Essays to do good

essays to do good

Essay to do good

When 1 was a boy, i met wiji a bock, entitled " Essays to do good which 1 think was written by your father. It had been so little regarded by its former possessor, that several leaves of it were torn out ; but the remainder gave me such a turn of til inking, as to have an influence on my conduct tlirough life ; for I have always. B2 editor's preface, cd friend and the nvholc adapted to more general use- fulness. T4ie editor only adds, that it will afford peculiar de- light to the benevolent reader to find, as he peruses the- following ages, that many of those public schemes of usefulness, which were projected by the author a centu- ry ago, have, withhi these few. Much yet remains to be done ; and should the perusal of this volume tend to raise the holy flame of benevolent zeal in the hearts of sincere Christians, or wisely direct its operations, it will afford a tich recompense for the labour of London. In the present Boston Edition the transla- tions are generally inserted in the text, and the latin pre- served in the marginal notes.

Essays to do good cotton mather

The testimony, wiiich he bore to the ex- cellence of this little volume, will enhance its value in the estimation of many of its readers. That renowned statesman informs us, that all the good he ever did to his country, or to mankind, he ov/ed paper to a small book which he accidently met with, entitled "Essays to do good. This little book, he studied with care and attention, laid up the sentiments in his memory, and resolved, from that time, which was in his early youth, that he would make doing good the great purpose and business of his life.* Those who are acquainted. Math- er will readily allow that some alterations were necessa- ry to reiider it jesus agreeable to a modern reader. The Edi- tor was obliged to change many quaint and obsolete words and phrases, for others more intelligible and pleasant : the latin sentences vvere translated by a learn- * In a letter from. Mather, son of the autiiur, dated pKSsy, (in Fnince) nov. Io, 1779, we lave the folio w h'. Referring to a paper of advice to the people of tie united Slates, just'published. Sas, * Such w ritings, though they may be lightly passed over by many readers, yet, if they make a deep impression en one ac- tive mind in a hundred, the ejects may be considerable. " Permit me to mention one little instance, vvhich, though it relates to myself, will not be quite uninteresting to you.

Large a work to print, at tliat time, in New England. The dliiscMiting ministers of London, wl»o cori-csi)onclc(l w llh. Mather, were desirous to have it published on that side of the Atlantir, but did not succeed ing-ainin a subscription. Nanuscript, written in a'fair, legible uand, plan is deposit- ed in the massachusetts Historical Library. Editors preface, tlie late cele'rated. Franklin, who, when a youth, had the privilege of being acquainted with. Mather, considered himself under the greatest obligations to his instruction and example ; and though we cannot con- clude that. Franklin concurred with him in his evan- gelical views, yet he was certainly a philanthijDpist and a philosopher.

essays to do good

Essays to do good

After a lifef singular piety and activity, he about was taken ill at the clo of December, 1727 ; when he felt a strong per. Jasion that his sickness would be unto death, and Told his physician. The grand desire of his heart was, tliat his own will might be entirely swallowed up in the will of God." At that time he had some things in hand, which he would gladly have lived to finish ; but, said he, ". and, a few hours before his departure, said, " Now I have nothing more to do here ; my will is entirely swal- lov/edup in tlie will of God." he frequently expressed the good hope he enjoyed ; " that he was going to eat. 13, 1728, havingjust completed his sixty-fifth year. Such a life, and such a death, will afford to the serious reader a powerful recommendation of the following pages. The proposals for doing good, which they paper pres- ent, are not the idle speculaticms of an ingenious theorist, but the faithful transcript of a lioly life. The author, by reducing them to practice, has demonstrated their prac- ticability to others j and encourages every individual reader, whatever be his share of capacity, oi* the sphere in wliich he moves, to believe that he may do some good in the world,.

By this careful observation of method, by the readiness of his invention, and his peculiar celerity in the dispatch of business, he was enabled not only to perform all the du- ties of the pastoral office, and to assist in the formation and support. His biographer gives us a catalogue of no less than three hundred and eighty- tivo. Some of these were indeed small, but others were considerable in size, and some voluminous, particularly his famous work, " Magnalia christi Americana or " The Ecclesiastical History of New England beside which, and other large treatises which he published, he made very copious preparations. It was too vlll editorefa in addition to his other engagements, he kept up a lit- fravy correspondence with eminent men in various coun- tries, among whom were. Jurin, Professor Frank, lord Chan- cellor King,. Desaguliers, sir Richard Blakcnioi,. Watts, and many others.

Essays to do good pdf

essays to do good

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He continued also a close and diligent ditoreface. Vii student, acquiring a prodigious fund of the most valuable knowledge : and that his autobiography usefulness might extend be- yond the limits of his own country, he learned the French and Spanish languages, and in his forty-fifth year took the pains to acquire a knowledge. The greatest genius in the world would have found it' impossible to effect so much, without a saored regard to method ; in this. Mather was studiously exact. That all his pursuits might have their proper places, he used to propose to himself a certain question in the morning of every day, in the following order : Sabbath morning.

What shall I do, as a pastor of a church, for the good of the flock under my charge? What shall I do in my family, and for the good. What shall I do for my relations abroad? What shall I do for the churches of the lord, and the more general interest of religion in the world Thursday. What good may i trials do in the several socie- ties to which I belong? What special subjects of affliction, and ob- jects of compassion, may i take under my particular care, and what shall I do for them? What more have i to do for the interest of God, in my own heart and life?

At twelve years of age, our autliorhad attained a con- siderable knowledge of Latin, Greek, and Hebrev/ ; he was admitted into the college at sixteen ; at eighteen, b editors prefac took his first degree ; and before he was nineteen, pro- ceeded Master. From his earliest years, he discovered a love to relig- ion ; he prayed much in private, and constantly read liftcen chapters of the bible in a day. At fourteen, he kept days orivatc fasting and prayer; devoted a tenth of his little jJpDme to pious uses ; and at sixteen, became a member of the church. At this early period of life, he adopted it as a maxim, "that a power and an opportunity to do good, not only gives a right to the doing of it, bui makes the doing of it a duty." On this maxim he determined. In the execution of this noble design, he began in his father's family, to do all the good in his power to his brothers, his sisters, and the servants.

He imposed on himself a rule, never to enter any company, where it was proper for him to speak, without endeavouring to be useful in it ; and in doing this, he found that promise ful- filled, " to him tliat hath shall be given. In the management of his very numerous affairs, he was a man of uncommon dispatch and activity ; but he avas obliged to improve every moment of his time ; and that he might not suffer by impertinent and tedious visi- tors, he wrote over. The writer of his life,. Samuel Mather, his son, gives us the following specimen of his surprising activity, in the review of a single year ; in the course of which, he preached seventy-two public sermons, and about half that number h» private. Not a day passed without some contrivance to do good, which he registered ; beside ma- nv, probal)ly, not noticed in his diary. Not a day passed, without his being a!)le to say at the close of it, that some part of ids income had been distributed for pious purpo- ses. He i)repared and published, in this year, about fourteen books ; and ke:t sixty-two fasts, and twenty- two vigils. When he was about nineteen, he was chosen co-pas- tnr with his father ; from which time, till his death, he continued a laborious, zealous, and useful minister of the glorious gospel.

Essay do good to others

The following Essays were first published. Cotton Mather, at Boston in New Englandi the plan year 1710. The design of the author is thus ejBRscd in his title-page, " Bonifacius. An Essay upon the good that is to proposal be devised and designed, by thos-e who desire to an- swer the Great End of Life, and to do good while they live. A book offered, first, in general, unto all Chris- tians, in a personal Capacity, or in a relative : Then more particularly unto magistrates, ministers, Physicians, lawyers, Schoolmasters, gentlemen, Officers, Churches, and unto all Societies of a religious character and inten- tion : with humble. The various methods of doing good, here proposed to the public, derive no small recommendation from the example of the excellent author, whose whole life was a practical comment on the subject, and who might have said to the readers of his own days, "be. Cotton Mather, who was born, february 12, 1663, at Boston, in New England, v/as honourably descended from families whose eminent piety, and sufferings for righteousness' sake, rendered them " the excellent of the eartli.". Increase mather, his father, was pdstcr of the north Church, in Boston, and President of Harvard College ; his mother was tlie daughter of the renowned. John Cotton, a minister of exalted religion and un- common learning.

essays to do good

On doing good to our relations childreny. 45, to our servants 58 to our neighbours 61, private meetings for religion,. Proposals to the ministers of the gos/iel. Directions for fiastoral visits 78, the duties of schoolmasters 85, profiosals to churches for doing good 89 magistrates 91, iihysicians rich men 106 ladies 112. Miscellaneous profiosals to gentlemen 113, profiosals to churchy civil and military officers. 118 lawyers disadvantages 120, societies for the reformation of manners 129 ji catalogue of desirable things 143 Concluiion. 138 the editor's preface.

the. Author*b life : v— x, preface xi, much occadon for doing good. The excellence of nvell-doing 26, the reward of well-doing 27, the diligence of wicked men in doing evil. The true nature of good works. On seeking o/ifiortu7iities to do good. On internal fiiety and self examination.

Learn more, select delivery location, add to type list, flip to back Flip to front. Paused you're listening to a sample of the audible audio edition. Learn more, see all 2 images click to open popover. Full text of "Essays to do good; addressed to all Christians, whether in public or private capacities" 'ji. Ir.'.r.ct_i -t-i-, jaey.:m 35's. Essays to do good; addressed, co all WStimgy. Vhether jn, public or private capacities. By the late, cotton mather,.

Bonifacius essays to do good

Discussed in biography, in, cotton Mather, his book, bonifacius, or Essays to do good (1710 instructs others in humanitarian acts, some ideas being far ahead of his time: the schoolmaster to reward instead of punish his students, the physician to study the state of mind. Enter your mobile number or email address below and we'll send you a link to download the free kindle App. Then you can start reading Kindle books on your smartphone, tablet, or computer - no kindle device required. Apple, android, windows Phone, the android, to get the free app, enter your mobile phone number. Or, only 1 left in stock - order soon. Ships from and sold. Buy now, this item ships to, germany. Want it Wednesday, july 11? AmazonGlobal Priority Shipping at checkout.

Essays to do good
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  2. Selected Short Works of, booker,. View this essay on, booker, t Washington the Inspiring Stories That. Washington - full audio book - up From Slavery is the 1901. Diwali, festival in English -300 Words. Other articles where bonifacius, or Essays to do good is discussed: Cotton Mather: his book, bonifacius, or Essays to do good (1710 instructs others. Jan 09, 2013 all of which leads me to believe it may be time to think methodically about what separates good confessional writing from bad confessional writing.

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  5. Free shipping on qualifying offers. Written in 1710, Essays to do good was popular among American and. British Christians up to the mid-1800. Harvard historian Perry miller. An essay upon the good, that is to be devised and designed, by those w ho desire to answer the great end of life, and to do good while they live).

  6. Other articles where bonifacius, or Essays to do good is discussed: Cotton Mather: his book, bonifacius, or Essays to do good (1710 instructs others. Essays to do good by cotton Mather, 1840, American tract society e dition, in English. Essays to do good Addressed to All Christians Whether in Public or Private capacit ies has 8 ratings and 0 reviews. The following essays were first publis. Essays to do good: addressed to all Christians, whether in public or private capac ities Cotton Mather.

  7. Essays to do good; addressed co all WStimgy. Vhether jn public or private. Pacities by the late cotton mather,. First edition, boston 1710, published under title: Bonifacius. An essay upon the good.

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