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Language: French Nationality of the author: Belgian Cetro, rosa lexique-grammaire et Unitex: quels apports pour une description terminologique bilingue de qualité? Université paris-est/Università degli Studi di Brescia subject: a phD thesis which evaluates two comparable corpus related to thermal medicine, both in French and Italian. Language: French Nationality of the author: Italian Charalampidou, parthena Μετάφραση και επιχώρια προσαρμογή δικτυακών τόπων translation and website localization PhD thesis, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, 2012 Subject: The aim of this doctoral thesis was the observation of the adaptation techniques and strategies that localisers adopt. We examined the way website content and format is transferred in relation to the addressees cultural characteristics. Then we tried to find out which verbal means of persuasion are selected with a greek audience in mind and we recognised two main strategies of persuasion. Our main focus was on the study of the metaphorical figure of speech both on a verbal and a nonverbal level of analysis.

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Language: English Nationality of the author: Russian British luxembourgish Rinner, Iris Cloudbasierte versus desktopbasierte Translation Memory systeme: sdl trados Studio 2015 und MemSource im Vergleich University of vienna, 2016 Supervisor:. Gerhard Budin Subject: Rapid progress in the field of technology has, in recent years, brought cloud-based translation memory systems to the market. These systems could bring about fundamental changes in the computer-assisted work of translators. The focus of his paper is author the comparison of 2 translation memory systems: desktop-based sdl trados Studio 2015 and cloud-based MemSource. The main aim of the study is to examine the differences and similarities between cloud-based and desktop-based translation memory systems and to identify the pros and cons of both approaches. Language: German Nationality of the author: Italian Stroe, mioara Tratamento terminológico do domínio dos subprodutos animais não destinados ao consumo humano Universidade de lisboa, 2014 Subject: This study is a multilingual study on Terminology that aims to contribute to the translation of specialized texts. The purpose is to introduce a research method and useful data for specialized translation. Language: Portuguese nationality of the author: Romanian Theses Aslan, oktay the role of Gender And Language learning Strategies in learning English The Graduate School of Social Sciences of Middle east Technical University, 2013 Subject: This study intended to investigate the language learning strategies used. Language: English Nationality of the author: Turkish Brnada, marina multilingualism in the european Union: Mehrsprachigkeit in der Europäischen Union: Herausforderungen der Generaldirektion Übersetzung des Europäischen Parlaments vor dem beitritt Kroatiens Universität wien, zentrum für Translationswissenschaft, 2013 Subject: This master thesis deals with the topic. Language: German Nationality of the author: Croatian Van Campenhoudt, marc Un Apport du monde maritime à la terminologie notionnelle multilingue. Étude du dictionnaire du capitaine heinrich paasch, de la quille à la pomme de mât PhD thesis, Université de paris xiii, 1994 Subject: It is a terminological study about a maritime dictionary of heinrich paasch.

Language: Italian Nationality of the author: Italian nikolaidou, georgia σχέδιο ορολογίας ΙΑΤΕ στον τομέα των υλικών συσκευασίας aristotle University of Thessaloniki, 2016 Subject: The objective of this master thesis is to present a terminology study on the field of packaging material and flexible packaging. Language: Greek nationality of the author: Greek paternoster, Flaminia la dimensione contrastiva nellinsegnamento delle lingue moderne. Analisi di materiali e pratiche didattiche Università degli Studi Internazionali di roma (unint 2016 Subject: The present study aims at investigating the role of comparisons between languages in foreign language teaching by analysing didactic materials and practices with a particular focus on related languages. Language: Italian Nationality of the author: Italian Pimonova, sofia interkulturelle kompetenz im Konfliktkontext University of Luxembourg, subject: The present study aims to avoid intercultural conflicts, this is why we need Intercultural Competence (IC). This competence opens actually a great range of possibilities: from list simple communication with the people who represent different cultures, to peace in the world. Language: German Nationality of the author: Russian Radley, yelena working in a foreign language: Case study of employees perceptions in a luxembourg-based multinational company using English as a lingua franca University of Luxembourg, 2016 Subject: Adopting a sociolinguistic approach, this interview-based study explores the implications. It provides insights into the ways the employees construct and negotiate their daily linguistic reality, examines their attitudes to working in a foreign language, and outlines the perceived benefits, challenges and coping strategies.

european thesis database

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This project has then professional served as a basis for creating an English-Russian terminological database which can be used in Computer-Assisted Translation software (cat tools). Language: Italian Nationality of the author: Italian Jeczmyk, olga Estrategias cognitivas para la resolución de problemas de traducción Universitat Autònoma de barcelona, 2016 Subject: The objective is to draw a panorama of the study of cognitive strategies for the resolution of translation problems, as well. We will present how the concept of strategy in other disciplines and in Translation Studies has been analysed. Language: Spanish Nationality of the author: Spanish polish Jimenez, ana Estudio terminológico y glosario bilingüe español-inglés sobre lenguaje de los derechos de los trabajadores en la Unión Europea universidad de Alicante, 2015 Subject: The focus of interest in this research is to analyse, compile and. Language: Spanish Nationality of the author: Spanish Mariani, jessica Transparency from Pentagon Papers to wikileaks: a linguistic revolution Università degli Studi di verona, 2013 Subject: It is a study that investigates the wikileaks phenomenon, it deals with the language evolution of the word transparency and. Language: English Nationality of the author: Italian Mattoni, giulia the concept System of an Organic Solar Cell: A terminological resource for patent translators Dublin City University, 2015 Subject: The project consisted of preparing terminological resources for patent translators in the specialised area of Organic Electronics. Language: English Nationality of the author: Italian meunier, lucile mémoire de terminologie lathérosclérose Université Stendhal Grenoble 3, 2011 Subject: The topic is a terminology memory about atherosclerosis, a vascular pathology responsible for the majority of cardiovascular accidents. Language: French Nationality of the author: Belgian Nardella, antonella Immigrazione e diritto dasilo: Un confronto terminologico tra Italia e germania università di bologna, 2016 Subject: The primary objective of the work is to expand and to update the terminology database iate by adding new terms.

Language: Italian Nationality of the author: Italian Elbaz, pascale les idées et la terminologie esthétiques à travers le «Shugai» Aperçu de calligraphie de liu xizai (1813-1881) Philosophie. Institut National des Langues et civilisations Orientales- inalco paris langues o, 2014 Subject: This project proposes to contextualize, translate and annotate the Shugai synthesis of calligraphy written by liu xizai (1813-1881 a thoughtful scholar and calligrapher of the late qing Dynasty. Language : French Nationality of the author: French Ferreira, raquel Silent sea of Paradoxes communication challenges of linguistic minorities and ideologies around deafness and Multilingualism in the context of the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg University of Luxembourg, 2018 Subject: The primary purpose of this study was. Based on the framework of Language Ideologies, the research analyses how some of the most recurrent topics in both hearing and deaf discourses potentially contribute to the perpetuation of restricting policies in education, employability and socialization between linguistic minorities in the country. Language: English (with original interview extracts in German and French) Nationality of the author: Brazilian Filipcic, ivana metalinguistic knowledge, verbal working memory and verbal fluency in monolingual and bilingual speakers Edukacijsko-rehabilitacijski fakultet sveučilišta u zagrebu, 2014 Subject: due to circumstances created by economic migrations and. The purpose of this study was to further the understanding of language development in bilingual speakers by comparing their metalinguistic knowledge, verbal working memory and verbal fluency against that of monolingual speakers. Language: Croatian Nationality of the author: Croatian Grementieri, serena risorse genetiche animali: Ricerca terminologica in collaborazione con la fao scuola di lingue e letterature, traduzione e interpretazione, sede di forlì subject: This thesis is the result of a written agreement signed by the laboratorio. For this thesis, a terminological research project was carried out in English and Russian in the domain of animal genetic resources and the subdomain of biotechnology and animal health.

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european thesis database

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Language: Spanish Nationality of the author: Spanish Bertocchi, massimo terminologie et polysémie : le cas du lexique des finances Université paris 13, 2017 Subject: Can terms meaning be polysemous? A constant migration of linguistic units between general and specialized language seems to contradict the univocal connection between term and concept. This work tries to identify how polysemy affects terminology by the observation of a glossary of financial terms. Language: French Nationality of the author: Italian boel, leen Terminologie van het Marokkaanse handelsrecht: le commerçant en le fonds de commerce katholieke universiteit leuven, 2009 Subject: A terminology study, which distinguishes the differences and similarities between the moroccan and Belgian trade terminology to offer. Language: Dutch Nationality of the author: Belgian Bolívar Perez, maría isabel la transmisión del conocimiento especializado en traducción audiovisual no profesional: la terminología médica en los subtítulos de aficionados para la serie de televisión Urgencias University of Granada, 2011 Subject: The object of this masters. Language: Spanish Nationality of the author: Spanish Bregolato, maria tennis. Indagine terminografica in italiano, inglese, croato e spagnolo Università degli Studi di Trieste, 2014 Subject: A study of the terminology of tennis in languages such as Italian, English, Croatian and Spanish.

Language: Italian Nationality of the author: Italian bușila, alina a contrastive analysis of Legal Terminology in English, romanian and Polish. Legal Terminology Innovations in the republic of Moldova moldova state University, 2011 Subject: A contrastive analysis of legal English, romanian and Polish terminology used in the decisions of the european court of Human Rights. The research is an ambitious one because it covers the phenomenon of legal terminology within Romanian, English and Polish legal systems; the shifts of terms within the legal field and legal systems; the etymology of legal terms; the need for standardization of legal terms; equivalence. It also approaches the new terminological acquisitions in the moldovan law as of 2011. Language: English Nationality of the author: Moldovan da silva remígio oliveira, ana rita Processo terminográfico: vertentes conceptual, comunicativa e textual Universidade de aveiro, 2010 Subject: This research work is intended to demonstrate the social role of Terminology and its contribution to popularizing science, through the. The methodological proposal of segmentation and characterisation of the terminographical process is organised in three phases and it comprises three dimensions of analysis the conceptual, the communicative, and the textual dimensions. Language : Portuguese nationality of the author : Portuguese deidda, claudia il sogno in neuropsicoanalisi: unindagine terminografica in inglese e italiano sslmit, university of Trieste, 2013 Subject: This study its a terminological investigation on the termit project, a multilingual terminology database developed within the sslmit.

Language: Italian, nationality of the author: Italian, mariani, jessica, migration in Translation. The role of terminology and transediting on tackling the crisis in the eu (PhD thesis). Università degli Studi di verona, 2017. Subject: Migration in Translation. The role of terminology and transediting on tackling the crisis in the. Language: English, nationality of the author: Italian, segers, jeroen, das Phänomen der terminologischen Variation als Herausforderung für eu-übersetzer.

Ein beitrag zur iate-datenbank der. Ku leuven, 2016, subject: This masters thesis explores terminology variation in eu texts. It aims to describe terminological variation theoretically and then to investigate its application in practice on the basis of a number of important concepts within the domains of asylum and migration. Language: German, nationality of the author: Belgian, palamioti, katerina, the role of Communication and Social Media in the new Profile of the terminologist. A case Study: The terminology management in the european Parliament. Université du luxembourg, 2018, subject: This masters thesis explores the digitalisation of the working environment with regards to technological developments, and how these will affect the evolution of the terminology field and further skills that terminologists have had to develop, as well as investigating challenges. Language: English, nationality of the author: Greek, theses by trainees and study visitors of TermCoord Bennasar, Ana maría la traducción de textos para organizaciones no gubernamentales Universitat dAlacant, 2015 Subject: This study presents the steps of translation process by highlighting the importance of terminology management.

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For more information word on the fuller edcom network and its initiatives, please click here. Disclaimer: The content of these theses and papers is the intellectual property of the authors and falls under their responsibility. Theses on TermCoord/eu terminology, antosik, agnieszka, rolle der Terminologiearbeit im Europäischen. Parlament, university of vienna, 2012, subject: This masters thesis examines terminology management in the european Parliament while taking into account tasks performed by terminology coordination Unit. Starting from the theory up to the empirical part the thesis examines how important is the terminology in the european Parliament and what impact does it have on translation and interpreting in the context of the european Union. Language: German, nationality of the author: Polish. Ferraro, rossella, la terminologia nella traduzione istituzionale: il caso di (Terminology coordination Unit european Parliament). Università cattolica del Sacro cuore, milano, 2016. Subject: Our paper is a reading and an analysis to the large quantity and quality of terminological data collected on and the interactive archive present on this website in order to facilitate the knowledge and dissemination in institutional translation.

european thesis database

Call for Entries, judging criteria. Do dont's, make sure to read this Call for Entries before submitting your work. Here is thesis an overview of what the jury will be looking at when assessing your work. The jury gives their advice on what to do and what not to do when entering the competition. You can apply if: you have written a bachelor or Master Thesis. You are a student from an edcom member school, you have been selected by your academic supervisor to represent your school and you have contacted your edcom coordinator. Jury: The jury consists of the edcom. Research Committee, which is comprised of eaca director General Dominic Lyle and 8 academics from across Europe. Rewards: The winners of the competition will win 400 and the participating schools will each win a 400 eaca voucher *This is an edcom project.

either the subject keyword search or the begins with subject search option. If you are looking for dissertations from a specific country, you can add the country into your search terms (i.e. Dissertations, Academic - mexico ). The, ala guide to reference lists other sources in the "Dissertations" section. Home students » Thesis Competition, the edcom Thesis Competition rewards the best Bachelor and Master theses on advertising or commercial communications among edcom member schools. The edition was launched on The deadline to enter the competition is Please note that the competition is only open to students from edcom members schools.

School, sch johns Hopkins University). A multidisciplinary collection of ongoing full-text academic journals, the continental Europe. Database features content that is locally published by scholarly publishing organizations and educational institutions in many. European roles countries, including France, italy, germany, belgium, netherlands, denmark, finland, norway, sweden, Switzerland, Spain, and Portugal. All major subject areas of study are represented, including business, science, technology, engineering, social sciences, education, and humanities allowing researchers in all fields to access the latest scholarly articles from their region. While, proquest Dissertations theses and the, crl guide to dissertations are good starting points, many of the library's subscription databases contain records for dissertations. Along with the records for books and other material, worldCat contains records for dissertations or theses held by member libraries. Most of the major subject-specific indexes (such as Psycinfo, sciFinder Scholar, or Sociological Abstracts) will also include citations for dissertations.

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Field Code field Name syntax Example. Abst, abstract, abst alzheimer's disease adv, advisor, adviser, advisor. Adv dave smith au, author, author Last or First Name, au miller. La, ln, document Language, lA(es) general or LA(spanish ti, title. Document Title, title adoptive immunotherapy doc, document Type, dOC(Thesis) or doc(Dissertation) or doc(Other). Tx, text, full Text, tX Florescence Spectroscopy. Keywords, if biotechnology pD, publication Date, pD(09/16/1990 - 09/16/1998 sc, sch.

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Narrator (segment midsummer Night s Dream ) (voice) Plot Summary. Home table of content united architects essays table of content all sites German Essay.

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  2. University of vienna, 2012: Subject: This masters thesis examines terminology management in the, european. Parliament while taking into account tasks performed by terminology coordination Unit. Thesis, competition The edcom, thesis Competition rewards the best Bachelor and Master theses on advertising or commercial. Selectively covers dissertations from Great Britain and other European. Thesis coverage is not nearly as comprehensive as dissertation coverage in that database.

  3. How do i find dissertations and theses? Open access dissertations from the Proquest database. European Theses and, dissertations. Database of dissertations, theses and published material based on theses in the collections of thousands of libraries worldwide. Rolle der Terminologiearbeit im Europäischen Parlament.

  4. Description The dart-europe e- theses, portal is a searchable database of electronic research theses held in, european repositories. The theses listed are open access - publicly available, in full, without charge. Database features content that is locally published by scholarly publishing organizations and educational institutions in many. Sort Order: Chronological Relevance date. Thesis ) or doc dissertation ) or doc(Other) tx, text: Full Text.

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