English essay a visit to hill station

english essay a visit to hill station

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For example, she has employment records showing that she did work at the reily coffee company at the same time lee did. She has a green glass, of the sort that reily gave to customers as a premium, that she says that lee stole and gave to her, and which she treasures. How do we know that lee gave it to her? She says he did. Does the book clear Things Up? The release of her book (which was quickly withdrawn) might seem to have been an opportunity for Judyth to bring coherence and plausibility to her story although nothing could wipe out the extensive paper trail showing its previous twists and turns.

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Once ingested, there is a heart attack and no trace is left in the body. Thus a poison Ferrie supposedly told Judyth about in 1963 is nowhere in the medical literature, not part of crackpot conspiracy literature until 1975, but all over the internet by the time judyth was sending out her e-mails circa artist 2000. Deadly Alliance says that the virus in the cocktail on which the little band of researchers was working was the aids virus, but she told various Dutch media outlets that she was working with sv-40 (Simian Virus 40). This latter virus, which contaminated early batches of Polio vaccine, does not cause cancer in humans and isnt the aids virus nor a related one. Thus it wouldnt in fact be of much use in a bioweapons program. When she was interviewed for The men Who killed Kennedy in 2003, the virus to knock out Castros immune system had been replaced by a plan to expose castro to repeated doses of radiation to help the cancer along. How the cia which failed to even once expose castro to any of the toxins it had was going to arrange for the repeated doses of radiation is something Judyth didnt explain. Does She have evidence? Even if bakers account sounds implausible, one might take it seriously if she has actual evidence to support her story. Indeed, she does have evidence.

In medical matters like word this he described this as a method he could use to commit suicide and people would think it was a heart attack. There would be no way to discern it wasnt a natural death. Buell investigated this, and found that there is no such thing as sodium morphate. But if there is no such poison that can induce a heart attack, where did Judyth get this? Her apparent source is a crackpot conspiracy essay that appeared in 1975 titled The skeleton key to the gemstone file. That document states that sodium morphate is a favorite mafia poison for centuries. Smells like apple pie, and is sometimes served up in one, as. Sometimes in a pill or capsule. Symptoms: Lethargy, sleep, sometimes vomiting.

english essay a visit to hill station

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Talent, its a bit odd to be told that they were scouting high school students. The notion of injecting Castro with cancer cells is pretty far-fetched. Knocking out his immune system would have resulted in his death without any additional ingredient in the cocktail. Judyths treatment of scientific issues is pretty slipshod. For example, in one e-mail she asked rhetorically i would like to see a list of people involved in this case who died of lung cancer, especially if they did not smoke, such as plan Jack ruby. And how many heart attacks (sodium morphate). She further explained to researcher Gary buell that: Gary, david Ferrie told me about. I actually believed at that time that there was nothing dave did not know.

Judyth as a high school science student. She and her supporters have produced hard evidence of only two elements of her story: (1) she was a good science student in high school and (2) she worked at the reily coffee company at the same time as lee oswald. The mice, by the way, were long gone from his apartment by the summer of 1963. And somehow the plotters couldnt supply a proper facility, so the research was done in the apartments of two members of the team. Real cia research was done in university labs, or at secure military installations. Judyths supposed encounter with Michaelson would have taken place when she was a first semester sophomore in high school. Given the cias ability to recruit top-notch.

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english essay a visit to hill station

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The research was presentation done in the apartments of Ferrie and Sherman. Oswalds famous trip to mexico city was, according to baker, for the purpose of delivering the poison cocktail to an agent who would see to it that it got into cuba and was administered to castro. Oswald made it to mexico city, but unfortunately the agent never arrived to claim the materials, and the plotters decided to kill John Kennedy instead. However, instead of using their sophisticated bioweapon concoction on him, they decided to simply shoot him. Oswald, who liked Kennedy, was an unwilling participant in the plot, but never defected nor told the authorities about the plan. He was in dealey plaza as a shooter, but intentionally missed Kennedy, although other shooters, of course, killed the President. Evaluation, some readers may be tempted to stop reading right now, given the sheer implausibility of the tale.

That the cia would need to develop a bioweapon to kill Castro is farfetched, since they had a variety of poisons that would have killed him including some that would do so without it being obvious he was in fact murdered. Further, when the cia wanted scientific research done, they were able to recruit top-notch. Their research on toxins was headed by a renowned biologist. For the mk/ultra project (dealing with mind control) they recruited top university scientists. Yet we are supposed to believe that this particular project was carried out by a high-school dropout (Oswald a college student with no advanced science classes (baker a fellow who had a mail order doctors degree from an institution in Italy (Ferrie) and a reputable. Ferrie, at one point, did own some mice, and told his friends he was engaged in cancer research. But then he also, at one point, had a large tank in his back yard which he claimed he was going to convert into a submarine to attack castros Cuba.

She received a fair amount of recognition for her academic prowess, attending national workshops for science students. But her life took an important turn when she came to the attention. Canute michaelson in 1958. Michaelson (supposedly a cia asset engaged in bioweapons research) somehow targeted her for future intelligence use. She was thus drawn into the orbit of very sinister people and eventually into a plot that had the intention of killing Castro, but ended up killing jfk instead.

The interesting time in her life was the summer of 1963, when she was in New Orleans. It was there that she began, she claims, a torrid sexual affair with lee harvey oswald, in spite of having been recently married to robert baker, a student and future petroleum geologist who was working for an oil company. What brought Judyth and lee together was a plot, centered in New Orleans, to produce a bioweapon for the purpose of killing Fidel Castro. The plotters got them both cover jobs at the reily coffee company while they were carrying on an affair and trying to produce a cocktail to administer to castro. The cocktail would include both a virus designed to knock out Castros immune system, and cancer cells that would infect him and cause his death. Other participants in the plot included david Ferrie every conspiracy authors favorite suspect and. Mary Sherman, a physician at the Ochsner Clinic.

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Before the silence came: lees Last Telephone calls. a rambling version of her story and a response to critics written in list november 2003. yet another web page from Judyth, including several photos, and samples of Judyths artwork. An interview she did with Dutch radio. The narration is in Dutch, but Judyth speaks in English. a current (as of July, 2012) web page on Judyth. It contains links to several video clips, including Judyths segment in the 2003 documentary, the men Who killed Kennedy, star Science Student Recruited into deadly conspiracy. Judyths saga begins when she was a student at owl Manatee high School in Bradenton, Florida. Among fellow students who remember her, opinion is about evenly split between remembering her as intelligent and remembering her as weird, but she appears to have been an excellent science student who conducted cancer research with mice.

english essay a visit to hill station

But is she to be believed? Primary sources on Judyth, key sources on the judyth story include: an essay sarcastically titled, my boring Life, a response to david Liftons claim that Judyth has fabricated her story to add some interest to a her boring life. a biographical blurb written to her high school classmates and posted on the web page of Manatee high School. There were two versions of the blurb posted, one a bit sanitized after it apparently occurred to judyth that her original version contained some things that are hard to swallow. Space constraints have forced her blurb off the current version of the high school alumni page. Deadly Alliance, sent to publishers and researchers. Carefully formatted and polished, this is the official version of her story at least it was when it was written. In this essay, the judyth account or Judyths account refers to deadly Alliance. a draft of the final chapter of her book, titled.

about the kennedy assassination. Judyth offers an account that integrates much that has been written about the assassination into a more or less coherent whole, and puts myriad facts about the assassination in an entirely new light. She has recently been in the netherlands, getting some attention in the dutch media, and has opened a museum dedicated to telling her story. She was the subject. The men Who killed Kennedy which aired in november, 2003 on the history Channel. Her supporters have promised a book. She may turn into someone important on the jfk assassination scene.

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English essay a visit to hill station
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