Globalization and international trade essay

globalization and international trade essay

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All these beneficial trade policies, not only improve market access opportunities, but provide more wide international environment for the prosperity of developing countries in foreign trade and economic cording to wto secretariat calculations, if the goods trade agreements are implemented, by 2005 the total level. This figure is the twice of the world average and developed national level (about 24). Developing countries (including countries with economies in transition) can gain more revenue of more or less 116 billion dollars each year, which includes.4 billion dollars increased by the reduction of industrial tariffs and non-tariff measures and.8 billion dollars increased by reduction of non-tariff. And there will be about.3 billion dollars revenue increase resulting from the agricultural trade liberalization. One of the reasons for the rapid growth in developing countries trade is that developing countries mainly focus on exports of textiles, clothing and other labor-intensive light industrial products and agricultural products or land resource-intensive products, which are precisely the areas in which Uruguay round. In accordance with relevant regulations and preferential terms for developing countries and according to gatt, it is predicted that by 2005 the abolition of textile and clothing restrictions to developing countries, the major textile and clothing exports to developed countries can be increased.

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For instance, the Annex on Basic Telecommunications Agreement can be further extended to regulate online transactions. In fact, there are 69 countries having made specific commitments to the telecommunications sector and 10 countries have made specific commitments on Internet access (Stiglitz, 2002).The core content of Information Technology Agreement, proposed in 1997, actually on January 1, 2000 to cancel nearly 300 tariff. A number of developing countries to implement tax cuts are extended to january 1, 2005. In February the same year also reached the "Annex on telecommunications services the central provisions of the annex are related to the public telecommunications transport networks and services access and use (Stiglitz and Charlton, 2005). On in word, gatt, as the current legal framework for international trade in goods, has a huge influence on the operation of e-commerce in globalization trade. Wto preferential rules for developing countries. Multilateral rules for trade in goods have a significant impact on developing countries. The preferential treatment and flexible measures distributed in the agreement have given developing countries, especially least developed countries much precious opportunities. Collective efforts in developing countries, wto commits to reduce tariffs and non-tariff barriers measures, at the same time, wto also made out some rules in a variety of aspects, such as concessional rate and implementation enforcement to give developing countries some appropriate discount. As in terms of market access, wto set a lower level of obligation or commitment and reduction of certain obligations for developing countries, and developing countries can enjoy some flexibility in the implementation of procedures short and the implementation of the agreement and can have longer. In addition, some agreement also requires the developed countries try to offer some preferential policies to the developing countries in business trade and the provision of technical assistance (Drysdale and Vines, 2001).

Developed from information technology and network technology e-commerce expands the connotation and extension of the world market and changes the traditional way of trading. Not only the 24 hours continuous trading for accelerate the information transfer and cash flow in international trade, it more simplifies international trade procedures and process and reduce the cost of international trade, and greatly enhance international trade opportunities. However, facing such a new trade approach, without no special consideration and rules originally, wto modified and set up new applicable rules for e-commerce fact, thanks to the Internet in recent years, exponential growth of electronic commerce makes out the problem of Uruguay rounds insufficient. Held in Singapore in 1996, the first Ministerial Conference of wto formally referred to e-commerce issues, and adopted the "trade and information technology products Ministerial Declaration" (referred to as ita). According to the declaration, wto will strive to make the "world of information technology products to maximize the freedom of trade." ita canceled a series of tax on information and telecommunications products, including many closely related e-commerce infrastructure products. There were 42 countries signing for, accounting for 93 of the world's information technology products turnover (Panagariya, 2000).Held in Geneva in 1998 the second wto ministerial Conference, ministers writings adopted the "Declaration on Global Electronic Commerce and urged the general council to develop a comprehensive work. Ministers re-confirmed that at least before the next ministerial meeting in 1999, member States would maintain its existing non-tariffs practice on e-commerce. The effective implementation of two wto agreements (Agreement on Basic Telecommunications and the ita) will have positive benefit for e-commerce technology infrastructure development. Gats telecommunications Annex and the basic telecommunications agreement provide a further agreement to include e-commerce into framework.

globalization and international trade essay

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For example, a member can raise tariffs or quantitative restrictions to protect their domestic industries from the impact of import surges. If encountering the balance of payments difficulties, the country may also take measures to reduce imports. Meanwhile, there are detailed provisions on the conditions and procedures in some related agreements when taking such ensure the continuity of competitive opportunities, wto is strongly against unfair trade practices, and provides measures for the protection of fair trade. For example, if a member of country provides subsidies to its export or production, or a company through lower product prices to unreasonably dumping, the members that are adversely affected, can take measures to offset the impact of unfair trade practices (Bhagwati, 2004).In international trade. Wto has a clear preventive measures and provisions for these acts. Wto agreement also set up trade rules in service business and has developed standardized basic rules for intellectual property anwhile, all of these areas have been implemented in a common unified framework through security, dispute settlement and trade policy review mechanism to ensure protection. At the same time, their obligations are ensured to be fulfilled. E-commerce rules in globalization trade, currently, e-commerce provides strong technical support for economic globalization continuing to expand.

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globalization and international trade essay

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Wto's main objective is to provide adequate competitive opportunities for the trade among the members, which needs recognized common rules and principles for members to abide. There are two basic principles, namely the mfn principle (referred to as mfn) and national treatment principle. Mfn can ensure that all members enjoy equal opportunities for competition, and national treatment guarantees the products of exporter and importer have equal opportunity to e relevant wto provisions require that the members of different countries need to open their markets to the others; when. The trade policy regulations of different member countries must be transparent (Wallach, 2002). Through these, wto can supply strong policy assure for forming an opening international market with fair competition and transparency the aspect of specific global resume trade, wto makes out rules mainly on tariff and non-tariff measures to ensure the normal goods flow within different countries.

Wto commits rules on reduction of tariffs and tariff ceilings of different products. Non-tariff measures are not allowed to use widespread. For instance, usually, a member country shall not have the right of prohibiting or restricting import or export goods. Implementation of such non-tariff measures have a clear prerequisite, and can only be implemented through the provided procedures. Wto sets out the conditions and procedures for concrete implementation (hoekman, 2002).

Free trade leads to globalization, and globalization leads to many changes in our world. Many see free trade as an opportunity for all states to thrive through involvement in the global economy. Others regard globalization with skepticism, believing it is detrimental to a nation? S sovereignty and economic prosperity. Still, others object to the ramifications free trade may have on laborers and the environment. Thus, the free trade phenomenon remains an enigma whose solution evades people and politicians alike.

Impact of wto on Globalization Trade policy. Introduction, world Trade Organization (wto found in 1995 and headquarters is in Geneva, has its clearly main purposes since its beginning that to promote economic and trade development all over the world. Up to the end of 2008, there are more than 135 members in the organization. In particularly, with the expansion of globalization trade, international business is more often than any time in the history. As one of the most crucial carrier of economic globalization, wto establishes a set of international trade rules focusing on the liberalization, which play a strong role of encouraging and guiding in the process of economic globalization (Pauwelyn, 2005). This essay will mainly discuss wtos influence on the rules of globalization trade in combination with the current reform of trade policy. It will explain the topic from the following four aspects in detail: first, the basic rules wto set up for the international trade, then, rules on e-commerce, the new rising global business, third, the preferential rules made by wto for developing countries, and at last. Basic Rules wto set up for the Global Trade.

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The wto is not only the receiver of political condemnation, but it is also the target of trade unionists and environmentalists. The wto does not explicitly outline rules for human rights or the environment. Consequently, as the world lined becomes increasingly globalized through free trade, many are concerned about the ramifications this may have on night laborers and the environment. The rules of the gatt include a restriction of slave labor, however, they make no mention of child labor or sweatshop conditions. In addition, there are no international restrictions on production emissions or wastes that may have a harmful impact on the global environment. These issues were the cause of protest last December in seattle. Demonstrators were outraged that the wto, the organization that orchestrates international free trade, seemingly has no concern for people or the planet. All the controversy surrounding globalization and its factors forces one to ask: is free trade good or bad? Well, it depends on one?

globalization and international trade essay

The north American Free trade Agreement is a non-customs free trade association between the United States, canada, and Mexico. Nafta allows for goods to be traded freely between its member states with only minimal tariffs and restrictions. However, many essay feel that this is not in the best interest of our nation. For example, last year President Clinton requested fast track authority to negotiate an expansion of nafta. S request, and without a definitive vote on his treaty, he could not further negotiate an increase of free trade in North America. The reason for political opposition to free trade stems from the implications it has for the sovereignty of the United States. Whenever a state agrees to loosen its regulations, it relinquishes some power over international relations. Thus, the increased globalization resulting from freer trade is a source of political turmoil. Many American politicians are against free trade and globalization because it results in increased power for the international economy and lessened power of the sovereign state.

workers would be retrained and new jobs would arise. Nonetheless, strong opposition still existed, and no agreement was made. Thus, without resolution, the member states developed a new organization that was a manifest extension of the gatt. At the Uruguay round in 1994, the member states of the gatt established the world Trade Organization. The wto is governed by the rules of the gatt, however, the decisions it makes are binding, and member states are required to abide by its resolutions. Since its beginnings, the wto has overseen international trade and has stimulated freer international trade across the globe. In addition, the establishment of the wto has led to the formation of various other free trade areas across the globe. However, there are many people and politicians who are opposed to free trade and its implications.

These rules and regulations included establishing normal trade relations with all states, restricting non-tariff barriers to trade, restricting unreasonable technical limitations on imports, lower tariffs, and eliminating subsidies and dumping. Over time, the nations affiliated with the gatt began resembling a regime; however, there were still various issues that the agreement did dates not address. For example, guidelines for the trade of agriculture, textiles, intellectual and cultural property, and services were not included in the gatt. This lack of regulation created problems in international trade. Thus, after almost forty years, members of the gatt met to resolve the resulting problems. Finally, in 1994, the states came to an agreement in every area except textiles. Textiles are a very problematic area. If there were to be free trade in textiles, many manufacturers in the United States would go bankrupt. Many states can produce textiles at lower costs then the us, and for this reason, American policy makers refused to come to an agreement on the trade of textiles.

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Globalization Essay, research Paper, globalization is? The integration of states through increasing contact, communication and trade to create a holistic, single global system in which the owl process of change increasingly binds people together in a common fate? Some economists recognize globalization as being in the best interest of all states, while others believe that increasingly liberated trade and global economic interaction is detrimental in many ways. While globalization marks a move toward a more open world-trading regime, it can also be linked to strains on sovereignty, worker? S rights, and the environment. Thus, issues of globalization and free trade are surrounded by heated debate and controversy. Contemporary problems with free trade are rooted mainly in the general Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, which was established in 1947. The general Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, commonly known as the gatt, instituted guidelines for international trade.

Globalization and international trade essay
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  2. Globalization of trade and market has also led to increased transportation of finished goods and raw. This globalization essay sample is presented only. Below is a free excerpt of " Globalization Essay " from Anti Essays, your source for free. The process is driven by international trade, investment, and.

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  4. In economic sense, globalization, expresses the tendency of the world economy to integrate, not only in respect to cross-country trade and. In particularly, with the expansion of globalization trade, international business. Article name: globalization, trade, and, economic development essay. Globalization, essay, research Paper. Trade and globalization because it results in increased power for the international economy and. Literature reviewRiccardo petrella defines.

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