Alex rider snakehead review

alex rider snakehead review

Snakehead (novel) - wikipedia

While aboard the ship in a container, Alex was able to escape with some tools he was given by mi6 at another time. From there, he snooped around the ship to see if he could find out more about Snakehead. Alex ended up finding the man in charge of Snakehead, major. Yu had stolen a bomb known as royal Blue and was smuggling it somewhere where it would do catastrophic damage. After this, Alex hid on the ship until they arrived in Australia. Alex was able to escape off the ship undetected and made it inland to australia. There, he contacted Ash and told him where he was, and Ash said he'd be there soon, but something sounded a little off in the way ash spoke. Soon, a car arrived and Major yu stepped out with Ash, who was badly beat.

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Alex didn't have much of a choice, and went with the men. They brought him to a boxing ring where he'd have to fight someone and Alex would most likely die, that's what they best wanted. Alex ended up fighting and almost was done for when he decided to cheat and managed to escape the boxing ring building. Alex then dragged himself back to the apartment Ash was. After that, Ash didn't know what they should. Soon, they went to an airport and they were on their way to Indonesia. On the plane, ash told Alex more about his father Alex never knew about. When they arrived in Indonesia, people from Snakehead were there to pick them. Ash and Alex were taken to a shipment yard, where again Alex was taken away from Ash and stowed away in a shipment container. Alex knew that this must be how people were smuggled into countries.

After recovering for a few days, he was approached by the head of an Australian special operations unit known as asis. The man said they needed Alex to help them find out more about an organization known as Snakehead. The mission would be quite simple, alex would be flown to bangkok where he'd meet with the agent he'd work with, then his appearance would be altered to make him look like an Afghan refugee. Alex needed to look like this because Snakehead deals with smuggling people into different countries, including Australia. Alex and the agent who he was working with would be smuggled into australia from Bangkok so asis would know who Snakehead smuggles people. Alex didn't want to at first, but then he was informed that the man he'd be working with was his godfather, Ash. Alex then agreed, and he was flown to bangkok. From there he met Ash, had his appearance changed, and then moved statement into a small one room apartment where they'd meet the Snakehead people that would smuggle them. When the Snakehead operatives arrived, they wanted Alex and not Ash to come with them for something, but no one knew what.

alex rider snakehead review

Alex, rider, 8) by Anthony horowitz

I was always on the edge of my seat, it was hard to put down. It was full of action and suspense, and I was never bored reading. There was almost never a time when there was a dull moment, it was always interesting. I give it five out of five stars. Summary, the book starts off with Alex crashing into the ocean from space after his last mission of destroying the Ark Angel space station. He landed off the coast of Australia. He was picked up by a ne personal Response, i really enjoyed this novel. He was picked up by a nearby us carrier and taken to australia.

Source(s snakehead alex rider summary: /ZBsfx. Anonymous 3 years ago 0, thumbs up 0, thumbs down). Brand new: lowest price.99, free shipping, get it by Thu, jul 12 - thu, jul 19 from Murfreesboro, tennessee. Brand New condition 30 day returns - buyer pays return shipping. Dust Jacket Condition: New, unclipped and placed in a protective mylar sleeve. 1st Edition 1st Printing with complete line number. Octavo, 388.,. Personal Response, i really enjoyed this novel.

Alex, rider, 1) by Anthony horowitz

alex rider snakehead review

Alex, rider, 5) by Anthony horowitz

On the oil rig, Alex and Ben confront yu and his assistant; Ben shoots the assistant, who is revealed to be Ash; he had become a double agent for scorpia following the botched mission to kill a drug dealer. Yu escapes and triggers the sinking of royal Blue. Alex detonates it early and it goes off relatively harmlessly; the only casualty is yu, who is killed in the resulting shock wave due to his inordinately fragile bone structure. At the end of the novel, jack Starbright, Alex's housekeeper, calls a mysterious person over for dinner. Alex is surprised to see the guest is Sabina Pleasure, his old friend who moved to san Francisco after the events of Eagle Strike. The two prepare for dinner with Jack, happy to see each other, setting up for the events of Crocodile tears.

In the epilogue, it shows how Ash betrays Alex's parents and his involvement in the death of his parents. References edit External links edit. This Site might Help you. RE: short Snakehead (Alex Rider) Summary? I read this book over the summer but I need to remember it for a school project fast. I need help finding a good link for a summary. Anyone know essay of any?

The two of them are separated and put into separate containers, which are loaded onto the ship. While the boat is at sea, alex escapes by using one of his coins, and explores the ship. He eventually finds royal Blue, and sees Major yu scanning his fingerprints into a machine that will give him sole control over the bomb. Once yu is gone, alex scans his own fingerprints into royal Blue and goes into hiding when Major yu, who heard that there is a boy who escaped from the containers, orders that he be captured or killed. The next day, alex then escapes the ship using another coin, which damaged the reefers.

However, to Alex's dismay, ash was found to have been caught, and Alex thus have to surrender to yu, who knocks him unconsciousness. When Alex wakes up he is invited to dinner with explains his life story about being raised up in Hong Kong and later being sent to Britain to be educated. After revealing his plan to cause a tsunami to destroy reef Island and stop the conference, along with the west coast of Australia. Alex was then sent to a hospital in the australian rainforest where he is to be used as a donor for illegal organ transplants, to repay for his damage to scorpia in the 'invisible sword' project and on the liberian Star. However, Alex manges to escape using his final exploding coin. After kayaking down the river and being shot at Alex attempts to contact MI6. Alex discovers that there is no battery in his watch, and shorts a circuit from a battery in his trainers and is rescued by mi6. Along with Ben Daniels, Alex is sent as part of an sas team to the oil rig where royal Blue will be detonated.

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The man turns the tables and captures him, but Alex finds that he is Ben Daniels, an MI6 agent who had trained with him before (as "Fox" in the first edition, "Wolf" in later editions). Alex is then briefed about "royal Blue" by Mrs. Jones, and learns that Major yu is actually a member of scorpia. He agrees to father's try and locate royal Blue for MI6, and is given several gadgets by Smithers to use, including a watch with a homing beacon for MI6 to find him, three exploding Thai coins (one baht, five baht, and ten baht) and a belt. After retriving the papers, they go. Jakarta, indonesia, the next step of their journey. Despite a brush with Kopassus, the Indonesian special forces, in the snakehead's toy factory Unwin toys, Alex and Ash make it to a port, and boards a container ship, the liberian Star.

alex rider snakehead review

Bangkok, thailand where Ash explains their plan; he and Alex will take on the identities of Afghan refugees who have paid the snakehead to smuggle them into australia. In this way they can identify important members of the snakehead and find out how they smuggle the refugees. They are given disguises and sent to an area in Chinatown to await contact from the snakehead. Alex is taken to a stadium by a member of the snakehead Anan sukit to collect the papers necessary for them to move. Indonesia, but then he has to fight against the snakehead's toughest fighter, sunthorn,. Muay thai boxing ring. Alex wins by spitting water into sunthorn's face. The unexpected victory incites a riot, but Alex manages to escape when someone (later revealed to be a mi6 agent) cuts the lights and attacks. The next day, while Ash goes resume to the snakehead to retrive the papers, Alex tails a suspicious-looking man who has been observing him since he landed in Bangkok.

who are hosting a "make poverty history"-type conference held at the same time as the G8 summit on reef Island, an island off the north-west coast of Australia, using a bomb (which they. The problem was to make the deaths look accidental so as not to raise suspicions of sabotage. Scorpia board member Winston yu, the head of a powerful Asian snakehead gang, is charged with this mission. Two days later, scorpia agents break into a ministry of Defence weapons research centre and steal a prototype bomb code-named "royal Blue which is even more powerful and devastating than the daisy cutter. Meanwhile in, australia, ethan Brooke, head of the. Australian Secret Intelligence service (asis) coerces Alex into helping him about by pairing him with agent Ash, who was his godfather and once his father's best friends, to investigate the snakehead ring. Alex then travels.

The title comes from the name given. Asian gangs involved in people smuggling illegal passports, visas, weapons, and more. Snakehead takes place directly after the events. Ark Angel, with Alex finding himself in Australian waters where he landed at the end of that story. Snakehead was shortlisted for the 2008, booktrust teenage Prize. The story picks up write moments before. Alex Rider lands in the south Pacific after falling from outer space. He is picked up by the uss. Kitty hawk, a us aircraft carrier doubling as a "hospital at sea where he recovers from his trip into space.

Alex, rider, 11) by Anthony horowitz

Tor the file will be sent to selected email address. It may takes up to 1-5 minutes before you received. The file will be sent to your Kindle account. Please note you've to add our email to approved e-mail addresses. Snakehead is the seventh essay novel in the. Alex Rider series written by British author, anthony horowitz. 1 2, the book was released in Australia on 28 September 2007, in the United Kingdom on, and in the us on 13 november 2007.

Alex rider snakehead review
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  1. After Alex Rider landed near Australia after he came down from Ark Angel the asis (The australian cia) asked Alex to do another mission after he recovered from the last one. You can write a book review and share your experiences. Other readers will always be interested in your opinion of the books you've read. Whether you've loved the book or not, if you give your honest and detailed thoughts then people will find new books that are right for them. Alex Rider 7/Snakehead (Paperback). Sign in to write a review.

  2. I read this book over the summer but I need to remember it for a school project fast. I need help finding a good link for a summary. This Site might Help you. RE: Snakehead (Alex Rider) Summary? Snakehead (Alex Rider, 7) by Anthony horowitz — reviews. Alex Rider : Snakehead.

  3. Snakehead (Alex Rider, 7).14 rating details. 37,716 Ratings 902 reviews. No sooner has Alex splashed down off the coast of Australia than he finds himself sucked into another adventure. The australian Secret Service recruits Alex Rider to infiltrate a ruthless gang known as Snakeheads. Snakehead (Alex Rider) Summary?

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