Book report on the adventures of robin hood

book report on the adventures of robin hood

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Plato explains that character is shown by letting actions compare to words as shown in "The bear and the Travellers where a badger learned of his companion's nature in a bad time, and in "The Knights of the silver Shield" where one was rewarded based. Stories: The bear and the Travellers Knights of the silver Shield 2 Determination February 22, 1998 Zach and Annie take off on a biking trail, determined to complete it before sun down. But when Zach has an accident and sprains his ankle, he and Annie tell each other stories of determination such as the myth of Proteus and Menelaus and the true story of courageous Jinkyswoitmaya. Stories: Proteus and Menelaus Jinkyswoitmaya 3 Integrity march 1, 1998 Annie gets more orders for her craft weather vanes than she can deliver right away, so rushes through them to sell them on time - then gets complaints about how they're dysfunctional. Plato encourages her to consider what the results show by telling "For Want of a horseshoe nail where one incomplete task led to a remarkably high amount of trouble, and "Charlemagne and the robber Knight where an English king's thoughtfulness in how to deal with. Stories: For Want of a horseshoe nail Charlemagne and the robber Knight 4 Gratitude march 8, 1998 Zach plans to invite a lot of classmates to his birthday party—more guests means more gifts!-until his parents tell him that they can only afford a small party. Disappointed, zach retreats to Plato's peak where he hears tales on gratitude: " The discontented Stonecutter which warns that the grass is not greener on the other side of the fence and "Cornelia's Jewels where a proud mother reminds a snobbish rival that people are. Stories: The discontented Stonecutter Cornelia's Jewels 5 Selflessness March 15, 1998 Annie's enthusiasm about her family's upcoming spring vacation doesn't last when she learns her mother wants her to be a part-time sitter for her little cousins.

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Stories: The Emperor's New Clothes King Canute at the seashore Phaeton 12 Generosity february 23, 1997 Plato learns that teresa Annie and Zach are collecting canned goods for a homeless shelter, but their first priority is the rewards they'll get instead of helping the hungry. He tries to explain how true giving requires selflessness, as shown in the story of "Rocking-Horse land" where it's done between friends, and how it can be more satisfactory than receiving by telling "Old Man Rabbit's Thanksgiving Dinner". " The gift of the magi " is read as a reminder that even the thought of attempting to give something helps since it is the thought that counts. Even the poem "Count That day lost" is read as a reminder of exactly what giving, in any form, is worth in life. Stories: Rocking-Horse land Old Man Rabbit's Thanksgiving Dinner The gift of the magi 13 Perseverance march 2, 1997 Zach and Annie have been taking lessons in karate and guitar, respectively, but now decide they don't want to stay in them anymore. Plato tries to remind them of how rewarding persistence can be by telling the stories of "Scarface about a native american warrior who was rewarded based on how hard he tried for something he wanted after saving a god's son from giant vulture -like birds. A greek hero's story in " Odysseus and the cyclops " proved how important tenacity is in times of trouble. Even the poem "you mustn't quit" shows how important perseverance is through life. Stories: Scarface The Stars in the sky odysseus and the cyclops season 2: 1998 Title aired Summary 1 Trustworthiness February 15, 1998 Zach is excited that a college football player that he has as his role model will attend his school pep rally,. But he doesn't think cleaning up for the assembly is worth it, and is prepared to go back on his word. Meanwhile, sock is reluctant to help Ari find his misplaced glasses as promised because of his fear of tunnels.

finally Plato points out that everyone deserves respect no matter who or what they are, with the telling of "The bell of Atri when a horse gets justice for reviews its master improperly treating. Stories: Please diamonds and toads The bell of Atri 10 faith February 16, 1997 Annie is saddened when her faith-devoted neighbor and friend Ruth passes away, and wonders whether faith is really worth it because of that. Plato tries to convince her that it is very much worth it by telling the stories of the hebrew Daniel in the lions' den, who looked to faith always and saw how times of trouble caused it to prove strong, and "Harriet Tubman's determination". Even the 23rd Psalm is a good example of why there's enough reason for faith to live throughout life. Stories: Daniel in the lions' den Harriet Tubman's determination 11 Humility february 23, 1997 Annie is delighted to win the class presidency, but upon receiving it becomes proud of her position, creating conflicts with other students and teachers. Plato reminds her that a ruler's not swallowing pride often brings a painful fall to humiliation as proved in " The Emperor's New Clothes ". On the other hand, "King Canute at the seashore" is noted as a reminder of how humility is a good thing for anybody but especially those trusted with power, but the mistakes made by a noble-blooded youth who thought only of what he could. Even the serenity Prayer is read as a reminder of how much peace humility can bring.

book report on the adventures of robin hood

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Even the poem "New Friends and Old Friends" sets a good example of how long friendship should last. Stories: waukewa's Eagle damon and Pythias Why Frog-child and Snake-child never Play together 8 loyalty february 9, 1997 Zach enjoys birdwatching with a man from town, but in climbing on a plaque to get up list to a tree he breaks it and doesn't get why. Cleveland is so worked up over. Plato explains the meaning of one of the words on it, " loyalty by telling the stories of "Yudisthira at heaven's Gate shredder where a king is challenged to choose between a companion and his dreams, and "The cap That Mother Made where a boy. When Plato remembers that the plaque was a war memorial and Zach remembers that. Cleveland knew someone who died there, he also brings up the story of the jewish Persian queen Esther, who had to make the choice of risking life itself if she wished to save her own people. Even the poem "The Thousandth Man shows how strong and great true loyalty. Stories: Yudisthira at heaven's Gate The cap That Mother Made persian queen Esther 9 Respect February 16, 1997 Zach and Annie are building a go-cart out of scraps from a friend's junkyard, but don't strike gold with every piece they find right away, and are. Plato hears their complaints and points out that manners leave a lasting impression, just as they did in the story "Please and that the results for using and not using them are different by reading " diamonds and toads ".

Plato tells him the story of " King Midas " and how he loved his gold so much, he wished that everything he'd touch would turn to gold, but got carried away due to his greed and lack of self-discipline. After Zach explains that he got into a fight with his mother about not giving him more money and said he'd be better off without her, aurora tells "The king and His Hawk" where genghis Khan didn't control his temper when he killed his pet. To teach Zach more about patience, plato narrates "The magic Thread" where a boy learned that experiencing only the good moments in life didn't turn out as he expected. Even a set of Bible verses from Ecclesiastes points out that "to everything There is a season". Afterwards, zach realizes that the game he wanted doesn't come out till next week and heads home where he gives his mother a flower to apologize to her. Stories: The golden touch The king and His Hawk The magic Thread 7 Friendship February 9, 1997 Annie is upset when her friend, sarah picks a partner other than her on their school field trip canoeing, even though she agreed to pair up with her. Plato points out that friendship can take a lot of strength to build but it takes more to get through life without it by telling "Why Frog-child and Snake-child never Play together where two creatures regret the lack of friendship in their lives. "waukewa's Eagle" shows how compassion is occasionally found in real friendships by a native american's relationship with a bird and saved it when his father advised him to put it out of its misery, and he reminds her of just how much true friendship.

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book report on the adventures of robin hood

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Even the poem "If you were" sums up what responsibility everyone has to humanity for making the world better. Stories: Icarus and daedalus King Alfred and the cakes The Chest of Broken Glass 4 Compassion September 3, 1996 Emile zigrodny, a classmate zach barely knows, loses his house in a fire, and Zach is hesitant to show him support since their first meeting would. Plato and the others try to push him in the right direction by pointing out that anyone can be ghost kind since even the least likely are capable of it as shown in the biblical story " The good Samaritan ". They encourage him that anyone can make a difference no matter how young by reading "The legend of the dipper or how it proved to have lasting effects for the giver and the receiver in " Androcles and the lion ". Even the poem " The new Colossus " shows what many hope America and all people should be to the needy. Stories: The good Samaritan The legend of the dipper Androcles and the lion 5 courage september 4, 1996 Annie is defeated badly by a formidable opponent in a hurdles race, and her confidence leaves her after that.

Plato tries to help her get her it back by telling the story of " Theseus and The minotaur where an opportunity was taken to protect people in spite of the danger, and of William Tell, who put plenty at risk for his own sake. When Zach acts confident, Ari points out to them both that different levels of courage are needed in different situations, as shown in "The Brave mice". Even the poem "If" is read as a reminder about how much courage life demands all in all. Stories: Theseus and The minotaur The Brave mice william Tell 6 Self-Discipline september 4, 1996 Zach offers Annie and the animals favors for money since he wants to buy a new game, but his mother won't give him an advance on his allowance at home. So the animals help him learn more about self-discipline and patience by telling stories.

Plato, the oldest, is a scholarly bison ; Aurora, the most gentle, is a red-tailed Hawk ; Socrates "Soch" is a rambunctious bobcat ; and Aristotle is a prairie dog who is seldom without his bag of books. These four, whose existence seems a secret from the majority of humans in the town of Spring Valley, advise Annie and Zach patiently and often. The children then proceed to live according to the virtue of the day, completing what they have begun. Episodes List Series overview season 1: Title aired Summary 1 Work september 2, 1996 A thunderstorm strikes the forest, knocking a tree into the rainbowl river. Zach and Annie volunteer to clean it out, along with Plato, ari, and Aurora, but Soc isn't interested in helping. Plato tells him the story " How the camel Got His Hump where the camel's refusing to work gave him trouble, and "Tom Sawyer gives Up the Brush where it was learned that working is more enjoyable than laziness.

Stories: How the camel Got His Hump Tom Sawyer gives Up the Brush 2 Honesty september 2, 1996 Zach is sorely tempted to touch his father's beautiful antique camera, despite promising not to - and when he does, he breaks it and lies that. Plato tries to convince zach to tell the truth by telling him the stories of " The Frog Prince where the title character received a punishment for breaking his word and "George washington and the Cherry Tree whose protagonist too broke something he promised. Annie even tells a family tale of "The Indian Cinderella where a native american warrior only wished for an honest companion. Even the poem "Truth" shows how good it is to be seen and how much joy it can give through life. Stories: The Frog Prince george washington and the Cherry Tree the Indian Cinderella 3 Responsibility september 3, 1996 Annie agrees to put her brand-new bike to good use by delivering cakes from her mother's bakery, but can't resist Zach's offer to race - and. Plato and Aurora try to convince her that responsibility is always handy to keep around as shown in " Icarus and daedalus " where a boy had too little responsibility to obey his father and paid for it, or "King Alfred and the cakes" where. Ari tells "The Chest of Broken Glass where a mother reminds her family what rewards responsibility versus irresponsibility bring and how much can be owed to those in a family.

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The series is not political at all." 7 The show sought to illustrate themes of common virtues through well-known international heroes and stories, based on Bennett's book of Virtues. The core audience were families with children who were between the ages of 3 and 10 years old. Music was produced. Plot The series focuses on two best friends: 10-year-old Zach Nichols, who is caucasian American, and Annie redfeather, who is Native american. In each episode of the series, one of them commits an act contrary to that day's chosen virtue ( loyalty, compassion, courage, moderation, honesty, etc.) and suffers pain as pdf a result (be it physical or moral). They seek counsel of one of Annie's animal friends. These animal friends are four anthropomorphic mountain-dwelling entities who between them possess immense knowledge of legends and literature as well as common sense and a lively sense of fun. They utilize classical works of famous authors, philosophers, poets, as well as fables and myths to communicate the truth of virtue to zach and Annie.

book report on the adventures of robin hood

5 As the debate over federal funding for public broadcasting was being waged in Congress, johnson shopped the developing project around to english various networks, hoping to find one that would air Adventures in a prime time slot. According to conservative commentator. Brent bozell iii, the show was rejected by cbs, while abc, family Channel and hbo were interested but ultimately did not take. 6 The final taker was pbs. Many conservative figures, including bozell, approved of pbs's pickup of the series. When asked whether pbs was attempting to appease congressional Republicans by accepting a series developed by a well-regarded reagan cabinet appointee, pbs president Ervin. Duggan denied, stating, "we are not buying Bill Bennett's opinions.

the road on a probable deal at that moment. Nevertheless, i inform him of my experience producing anthologies and express an interest in producing his book wherever it ended. We have a pleasant conversation, and he offhandedly asks me to fax my resume to him. I." 3 Johnson and Bennett eventually met and bonded over their shared dedication to children's television and moral philosophy. From there, the two agreed to begin production on what would become Adventures. 4 That same year in the 1994 midterm elections, the republican Party won control of the. House of Representatives and the senate, giving the party control of Congress for the first time in four decades. In January 1995, Speaker of the house newt Gingrich expressed publicly his desire to "zero out" federal funding for pbs, stating, "Why would you say to some poor worker out here with three kids, 'we're now going to take your money and tax you for.

1, contents, production, much of the year history of the production. Adventures From the book of Virtues is situated within the strident culture wars within American politics in the 1990s. In June 1994, television producer Bruce. Johnson, then an executive vice-president. Hanna-barbera, was browsing through a bookstore. Washington, dc when he stumbled upon Bennett's 1993 book of moral tales, The book of Virtues. Compelled by the book's themes, johnson called Bennett with the idea of an animated television program for children based upon the book.

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Adventures from the book of Virtues is an American animated television series based on the books, the book of Virtues: a treasury of Great Moral Stories, and, the Children's book of Virtues, both. William Bennett, who served as, secretary of Education under President, ronald reagan. The program focuses on two main human characters, zach and Annie, who learn various life lessons from their friends. Plato the bison, aurora the red-tailed hawk, aristotle the prairie dog, and, socrates the bobcat. These lessons are told in the form of animated segments based on stories from a variety of sources including Bible stories, fairy tales, fables, mythology, remote and folk stories from different cultures. Adventures originally aired as part of, pbs 's children's programming block from September 2, 1996 until the show's discontinuation in December 2000. There was a two-year gap in between the second and third seasons. Reruns of the series were broadcast. Qubo from november 3, 2008 until September 24, 2017.

Book report on the adventures of robin hood
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