Flying solo book report

flying solo book report

Flying Solo: Starting a small Business, Advice

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Flying Solo: Ralph Fletcher: : m: books

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flying solo book report

Flying Solo: How to go it Alone in Business: Robert

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'solo' isn't Flying so high, delivering Soft Memorial day

flying solo book report

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School Library journal review, gr 4-8-Fletcher follows members of a sixth-grade class through a day when their substitute teacher never shows. The students decide not to report that they are alone and to run the class by themselves. Personal issues are woven into the day's events. Rachel has been mute since a classmate who had an annoying, unrequited crush on her died six months before. Bastian, an Air Force brat used to moving, has to decide whether to subject his beloved puppy to a lengthy quarantine when he moves to hawaii the following day.

Sean's alcoholic father and unnurturing home life make him too shy to express his feelings, especially his crush on Rachel. Karen, a natural leader and "good child takes the reins in the class, making her own evaluations of right and wrong. Jessica, whose parents are judgmental, can't get past her fear of recrimination to enjoy the class' freedom. The students learn about themselves and one another, and several issues are resolved by the end of the day (e.g., rachel speaks, bastian gives his puppy to sean). The resolutions are simple but not pat, the prose is economical but not sparse, and the characters are developed as sketches rather than in-depth portraits, which helps keep the book moving briskly. The premise will make the novel easy to booktalk.

Nathan Gunn flying solo - san diego repertory Theatre

One might imagine that anything but learning would occur. But when a class usually led by a gifted teacher is left to its own devices, something unusual happens: when the substitute teacher fails to show, the children. Fabiano's class decide to run the day according supermarket to the strict but enjoyable routine ingrained in them by their creative, beloved teacher. Rest assured Fletcher's characters aren't goody-goodies. Rather, they are coconspirators as a countdown database clock builds the tension: Will they make it through the day without being found out? As they go through their rote exercises, the kids gain self-assurance and self-reliance. They also come to terms with their feelings of guilt, grief, and sorrow about a classmate who died six months earlier. Fletcher expertly balances a wide variety of emotions, giving readers a story that is by turns sad, poignant, and funny, and, little by little, realistic portraits of the complicated kids emerge. There's no lord of the Flies anarchy in this thoughtful, absorbing novel, which has a story that will linger long after the book is closed.

flying solo book report

The phrase "shut up" is used multiple times, and yes, my students hear it all the time outside of the classroom usually, so i would be willing to look past this if it weren't also paired with some huge gender stereotypes. Also, a few of the male characters say some pretty sexist things to female characters, and while it is established that these characters are "bad" or are mean to others for certain reasons, i still don't think yourself it's appropriate for me to expose my students. The story handles some heavy topics like the death of a classmate (before the story takes place a student who is a selective mute due to trauma, and a student who has to move often because his of a parent in the military. He is often mean to others as a defense mechanism because. While these situations are handled realistically, they are not handled with the depth and explanation that I think is necessary for students to understand why the characters act the way they do, and this is something that would need to be spelled out more for. All of this being said, i did continue to read the whole book after realizing I wouldn't be assigning it because it does keep you wondering what will happen once the students get found out, and how they will be found out in the first. It can be a page turner for reluctant readers, and for that reason I will still keep it in my classroom library.more. What happens when a sixth-grade class is left unsupervised for a whole day?

hopes that it could be a literature circle book for my fifth grade class. It only took a few chapters for me to realize i would not be teaching this book as assigned reading for a few reasons. First of all, and this may be nit-picky, but as a teacher who has worked in many, many public schools, the entire premise of I might be a little biased with my negativity about this book because when I started reading it I had already. First of all, and this may be nit-picky, but as a teacher who has worked in many, many public schools, the entire premise of the story has a huge flaw in that the students are able to enter the classroom without a teacher unlocking the. I've never experienced a non-college level classroom where that is the case. If you're able to get past this unrealistic premise in the first place, my other huge complaints with the book have to do with the way the students speak to each other. Sure, it may be realistic that students would speak this way without a teacher around, but it's definitely not something I need to be assigning to my students as acceptable language to use with their peers.

Teen, 13 years old Written by animallover1262, march 23, 2010 age 7, best Fiction book ever! I am 13 years old and I read the book. It is not bad for kids. The only thing is that the kids are on there own, so it might give a idea or two. Continue reading, teen, 15 years old Written. Ur1loveforevea, january 19, 2011 age 8, this book i think is good for all ages. I think that this book is very good because it teaches me and kids a lesson that you need to work together to do anything. I really like this book so does. Continue reading, what's the story?

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Jump to navigation, common Sense says, a lot or a little? The parents' guide to what's in this book. The children hide the fact that they are unsupervised for the day, and lie to maintain their situation. Violence, language, consumerism, drinking, Drugs smoking, user pdf reviews. Adult Written by fletcher17, april 9, 2008 not rated for age superb it was so great, parent of a 9 year old Written. SawyerAshton, december 13, 2011 age 9, character is how you act when nobody's watching. Gives a great message about character. Also teaches a bit about grieving death. A day in the life of kids with no teacher.

Flying solo book report
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  4. Bloom in her review for Horn book magazine was positive, saying. Summary: Rachel, having chosen to be mute following the sudden death. Inve ntive and uniquely constructed, flying Solo follows. Fab s students hour. Books for children, including the novels Fig Pudding and Flying Solo, and. Many 4th and 5th grade teachers read my book flying Solo with thei.

  5. Flying Solo ralph Fletcher. Flying Solo paperback november 10, 2008. My daughter read this for a school book report and loved it! Media type, print ( Hardco ver). Isbn oclc lc class, pz7.F632115 Fl 1998. Flying Solo is a young adult novel written by ralph Fletcher, first published in 1998.

  6. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. The book flying sol o was a book about. Fabiano s sixth grade class and he didn t show. Flying Solo has 11 reviews and 5 ratings. Reviewer dragonwizard wr ote: Currently, i m reading about flying solo. I ve been interested in how.

  7. Title: Flying Solo book report, author: Elisabeth es, name: Flying solo book report, length: 2 pages, page: 1, published. Book review: Flying Solo. By ralph Fletcher reading level: Grades. What happens in a sixth-grade classroom when kids rule? Funny, real, and powerfully moving. Read Common Sense media s Flying Solo revi ew, age rating, and parents guide.

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