alum, a term commonly, but mistakenly, applied in the paper industry to various qualities of Aluminium Sulphate.

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The wordlist doesn't exist anymore, or, the website doesn't exist anymore. On this page you can find a copy of the original information. The information may have been taken offline because it is outdated. FiskPrinters - printing Terms, category: Technical and it glossary of Print Terms paper sizes. Date country:, uk, words: 180, a sheet. The reference sometimes used for gender a carbonless top sheet (i.e. The first part of a carbonless multipart form, cb coated). Abrasion resistance, the resistance of an ink to removal by scratching or rubbing.

Raised line paper
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