Employee engagement literature review essays

employee engagement literature review essays

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So if thats not feasible, you may be able to solicit qualitative data from your colleagues if—and this is a big caveat—you can make them feel comfortable enough to be honest in their feedback. You could create your own feedback form and ask people to return it anonymously. (see the sidebar An Informal 360 for a suggested set of questions.) we have also seen earnest one-on-one conversations work for this purpose; if nothing else, they show your coworkers that you are genuinely interested in self-improvement. (nevertheless, its unlikely that anyone will tell you directly if you have fatal flaws.) In interpreting the results, people commonly focus first on their lowest scores. But unless those are extremely low (in the 10th percentile thats a mistake. (We have found that 20 of executives do typically discover such a critical problem in their 360s; if youre among them, you must fix the flaw, which you can do in a linear way.) What makes leaders indispensable to their organizations, our data unmistakably show. Such strengths allow a leaders inevitable weaknesses to be overlooked. The executives in our database who exhibited no profound (that is, in the 90th percentile) strengths scored only in the 34th percentile, on average, in overall leadership effectiveness.

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Building Strengths, Step by Step As a practical matter, cross-training for leadership skills is clear-cut: (1) Identify your strengths. (2) Choose a strength to focus on according to its importance to the organization and how passionately you feel about. (3) Select a complementary behavior youd like to enhance. (4) develop it in a linear way. Strengths can arguably essay be identified in a variety of ways. But we contend that in the context of effective leadership, your view of your own (or even some perfectly objective view, supposing one could be had) is less important than other peoples, because leadership is all about your effect on others. Thats why we start with a 360—as Tom did. Ideally, you should go about this in a psychometrically valid way, through a formal process in which you and your direct reports, peers, and bosses anonymously complete questionnaires ranking your leadership attributes on a quantitative scale. You and they should also answer some qualitative, open-ended questions concerning your strengths, your fatal flaws (if any and the relative importance of those attributes to the company. By fatal flaws, we mean flaws so critical that they can overpower any strengths you have or may develop—flaws that can derail your career. Not every organization is able or willing to conduct 360s for everyone.

Our competency-companion research suggests a practical path forward. For example, assertiveness is among the behaviors that when paired with honesty and integrity correlate most strongly with high levels of overall leadership effectiveness. We dont mean to imply a causal relationship here: Assertiveness doesnt make someone honest, and integrity doesnt produce assertiveness. But if a highly principled leader learned to become more literature assertive, he might be more likely to speak up and act with the courage of his convictions, thus applying his strength more widely or frequently to become a more effective leader. Our data suggest other ways in which a competency companion can reinforce a leadership strength. It might make the strength more apparent, as in the case of the technically strong leader who improves her ability to communicate. Or skills learned in developing the competency companion might be profitably applied to the main competency. A leader strong in innovativeness, for instance, might learn how to champion change, thus encouraging his team to achieve results in new and more creative ways.

employee engagement literature review essays

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Communicates powerfully and broadly, pursues excellence, takes gps initiative. Develops others, displays honesty and integrity, acts in the teams best interest. Solves Problems and Analyzes Issues takes initiative is organized and good at planning Is decisive innovates Wants to tackle challenges develops strategic perspective acts independently has technical expertise communicates powerfully and broadly Innovates Is willing to take risks and challenge the status quo supports others. How would a leader go about improving a relative strength in this area? By being more honest? (weve heard that answer to the question many times.) Thats not particularly useful advice. If an executive were weak in this area, we could recommend various ways to improve: Behave more consistently, avoid saying one thing and doing another, follow through on stated commitments, and. But a leader with high integrity is most likely already doing those things.

We discovered that each of the 16 has up to a dozen associated behaviors—which we call competency companions —that were highly correlated with leadership excellence when combined with the differentiating competency. (For a complete list of the competencies and their companions, see the exhibit What skills Will Magnify my strengths?). Our research shows that 16 leadership competencies correlate strongly with positive business outcomes. Each of them has up to a dozen competency companions whose development will strengthen the core skill. Character, displays Honesty and Integrity, shows concern and consideration for others. Is trustworthy, demonstrates optimism, is assertive, inspires and motivates others. Deals well with ambiguity, is decisive, focuses on results. Personal Capability, exhibits Technical/Professional Expertise, solves problems and analyzes issues, builds relationships and networks.

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employee engagement literature review essays

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What leadership skills do you think are strengths for me? Is there anything I do that might be considered a fatal flaw—that could derail my career or lead me to fail in my current job if its not addressed? What leadership ability, if outstanding, would have the most washington significant impact on the productivity or effectiveness of the organization? What leadership abilities of mine have the most significant impact on you? Do your best to exhibit receptiveness and to create a feeling of safety (especially for direct reports).

Make it clear that youre seeking self-improvement. Tell your colleagues explicitly that you are open to negative feedback and that you will absorb it professionally and appropriately—and without retribution. Of course, you need to follow through on this promise, or the entire process will fail. We measured the degree of correlation between overall leadership effectiveness and all possible pairings of our 16 differentiating competencies to learn which pairings were the most powerful. We also matched our 16 competencies with other leadership skills and measured how those pairs correlated with overall leadership effectiveness.

Combining diet with exercise, for example, has long been known to be substantially more effective in losing weight than either diet or exercise alone. In our previous research we found 16 differentiating leadership competencies that correlate strongly with positive business outcomes such as increased profitability, employee engagement, revenue, and customer satisfaction. Among those 16, we wondered, could we find pairs that would produce significant interaction effects? We searched through our database of more than a quarter million 360-degree surveys of some 30,000 developing leaders for pairings that resulted in far higher scores on overall leadership effectiveness than either attribute did on its own. The results were unambiguous.

Take, for example, the competencies focuses on results and builds relationships. Only 14 of leaders who were reasonably strong (that is, scored in the 75th percentile) in focusing on results but less so in building relationships reached the extraordinary leadership level: the 90th percentile in overall leadership effectiveness. Similarly, only 12 of those who were reasonably strong in building relationships but less so in focusing on results reached that level. But when an individual performed well in both categories, something dramatic happened: Fully 72 of those in the 75th percentile in both categories reached the 90th percentile in overall leadership effectiveness. Before you can build on your strengths, you need an objective view of what they are. Ideally, this comes from a formal, confidential 360-degree evaluation. But if thats not possible, a direct approach can work. Try simply asking your team members, colleagues, and boss these simple questions, either in person or in writing.

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If youre technically adept, for instance, delving even more deeply into technical manuals wont get you nearly as far as honing a complementary skill such as communication, which will make your expertise more apparent and accessible to your coworkers. In this article we provide a simple guide to becoming a far more effective leader. We will see how Tom identified his strengths, decided which one to focus on and which complementary skill to develop, and what the results were. The process is straightforward, plan but complements are not always obvious. So first well take a closer look at the leadership equivalent of cross-training. The Interaction Effect, in cross-training, the combination of two activities produces an improvement—an interaction effect —substantially greater than either one can produce on its own. Theres nothing mysterious here.

employee engagement literature review essays

Doing more of what you already do well yields only incremental improvement. To get appreciably better at it, you have to work on complementary skills—what we call nonlinear development. This has long been familiar to athletes as cross-training. A novice runner, for example, benefits from doing stretching exercises and running a few times a week, gradually increasing mileage to build up endurance and muscle memory. But an experienced marathoner wont get significantly faster merely by running ever longer distances. To reach the next level, he needs to supplement that regimen by building up complementary skills through weight training, swimming, bicycling, interval training, yoga, and the like. So it is with leadership competencies. To move from good to much better, you need to engage in the business equivalent of cross-training.

straightforward to improve on a weakness; you can get steady, measurable results through linear development—that is, by learning and practicing basic techniques. But the data from our decades of work with tens of thousands of executives all over the world has shown us that developing strengths is very different.

His track record was solid. Hed made no stupid mistakes or career-limiting moves, and hed had no run-ins with upper management. He was stunned, then, when a colleague with less experience got the job. What was the matter? As far as Tom could tell, nothing. Everyone was happy with his work, his manager assured him, and a recent 360-degree assessment confirmed her view. Tom was at or above the norm in every area, strong not only salon in delivering results but also in problem solving, strategic thinking, and inspiring others to top performance.

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Idea in Brief, good leaders can become exceptional by developing just a few of their strengths to the highest level—but not by merely doing more of the same. Instead, they need to engage in the business equivalent of cross-training—that is, to enhance complementary skills that will type enable them to make fuller use of their strengths. For example, technical skills can become more effective when communication skills improve, making a leaders expertise more apparent and more accessible. Once a few of their strengths have reached the level of outstanding, leaders become indispensable to their organizations despite the weaknesses they may have. Artwork: Vincent fournier, Space Project: mdrs 04, mars Society, 2008,. A manager well call Tom was a midlevel sales executive at a fortune 500 company. After a dozen or so years there, he was thriving—he made his numbers, he was well liked, he got consistently positive reviews. He applied for a promotion that would put him in charge of a high-profile worldwide product-alignment initiative, confident that he was the top candidate and that this was the logical next move for him, a seemingly perfect fit for his skills and ambitions.

Employee engagement literature review essays
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