Large industrial paper shredder

large industrial paper shredder

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You can just empty your secured shred bin in the machine and start shredding. Industrial shredders come in strip-cut, cross-cut and micro-cut variants. For confidential documents we recommend at least a cross-cut shredder. We recommend a cross-cut or micro-cut shredder to shred office documents. That is security level din p-3 or higher ( read more ). Strip-Cut, Cross-Cut and Micro-cut Recommended for large organizations Industrial shredders are recommended for instance for large offices, large departments, warehouses, governments and other professional industries where there is a need for bulk shredding or central shredding points. With these large and advanced shredders you can shred bulks of flat or crumbled paper, but you can also shred large files, waste paper, binders, notebooks, cardboard, staples, paperclips, cds, dvds, credit cards and id cards. These machines are powerful enough to shred all day for an entire organization.

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Security level: Cross-cut, sheet capacity: 65-85 pages, feed opening:.44 inches Bin capacity: 76 gallons Official product page Check Price 4 formax FD8904cc argumentative high-capacity conveyor-fed industrial shredder for large volume fully-automated shredding. Security level: Cross-cut Sheet capacity: 650 pages feed opening: 21 inches Bin capacity: 102 gallons Official product page Check Price 5 formax fd 8850cc professional and flexible shredder with two paper infeeds for centralized document shredding. Security level: Cross-cut Sheet capacity: 80 pages feed opening:.5 inches Bin capacity: 77 gallons Official product page Check Price find more industrial shredders There are a lot of industrial shredders to choose from. So of course it is possible that our top 5 doesnt contain the right heavy duty shredder for you. Check out more industrial shredders over. What is an industrial paper shredder? An industrial paper shredder (or disintegrator) is a large and rugged commercial shredding machine for high-end professionals. This shredding system isnt your usual heavy-duty (home) office shredder. An industrial shredder is capable of shredding large amounts of documents, known as bulk shredding. You can shred thousands documents continuously with these shredders. So no more cool-down or limited run-times, which are customary with standard office shredders.

Price range: 10,000 50,000, sheet capacity: 50 Sheets or more, bin capacity: 50 Gallons or more. Run-time: Continuous shredding, security level: Cross-cut or Micro-cut (tiny particles more info? Read our Paper Shredder buying guide. Destroyit 5009, conveyor-fed industrial cross-cut shredder with centralized oiler and safety guard. Security level: Cross-cut, sheet capacity: pages, business feed opening: 20 inches. Bin capacity: 79 gallons, official product page, check Price 2, sem model 5146P. Heavy-duty industrial shredder with hopper. Perfect for centralized shredding. Security level: Cross-cut, sheet capacity: 70 pages, feed opening: 18 inches, bin capacity: 60 gallons, official product page, check Price 3, hsm powerline hsm1503 / 450.2, powerful industrial shredder with solid steel cross-cutting rollers for reliable continuous operation.

large industrial paper shredder

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About the author paul baumgarten, copyright copy; Prosource packaging Inc. Keep up with us, we Accept. Powerful heavy-duty shredders for shredding documents in bulk, industrial shredders are large and powerful machines that can shred high volumes of office paper with ease. A standard office shredder is fine for shredding your usual stack of documents at the end of the day. But for large office departments, industries, large facilities or warehouses with lots of confidential documents, it is recommended to have access to a strong heavy-duty industrial shredder which can shred large amounts of paper continuously. On this page youll find recommended disintegrator shredders and more information about what to look for when buying a professional industrial shredder. The industrial shredders meet the following requirements.

The houston Astros organization has done business with us for many, many years. Recently, they decided to add an additional shredder to their office. That's when we stepped up to the plate and helped them out. Today both Gil and Rick of m covered all bases with a smooth delivery! Thank you houston Astros. This entry was posted in no categories. Store 14911 Stuebner Airline Rd, suite a, houston,. Phone: (281) Fax: (281) 453-8806. Store hours: Monday-friday, 8:30am -5:30pm cst.

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large industrial paper shredder

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Fast conveyor speed moves large volumes of paper into shredder. Hsm fa 500.2 Cross Cut Paper Shredder Compare? 208.5 hp motor. Easy operation with auto reverse. Responsive website - use same url for Desktop, tablet, Phone.

Latest blog, machine-solution talks about our industry! Mar162018, all planner Bases covered with houston Astros! On Friday, march 16, 2018 4:38:00. All Bases covered with houston Astros! The staff at m hit a home run today with a sale of a destroyit 4002cc essay commercial paper shredder to the 2017 World Series Champions houston Astros!

The filter is cleaned from the outside when required. The minimum volume flow necessary for the dust extractor is monitored by a built-in vacuum gauge. A swivel-out container with level indicator makes changing the plastic liner very simple. Destroyit 4605 High-Volume Shredder Compare? Soft touch controls with illuminated symbols for forward, stop and reverse. Second feed opening located under hopper for sheets and edp paper.

Safety auto stop when hopper is opened. Intimus Model S14.95 Compare? Shred size : Cross-cut 1/4" x 1 1/2" (6 x 38 mm) Throat size : 17" (432 mm) Sheet Capacity : Shredding Speed :./min. (17.9./min.) Motor Power : 10 hp Please click here for current pricing information. Hsm model fa-400.2 Shredder Compare? Easy shredding of customer credit cards and cd-roms 208.4 hp motor. 104 Gallon Waste capacity. Emergency safety stop button.

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Patented drive system that guarantees optimum shredding, low maintenance and long life of the cutting cylinders. Microprocessor controlled for simple automatic jam detection. The document shredder has State-of-the-art electronic circuitry for trouble-free operation. All functions are at the touch of a finger. Please click here for current pricing information. Dust Extractor for Large document Shredders, vibro compactors and Combination Shredder/Pre-Shredders Compare? Dust is extracted best via flexible wide hoses: from the cutting mechanism on the large data shredder and also underneath the connecting conveyor belt on the model.86 combination. The dust extractor is mounted on wheels and does not need to be fastened to either the floor or the shredding machine.

large industrial paper shredder

Dust-free heavy duty shredder collection in large volume disposable bags. From 10,879, hsm fa 490.1 premium cross Cut Paper Shredder. Fast conveyor speed to shred large volumes of paper quickly. Easy operation with Auto reverse. Hardened solid steel cutting rollers can shred staples, paper clips, cdroms, disks. From 20,573 Intimus Model S16.50 - industrial Shredder Compare? Shred entire file folders, stacks of computer printouts, cardboard and just about any other office waste.

compare? Easy-to-use control panel with push buttons for forward/stop/reverse, main switch and emergency switch. Shred crumpled paper, cardboard boxes, entire files, stacks of computer printouts, plastic, carbon-ribbon cartridges and computer disks. Electronically-controlled automatic reverse system eliminates jams and overload stress. Large feeding table and conveyor belt delivery with hand guard for optimum safety.

Sheet Capacity : 70 -. Shredding Speed best :./min. Motor Power :.33 hp, list Price 8,230, for Instant Price" (Why?). Intimus Model 802 cc - industrial Shredder. Shred size : 1/16" x 9/16" (1.59.29 mm throat size : 17" (431.8 mm). Sheet Capacity : 60 -. Motor Power :.33 hp, list Price 9,376, for Instant Price" (Why?).

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Industrial shredders are designed to shred a large amount of paper during a short period of time. Industrial paper shredders are available in both strip and cross cut models. We sell industrial paper shredders from Intimus, dahle, offis Life, rexel, kobra and more. Some industrial shredders can fit in an office, where others are typically used in a warehouse. We also have a wide selection of shredder / baler combinations. We have a low-price guarantee on all our real industrial paper shredders. Industrial Paper Shredders, intimus Model 852 cc - industrial Shredder. Shred size : 1/8" x 1 1/2" (3.18.1 mm throat size : 17" (431.8 mm).

Large industrial paper shredder
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  3. Results 1 - 24 of 148. Fellowes Powershred 76Ct 16-Sheet Cross-Cut heavy duty o ffice. Royal Commercial Grade Crosscut Paper Shredder - heavy duty -.

  4. Every fellowes commercial shredder. Industrial shredders are designed to shred a large amount of paper during a short period of time. Industrial paper shredders are available in both strip and cross. M offers 3157 industrial paper shredder china products. About 62 of the se are. Industrial large waste plastic paper shredders.

  5. Products 1 - 50 of 146. These heavy duty Industrial shredders and bulk destroye rs will shred large quantities of paper, media or other waste in one pass making. Hands-free automatic paper shredder for large offices. Office, o r maybe you want an industrial shredder for shredding large volumes of paper. Powerful heavy-duty industrial paper shredders for shredding high- volume documents in bulk for large office departments, industries, large. Large offices need heavy duty paper shredders to meet large volume document shredd ing with multiple users.

  6. Find great deals on ebay for Industrial Paper Shredder in Office Cross Cut Paper. Best heavy duty document Shredder Industrial Page large paper. Capital Shredder offers industrial paper shredders design for high-volume. Thes e high capacity machines are designed for large volume shredding in a central. A large capacity industrial heavy duty paper shredder can shred from 90 sheets in one pass up to 600 sheets in one pass. Our heavy duty industrial cross cut.

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